Chef Ryan

Chef Ryan

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Although born and raised in San Jose, I have studied varied cuisines and was trained in baking and pastry at the Ritz Carlton, before moving back to the Bay Area. I have worked as Pastry Chef at Chez TJ which held two Michelin stars and as Chef de Cuisine of Baume Restaurant, which also earned two Michelin stars during my time there. My dishes are founded in comfort, thanks to my Italian heritage, and imbued with grace thanks to my classical French training.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Ryan

Pieter-Jan V.

23 Jun 2019

Really good experience giving a very good overview of different types of pasta with great variety of sauces. Totally feel equipped to reproduce this on my own! Great class!!

Andrew Killips

05 Jun 2019

Fun, entertaining, and I now want to make my own pasta at home.

Jason Abbott

04 Jun 2019

4.9 Stars for lack of wheelbarrow to wheel me out of there...

David Anderson

07 Apr 2019

What a wonderful experience. Could not rate it more highly. Adjusts to all levels. Will return !!

jeannie kim ton that

07 Apr 2019

Awesome first time with Cozymeal. The food was amazing and chef Ryan was very knowledgeable and friendly. I was stuffed with pasta that night and learned so much about pasta making. I would recommend this class!