Chef Jason

Chef Jason

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With an impressive culinary career and a resume boasting nearly 30 years as a professional chef, Chef Jason has garnered a hefty arsenal of culinary experiences that he is now sharing. Chef Jason has dedicated his entire life to cooking and has deep-seated passion for raising up the next generation of chefs and teaching anyone with a curiosity and a desire to discover their own culinary prowess in the kitchen.

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12 Mar 2019

Fantastic time!

Amy M.


11 Mar 2019

Chef Jason was the perfect host, welcoming us into his beautiful kitchen and home and treating us to an evening of fun, learning, and delicious pasta. Jason had all his ingredients prepped and ready so we could jump into the cooking lessons, which covered everything from making pasta dough, knife skills, chopping ingredients for a bolognese sauce, creating tortellini filling, and turning three kinds of dough into four types of pasta. Near the end of the class, Chef Jason took over and finalized all of our dishes and served us a huge and delicious meal. We even took home a ton of leftovers! I would absolutely recommend Chef Jason's "Origins of Pasta" class or any other class. He's a wonderful teacher who caters well to any skill level or interest, and is able to modify the class depending on your questions, things you'd like to learn and how involved in the cooking you want to be.

Brian D.


10 Mar 2019

Had a great time. Jason has an easy personality; it is really nice venue; the class was interactive and the food delicious.