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Chef James

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As you can probably tell cooking is my passion. There is almost nothing I love more than throwing dinner parties and coming up with wonderful and creative dishes. I offer cooking & catering services including cooking class parties, private dinners & catered events. I feature Italian and Spanish inspired dishes of the highest quality, and use locally grown and artisan ingredients.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef James

Tracy H.

24 Feb 2018

Such a fun night! The meal we cooked as a group was delicious, the cooking and food tips Chef James gave us were great. Looking forward to another cooking lesson. Thank you Chef James!

Jessica G.

23 Feb 2018

While James was nice, this was not an Italian comfort cooking class. We cooked one dish- gnocchi- which was delicious and then we sat at the table while he cooked the rest. The dinner also took over well over 3 hours. We just felt like this was falsely advertised- it was a one dish cooking class. James was a great host but it wasn’t the cooking class we thought we were paying for.

Petra N.

23 Feb 2018

Chef James was a wonderful host with a cute apartment in a nice part of SF. He did a great job of explaining his cooking methods and giving us tips for what to do and use at home. The food was absolutely delicious and we are definitely going to try to make the dishes at home as well. The only disappointment I had was the amount of hands on activity throughout the whole experience. When booking this class I was under the impression that we would be cooking all of the dishes but we were only in the kitchen for about 30 minutes all together and only got to participate in prepping the gnocchi. This will affect my choice of booking a class in the future.

Kaila P.

21 Feb 2018

Fantastic experience with James, the food was delicious and he had the perfect combination of cooking vs. sitting back and enjoying our wine. Would happily recommend his courses to anyone interested in a great date night!

Aronima D.

12 Feb 2018

We had an awesome time learning to make pizzas with Chef James. He is fun to work with and took good care of us - there was a cheese plate with olives waiting for us on arrival, followed by all the pizzas that we baked (everyone gets to make their own pizzas, and then eat them too :D) and then a yummy dessert in the end. He walked us through the baking and the technical details around the ingredients and the process, as we were making our pizzas - so an informative session. He was open to questions and patiently answered each and every one of them! All in all, will recommend this class to any pizza lover out there! :)