19 Best Santa Fe Restaurants in 2024

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Santa Fe restaurants offer something for everyone

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culinary landscape of Santa Fe restaurants, where every bite tells a story of tradition, creativity and unique flair. Whether you’re a local or you’re planning your next trip to The City Different, you cannot miss these iconic Santa Fe restaurants. The city’s diverse food scene boasts a variety of restaurants ranging from unassuming food trucks to sophisticated fine dining establishments. 

Nestled among mountains and vibrant art galleries, Santa Fe's restaurants offer a fusion of flavors that reflect its eclectic reputation and rich cultural heritage. From the area's renowned green chiles, enhancing everything from burgers to ice cream, to the intimate ambiance of outdoor patios, each restaurant invites you to savor the flavors of Santa Fe. 

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The 19 Best Santa Fe Restaurants

1. El Chile Toreado

You wouldn’t be able to tell by the looks of this unassuming food truck that they were nominated for a prestigious James Beard Award. El Chile Toreado offers fresh and authentic Mexican street tacos with balanced, consistent flavors.

The Vibe

As with most food trucks, there are picnic tables for open-air dining or customers can opt for takeout to enjoy the flavors of Mexico from the comfort of their own homes.

What to Order

Diners claim that the carnitas at this Santa Fe restaurant are the best they’ve ever had: flavorful, juicy and cooked to perfection. The salsa bar is fully stocked with house-made salsas, limes, jalapeños and pickled onions for you to load onto your fresh tacos.

El Chile Toreado | 807 Early St., Santa Fe, NM 87505 | $

El Chile Toreado is one of the best Santa Fe restaurants for taco lovers
via Canva

2. Second Street Brewery

After catching a flick or strolling around the nearby farmers market, step into Second Street Brewery's Railyard location for a beer and the award-winning Alien Burger.

The Vibe

With string lights inside and out, garage doors to bring in the fresh air and regular gatherings for trivia and live music, this is one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe to get together with friends.

What to Order

This Downtown Santa Fe restaurant is known for its Alien Burger, made with cheese, hatch chiles and fried crispy onions on a brioche bun. Enjoy with sweet potato fries and a local beer. 

Second Street Brewery1607 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501 | $$

A burger and a beer on a table
via Second Street Brewery

3. Geronimo

Experience world-class service, a warm ambiance and a diverse global fusion menu at Geronimo. The ever-changing menu at this Santa Fe restaurant ensures you will never run out of new flavors to explore.

The Vibe

Classic adobe-style architecture and comfy leather furnishings create a charming warm and cozy restaurant. With a business casual dress code and a request to disconnect from devices, patrons can unwind and enjoy an elevated dining experience, free from distractions.

What to Order

People rave about the mushroom bisque and lemon crêpe off the vegetarian tasting menu at this Santa Fe restaurant. The grilled lobster tail is also sure to please with its homemade Thai basil pasta and creamy chile sauce.

Geronimo | 724 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 | $$$$

Geronimo is one of the fanciest Santa Fe restaurants
via Geronimo

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4. Tia Sophia’s

There is a reason Tia Sophia’s is a Santa Fe landmark favored by locals. Believed to be the first to put the breakfast burrito on a menu, this Southwestern diner-style restaurant offers a personalized and homey dining experience. 

The Vibe

With modest New Mexican décor inside an adobe structure, this casual Santa Fe restaurant provides a warm welcome that leaves people feeling like they're dining among family. Patrons are eager to wait in line for a seat at the table.

What to Order

You can't come to this Downtown Santa Fe restaurant without having a breakfast burrito. Don’t forget the sweet sopapillas with a drizzle of honey and a dash of cinnamon.

Tia Sophia’s |  210 W. San Francisco St., Santa Fe, NM 87501 | $$

A breakfast burrito with a tomato salsa
via Canva

5. Jambo Café

Jambo Café has been widely recognized for their high-quality yet accessible African cuisine. Chef Ahmed Obo, a James Beard Award nominee, ensures each dish is bursting with flavor at this Santa Fe restaurant.

The Vibe

Though the space is simple with themed décor hanging on the walls, the Jambo Bazaar in the entrance offers much to appreciate, from international handmade items to Chef Ahmed’s cookbook. 

What to Order

One of the most popular dishes at this Santa Fe restaurant is the jerk chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and signature curry sauce. The fried plantains are also a crowd-pleaser.

Jambo Café | 2010 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505 | $$

Jambo Café is a great Santa Fe restaurant if you love African and Caribbean food
via Jambo Café

6. Upper Crust Pizza

Upper Crust Pizza is a staple for the lover of a mellow, laid-back pizza joint. 

The Vibe

The classic adobe building exudes a charming, easy-going ambiance. The secluded back patio makes this Santa Fe restaurant a perfect spot for both relaxation and lively gatherings. 

What to Order

The $8 lunch special at this Santa Fe restaurant includes a one-topping slice with salad and a drink. For something more substantial, we recommend the stromboli calzone.

