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Celebrate International Bacon Day: September 2, 2023

Published on August 28, 2023 | 1 Comments
International Bacon Day
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International Bacon Day is coming up soon. How do you plan on recognizing it?

Bacon is one of the world’s favorite meat products, so it makes sense that there would be a whole day dedicated to it. Whether you’re a frequent bacon eater or it’s a special treat for you, why not take advantage of one of the most popular food holidays and cook some up?

We’re here to talk all about this food holiday so you can enjoy it. Read on to learn more.


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When Is International Bacon Day?

International Bacon Day is always on the first Saturday of September. That means that this year it takes place on September 2! Later on, we’ll give you all of the dates for future International Bacon Days. 

How International Bacon Day Started

Allegedly, a group of CU Boulder (Colorado) graduate students came up with the original idea of International Bacon Day, but how did it spread?

The modern observance of this “holiday” likely gained traction when the internet and social media platforms started to influence and popularize various food trends. Bacon became a viral sensation, leading to the establishment of a dedicated day to celebrate it.

As with many unofficial holidays, the celebration of International Bacon Day spread through online communities, food blogs and forums, and it was enthusiastically embraced by bacon lovers worldwide.

International Bacon Day
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How to Celebrate International Bacon Day

1. Cook With Bacon in a Cooking Class

Why not check out some cooking classes near you on Bacon Day? If you’re not the most experienced cook, having a real chef guide you through a tasty bacon dish will give you a chance to learn something new and craft a meal sure to impress.

There are cooking classes all over the country, so whether you need cooking classes in New Orleans, cooking classes in Portland or even online cooking classes, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect class for you.

Cooking classes can teach you new uses for bacon.
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2. Sample Local Foods With Bacon on Food Tour

Would you rather have someone else cook your bacon dishes for you? No problem. Check out food tours near you for all of your favorite bacon-related meals.

Food tours can expose you to bacon-related treats you never would have thought of. Go on a bacon-heavy breakfast food tour in NYC or a salty and sweet bacon dessert food tour in New Orleans. Wherever you are, there’s sure to be an available food tour nearby.

eating sandwiches on a food tour
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3. Follow Recipes for a Bacon-Themed Meal

Find a whole meal’s worth of tasty bacon-themed recipes to prepare on International Bacon Day. While you’re at it, treat yourself to some artisanal bacon on Goldbelly rather than sticking with the standard supermarket fare. You deserve it.

As for the meal, get creative. Put some bacon onion jam on a charcuterie board for an appetizer. Bacon roses or a frisee salad would make an excellent salad course. Make some rich and delicious potato salad with bacon as a side dish alongside some tasty maple bacon Brussels sprouts

For the main entrée, try a bacon-wrapped burger or a luxurious bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Tie the meal together with some sweet bacon ice cream.

If all of that bacon sounds too heavy for one meal, swapping out pancetta vs. bacon can help lighten it up and add some variety.

bacon-wrapped filet mignon
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4. Have a Bacon Taste-Test

There are so many different types of bacon. Why not have a taste test on International Bacon Day? 

Gather as many kinds as possible, and don’t shy away from alternatives like vegan bacon or turkey bacon. Try them all and see if you can find a new favorite. 

eating bacon
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5. Host a Bacon Cooking Competition

Gather your friends together for a bacon showdown on International Bacon Day. Have everyone bring their best bacon dish to share. Everyone gets to vote on their favorite, and the winner gets to leave with the knowledge that they’re this year’s bacon champion. 

frying bacon
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Bacon Quiz: True or False?

1. Records indicate that bacon originated in what is present day North America around 200 AD.

False. In fact, bacon (at least an early form of it) was first consumed in China around 1500 BC. Bacon is definitely ancient!

Bacon originated in China.
via Canva

2. Bacon bits were invented for space travel.

True. The process of making bacon bits, tiny pieces of cooked and flavored bacon, was invented by NASA for the Apollo missions. They needed a way to provide the flavor of bacon without the crumbs in the zero-gravity environment.

Bacon bits were invented for space travel.
via Canva

3. The word “bacon” comes to us from Spain.

False. The word "bacon" is derived from the Old French word "bako," which means "ham." It was later influenced by the Germanic root "backe," which means "back."

International Bacon Day is a day to celebrate your favorite pork product.
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4. Bacon has been used as currency.

True. Bacon was once quite valuable! During certain periods in history, bacon was used as a form of currency, particularly in parts of Europe and North America. In some places, people could pay their rent or taxes with bacon.

bacon roses
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International Bacon Day Dates

2023 September 2
2024 September 7
2025 September 6
2026 September 5
2027 September 4
2028 September 2
2029 September 1
2030 September 7

So how will you enjoy International Bacon Day this year? However you plan on celebrating, it’s sure to be delicious. Don’t forget to celebrate one of the world’s most popular meats!

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30 Aug 2023

Who knew bacon had such a flavorful history? These ideas have me excited to savor both the past and the crispy present!

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