21 Work Christmas Party Ideas That Are Actually Fun

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man and woman enjoying a work christmas party that is actually fun

There's no need to stress over coming up with work Christmas party ideas; the most important thing to remember is that all staff members are looking forward to an enjoyable time! And that can be as simple or as intricately planned as you want.

Create an inspiring and relaxing environment for coworkers to chat, eat good food and take a much-needed break at the end of their busy year. Make things festive or use the opportunity for a special outing the team has been looking forward to. 

Here are 21 unique corporate Christmas party ideas to raise the bar beyond Secret Santa, strategic gift swaps and the traditional potluck. Use these work Christmas party ideas as-is or allow them to inspire plans that are perfectly catered to your team!

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Work Christmas Party Activities

1. Interactive Cooking Classes

Tempt your office with a fantastic feast and the opportunity to work together in the kitchen. Cooking classes, especially in a group or team building setting, are meant to be fun and inspiring. Select a menu that everyone will enjoy and after a session of hard work, coworkers can gather around the dinner table and dig in. There are cooking classes in DC, cooking classes in Denver and beyond. 

If your holiday work party is going the virtual route, live online cooking classes also make fantastic Christmas party ideas for corporate crowds!

take some cooking classes with cozymeal for a fun work christmas party idea
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2. Online Mixology Classes

For a team full of spirit connoisseurs, present an exciting challenge of making unique cocktails! Schedule everyone for some online mixology classes the team can take as a group. They’ll get to follow along remotely as an expert mixology schools them on mixing, shaking and pouring techniques, as well as flavor and appetizer pairings. PS: If you want to treat your team to the class of their choice, a foodie gift card is a great option! The best gift cards for foodies are versatile and allow the recipient to pick any experience that interests them.

online mixology classes are a fun work christmas party idea
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3. Virtual Wine Tastings

If wine is more up to the group's speed, virtual wine tastings are the perfect way to sip and sample varieties from all over the globe. These live tastings are led by top-rated sommeliers and chefs with a wealth of knowledge in all things wine, food pairings and more. This work Christmas party idea is a fun way to treat the wine aficionados in the group while everyone gets to learn something new.

a virtual wine tasting is a fun work christmas party idea
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4. Gourmet Private Chef Experience

Instead of a typical holiday party, add a level of relaxation and refinement by offering your team a night to dine on a gourmet menu made by a professional chef. Local private chefs can cater to any appetite or dietary needs so that everyone can have a memorable and satisfying culinary moment. You’ll find private chefs in Chicago, private chefs in San Diego and more for the ultimate company dinner. 

a gourmet private chef plating panzanella salad
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5. Ornament Decorating

Give everyone the time to get in the Christmas spirit with an office ornament decorating party. This work Christmas party idea is all about creativity! Provide a variety of supplies from paints, markers, glue, pompoms, glitter, sequins and any extra embellishments you can find at the craft store. Choose classic bauble ornaments or work with trendy wooden options.

woman's hands holding homemade christmas ornament
via Pexels

6. Food Station Tour Through Each Department

Take the classic holiday potluck to an elevated level by assigning each office department a different food station. This work Christmas party idea gives everyone the chance to mingle with more than their cubicle-mates and smaller teams. Break it up by appetizers, entrées, sides and desserts, or assign each department a different type of cuisine!

organize a food station tour through each department for a fun work christmas party idea
via Pexels

7. Photo Booth Party

Take your traditional Christmas party ideas to the next level by setting up a photo booth. Build an incredible winter-themed backdrop for everyone to strike a pose in front of and stock the area with fun Christmas and wintry props to elevate the photos. There is something so infectious about gathering groups together for silly photos and that kind of energy in the workplace will surely be appreciated.

a photo booth party is a work christmas party idea that is actually fun
via Pexels

8. Holiday Costume Party

Why let Halloween have all the fun? Curate an evening full of laughter and casual fun with wild getups and clever costume ideas for your staff. How many Santas will make an appearance? What other wintry characters and concepts will attend the party? Make sure to have plenty of photoshoot moments at the ready for this Christmas party idea.