Upper Crust Pizza | Multiple Locations | $$

A pizza with a vegetable topping in a takeout box
via Upper Crust Pizza

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7. La Lecheria

Blending creativity with tradition, La Lecheria offers a wide range of unique and seasonal ice creams and sorbets, though not at the expense of the classic flavors. 

The Vibe

There are Mexican party banners strewn across the ceiling in this Santa Fe restaurant and a colorful chalkboard outlining the flavors of the day. You can enjoy your ice cream there or you can take a leisurely stroll through the Santa Fe Railyards.

What to Order

We recommend the green chile ice cream for a novel flavor you won't find anywhere else. The coffee ice cream is also a great choice if you want a tried-and-true classic. If you can't choose between a few flavors, take advantage of the ice cream flight and enjoy four different flavors. 

La Lecheria | 500 Market St., Ste. 110, Santa Fe, NM 87501 | $

La Lecheria is one of a Santa Fe restaurant where you can get ice cream
via La Lecheria

8. The Ranch House

Follow the distinct smell of smoked meat over to The Ranch House, where a sophisticated American dining experience awaits you. 

The Vibe

The dining room at this Santa Fe restaurant offers an upscale casual atmosphere perfect for a dressy date night or a casual gathering with friends and family. The intimate open-air patio adds a relaxed vibe, ideal for enjoying a laid-back meal in the fresh air.

What to Order

The Ranch House Platter comes with brisket, pork, sausage, two baby back ribs and chile cornbread. Finish the meal with a classic apple crisp topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The Ranch House | 2571 Cristo's Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507 | $$

A selection of meat including brisket, a sausage and pork ribs
via Canva

9. Paper Dosa

Offering a departure from the area’s typical New Mexican fare, Paper Dosa's Indian cuisine presents a refreshing change of pace from other Santa Fe restaurants. 

The Vibe

The unique lighting fixtures and the art on the walls exemplify a free-spirited, unpretentious vibe that is enhanced by the attentive and friendly service.

What to Order

You can't stop by this Santa Fe restaurant without getting one of their infamous dosa. Each comes with chutneys and sambar on the side that enhance the dish. 

Paper Dosa | 551 W. Cordova Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505 | $$

Dosa, other dishes and cocktails on a table
via Paper Dosa

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10. Coyote Café

Equal parts classy and casual, upbeat and sophisticated, Coyote Café provides a modern Southwest fine-dining experience. 

The Vibe

The open floor plan offers glimpses into the bustling kitchen, but the dramatic glass red chile chandelier is what really catches your eye. Despite the upscale atmosphere in this Santa Fe restaurant, the dress code is casual and the conversation lively.

What to Order

Indulge in the pork belly tacos, succulent elk tenderloin and Mexican chocolate empanadas at this sophisticated Santa Fe restaurant.

Coyote Café | 132 W. Water St., Santa Fe, NM 87501 | $$$

Coyote Cafe is the ideal Santa Fe restaurant if you're in the mood for tacos
via Coyote Café

11. Mampuku Ramen

Mampuku Ramen doesn't take the role of “the only ramen shop in Santa Fe” lightly. With generous portions, fast service and balanced flavors, this family-run business is sure to become one of your favorite ramen stops. 

The Vibe

The simple décor in this Santa Fe restaurant ensures that the spotlight remains firmly on the ramen.

What to Order

The black tonkotsu ramen is roasted with black garlic oil in an umami broth that offers a depth of flavor. Try it with a side of fried pork gyoza.

Mampuku Ramen | 1965 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505 | $$

A bowl of ramen
via Mampuku Ramen

12. The Pantry

​​"Santa Fe's Meeting Place Since 1948,” The Pantry proudly serves fresh from-scratch comfort food reminiscent of family dinners, with breakfast and warm customer service available all day.

The Vibe

This modest-looking diner stays busy because of the way people feel when they’re here: as if they’re gathered around the dinner table with close friends and family. It’s no wonder that it is lauded as one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe.

What to Order

Try the stuffed French toast with cream cheese and berries for breakfast. Come back to this Santa Fe restaurant at lunch for the carne adovada plate.

The Pantry | 1820 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505 | $

Stuffed French toast with syrup and blueberries
via Canva

13. Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen is dedicated to bringing delicious, high-quality food to those with dietary restrictions. They are an entirely gluten-free facility with a plethora of vegetarian, vegan and paleo options. 

The Vibe

Sunlight pours into this Santa Fe restaurant through the abundant windows and skylights, inviting you in for a cozy dining experience. The community table in the center of the room provides a space for gathering and meeting new people.  

What to Order

There is no shortage of vegan options at this Santa Fe restaurant, but we suggest the breakfast burrito with vegan sausage and a slice of decadent vegan chocolate cream pie for dessert.

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen | 1512 Pacheco St., Building B, Santa Fe, NM 87505 | $$

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen is one of the best Santa Fe restaurants for vegan options
via Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

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14. The Shed

The Shed has been in its current home since 1953, but the structure dates all the way back to 1692, giving it an almost tangible historical significance. There may be a wait, but guests can explore the nearby plaza or make reservations for a seamless dining experience at this Downtown Santa Fe restaurant.

