Stop Scrolling: This Is The Holiday Punch You’re Making This Year

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Grinch Punch is cute, delicious and easy to make

If you’ve been cooking for any length of time, you’ve probably had a kitchen fail or two. Maybe you attempted a recipe that was way beyond your technical skill. Or perhaps you tried one of those Instagrammable creations that came out more horrible than adorable.

We applaud your ambition and effort. Half the fun is in trying, after all. 

If you’re willing this holiday season, we want you to whip up something as yummy as it is cute, and we want you to be successful at it. That’s where Grinch Punch comes in: a tropical lime-pineapple punch in an eye-catching Grinch-green. Serve with a jaunty, edible Santa hat on the edge of the glass and a frosted rim of red sugar, and the Christmas sweater crowd will be holding a glass of this in all their photos.

It’s just as refreshing in its non-alcoholic form as it is with vodka added. If you’re entertaining a crowd of multiple ages, why not make both versions? To get one batch extra green, add a couple of drops of food coloring to distinguish the boozy bowl from the non-alcoholic one. 

In terms of prep, this colorful, versatile holiday beverage is just the right level of arts-and-craftsy. It’s fun to make but not complicated and finicky, so you won’t end up with a Bored Panda-worthy kitchen disaster that has you half-crying, half-laughing and snapping a photo for all the wrong reasons.

It’s a mostly fool-proof process — just make sure the strawberries for the hats are thoroughly dry, because the chocolate won’t stick to them if they’re wet —  and what you get for your efforts is a sweet, tangy, photogenic punch that will satisfy your cravings for both creativity and merry-making. You will be asked for the recipe, so prepare yourself!

View Recipe: Grinch Punch 

green Christmas punch with Santa hat decoration
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