Woman with a pastry and drink in a christmas costume
via Pexels

9. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Ice cream has a nostalgic impact on people, so set up a build-your-own-sundae bar with all of the fixings. Include holiday flavors like ginger cookies and peppermint barks along with an exciting variety of classic and unique ice creams.

host an ice cream sundae bar for a work christmas party idea that is actually fun
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10. Cookie Decorating

Enjoy a classic Christmas tradition of decorating cookies in the workplace. Provide delicious cut-out sugar cookies of various holiday shapes and have a station of icings, sprinkles, candies and more to bedazzle every creation.  

plate of decorated gingerbread cookies
via Pexels

Work Christmas Party Games

11. Gingerbread House-Making Competition

Building a gingerbread house brings a bit of nostalgia and whimsy to the party, so up the stakes with a friendly company-wide competition! Challenge coworkers to showcase their best colorful and tasty gingerbread house, complete with decorations. Provide kits or work with fresh gingerbread so that everyone can have a delicious foundation. Have the team vote on their favorites or set up various categories like most innovative decorations, funniest and best style.

host a gingerbread house-making competition for a work christmas party idea
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12. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Celebrate holiday spirit with a one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt that incorporates clues leading folks to different departments while injecting a bit of humor only your team will appreciate. Hold the entire hunt in-office or make this work Christmas party idea extra-special by taking to the streets for some adventure. 

friends having a christmas scavenger hunt in the city
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13. Murder Mystery Party

Murder mysteries are theme party royalty, especially for corporate parties. Organize the perfect plot to drop coworkers into so that they can channel characters and follow clues to uncover the truth behind this fictional crime. Make the story Christmas-themed and have a blast with creating a night to remember. Prefer to treat your team to a night on the town? Sign up for a murder mystery dinner theater experience like The Dinner Detective and enjoy a one-of-a-kind work outing!

a murder mystery party is a fun way to celebrate the holidays at work
via The Dinner Detective

14. Casino Night

Planning a casino night for your next work Christmas party idea can help the team celebrate by dressing up and indulging in tasty appetizers and cocktails while playing classic casino games. Whether there is real money on the line is completely up to the players so that everyone can have a fun, care-free time. 

holding four aces during a card game
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Work Christmas Party Outings

15. Food Tour

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas party idea, why not get out and about around town? Treat your staff to a taste of local culture, history and food on a walking city food tour. They’ll get shown around town by a knowledgeable local guide with insight into the area’s best eateries and hidden gems. There are food tours in San Francisco, food tours in Chicago and beyond. 

a local food tour is a unique work christmas party idea
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16. Ice Skating

Tighten the laces and hit the ice for a memorable work Christmas party idea. Find local rinks and set up a day of skating, sipping hot cocoa and enjoying comforting bites as a group. Beginners can rely on one another as they learn to glide and confident skaters can lead the pack for a day of fun and freedom.

city ice skating rink at night
via Unsplash

17. Office Charity Event

For the ultimate work Christmas party idea that gives back, set up a special charity event for your team. There are so many wonderful charities to work with and events to participate in, so it will be easy to find the right fit for you. Volunteer at shelters and food banks, join a charity fun-run, plan a food drive or set up an animal adoption day at work!

an office charity event is a work christmas party idea that is actually fun
via Food Bank for New York City

18. Take a Team Art Class or Wine and Paint Night

If the workplace needs a break from number crunching and email chains, offer inspiration through color and creativity! Look for local art classes or paint-and-sip parties where everyone can follow along. This work Christmas party idea will get their creative juices flowing.

woman painting on a canvas while drinking red wine
via Canva

19. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is such a wonderful crowd-pleasing activity, so bring the energy and performance mentality into the office for a fun Christmas party idea. Rent a karaoke machine or use office equipment for the perfect setup. Have snacks and drinks at the ready for everyone to sit and sing along to holiday classics, karaoke staples and forgotten hits from the past. 

a karaoke night is a great work christmas party idea that's actually fun
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20. Get Active With Team Axe Throwing

Take a step away from the office and try out a fun team activity of axe throwing at Bad Axe! This trend has taken off in a big way. Groups of any size can have a blast testing their aim while enjoying one another’s company in a relaxing atmosphere. 

coworkers celebrating a party at an axe throwing event space
via Bad Axe

21. Escape Rooms

There truly is an escape room for any occasion, so why not select this option for a fun work Christmas party idea? Give everyone a festive reason to work together toward a common goal in a fun way that breaks away from traditional celebrations. 

escape rooms are great work christmas party ideas that are actually fun
via Trapology Boston

Nailing down the perfect office Christmas party idea can be challenging, so use this list as a source of inspiration! Prepare to earn the approval and compliments of your coworkers by giving them a night to remember that goes above and beyond the traditional company gatherings and potlucks.

Every office and workplace has a different vibe and atmosphere, so customize each idea to fit the needs of your group. Add in a bit more humor and whimsy or amp up the competitive edge for everyone who loves a challenge. Christmas and the holiday season should be a time of joy and genuine celebration, so kick that corporate feeling to the curb and trade it in for a memorable experience with the work-family. 

For more food-centric holiday party ideas, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.