The Vibe

The vibe is informal and friendly, with artwork along the walls and a beautiful Southwestern-style outdoor patio that’s not to be missed. 

What to Order

Order the green chile queso and any of the enchiladas at this Santa Fe restaurant for a memorable meal. Finish off your dining experience with a red chile hot fudge sundae for a sweet and spicy kick.

The Shed | 113 1/2 E. Palace Ave., Santa Fe, NM 87501 | $

A plate of enchiladas with mole verde
via Canva

15. Kakawa Chocolate House

This isn't a Santa Fe restaurant in the traditional sense but it's impossible not to mention Kakawa Chocolate House, a small-batch artisanal chocolate shop. It blends careful attention to detail with innovative creations inspired by the history of chocolate, all while prioritizing sustainability, fair trade and local sourcing.

The Vibe

The turquoise entrance of the flagship location is framed by large bundles of red chiles. Upon entering this Santa Fe restaurant you are greeted with impressive displays of individual chocolates and other tempting sweets. 

What to Order

Try the flight of spiced drinking chocolate elixirs based on recipes found in historical sources dating back hundreds of years. 

Kakawa Chocolate House | Multiple Locations | $$

Two chocolate drinks
via Canva

16. Chopstix

A hidden gem, Chopstix is known among locals for generous portions and fast, friendly service.

The Vibe

This Santa Fe restaurant provides the quintessential Chinese takeout experience with food served in styrofoam boxes. You can choose to take advantage of some of their limited indoor and outdoor seating options or enjoy your meal at home.

What to Order

Start with the vegetable-filled wonton soup and some egg rolls before moving onto the spicy orange chicken that this Santa Fe restaurant is known for.

Chopstix | 238 N. Guadalupe St., Santa Fe, NM 87501 | $

Chopstix is a great Santa Fe restaurant for Chinese food
via Canva

17. Iconik Coffee Roasters

For the coffee purist seeking the classic laid-back Santa Fe experience, enjoy a rotating selection of freshly roasted coffee at Iconik Coffee Roasters.

The Vibe

The ambiance in this Santa Fe restaurant is eclectic and trendy, inviting you to take a seat at the bar to work on your computer, chat with a friend on a couch or enjoy a bite to eat at a table.

What to Order

The horchata latte is a perfect Southwest spin on your morning coffee. The light fare at this Santa Fe restaurant promises classics like a BLT with avocado and birria quesadilla.

Iconik Coffee Roasters | Multiple Locations | $$

A cup of latte with latte art
via Iconik Coffee Roasters

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18. Café Fina

Housed in a charming old gas station, Café Fina offers a relaxed vibe with a convenient drive-through. This Santa Fe restaurant’s focus on organic, nourishing ingredients is reflected in their dishes and friendly counter-service brunches.

The Vibe

The casual atmosphere is complemented by a modern interior adorned with local art for purchase, while its sunny outdoor patio provides an escape from the bustle inside.

What to Order

For those looking to satisfy a sweet craving at this Santa Fe restaurant, the ricotta pancakes with fresh berries and whipped cream are hard to beat. 

Café Fina | 624 Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe, NM 87505 | $$

Cafe Fina is a good Santa Fe restaurant option for a nice breakfast
via Café Fina

19. The Mine Shaft Tavern

Venture just outside the city — a little over half an hour away — to The Mine Shaft Tavern. This is one of the most eclectic and intriguing restaurants near Santa Fe serving New Mexico-style roadhouse cuisine. Aside from the name, the abandoned train engine sitting outside hints at the theme of this no-fuss eatery.

The Vibe

The longest stand-up bar in New Mexico shows the rich history of this Santa Fe restaurant. The warm lighting and rustic wood ceiling of this Old West saloon make for a homey vibe while you enjoy your meal.

What to Order

Pick from the wide selection of local beers at this restaurant near Santa Fe and pair it with an award-winning Mad Chile Burger, topped with both a fried hatch chile and chopped green chiles. 

The Mine Shaft Tavern | 2846 NM-14, Madrid, NM 87010 | $$

Cheese melting on burger patties on a grill
via The Mine Shaft Tavern

Try Cooking Santa Fe Foods

Takeout from Santa Fe restaurants isn’t the only way to bring the flavors of the Southwest home with you. Whether you're an expert in the kitchen or you’re learning your way around, world-class chefs offer a variety of cooking classes in Santa Fe ranging from local cuisine and knife skills to Moroccan fusion dishes. These classes provide expert instruction, hands-on experience and a chance to connect with local chefs. You’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation for the Santa Fe restaurant scene and a new meal in your repertoire.

Santa Fe welcomes you to eat your way through its streets and savor every delicious moment. No matter what your vibe is, there is a Santa Fe restaurant in this guide that is right for you, from the most sophisticated fine-dining establishments to cozy restaurants with intimate outdoor patios. Wherever you dine, Santa Fe's restaurants promise an unforgettable culinary adventure that celebrates the art of food and the spirit of this enchanting city.

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