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The 20 Best Team Building Activities in Baltimore, MD

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team building activities in Baltimore

From culinary adventures to historical tours, you’re sure to find team building activities in Baltimore perfect for your group. One of America’s oldest cities, Baltimore is bursting with exciting activities to explore and enjoy with any size team. Looking to try the city’s famous seafood or sample new Baltimore foods? Try a food tour! Want to impress your teammates with the best views of the city? Check out Baltimore’s famous observation deck. 

Whether your team is local or just visiting, there is a corporate team building activity in Baltimore, Maryland your group will love. Keep reading to discover 20 of the best ideas for team building activities in Baltimore.

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Team Building Activities in Baltimore for Foodies

Looking for team building activities in Baltimore that the foodies on your team will love? There is no lack of options in this food-obsessed city. Whether you opt for an interactive culinary team building activity or choose to head out to one of the many fine restaurants in Baltimore, there will be plenty on your plate.    

1. Culinary Team Building Activities in Baltimore

A great way to bring your team together is through a shared appreciation for food with team building activities in Baltimore. Team building activities aren’t just cooking classes. From chef-led cooking competitions to luxurious private chef meals to eye-opening food tours, your team will get to experience team building activities in Baltimore through their taste buds as they get guidance and advice from world-class professionals. There are even online team building activities for hybrid teams!

A chef preparing a vegetable dish
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2. Take a Hands-On Cooking Class

Led by top-rated chefs, cooking classes are perfect team building activities in Baltimore because they foster teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving and are rewarding and fun. Your team gets the satisfaction of coming together to create something delicious, and they can share and enjoy the fruits of their labor right after. With a variety of cooking classes in Baltimore to choose from, you can find something for every palate and preference. 

A chef preparing an appetizer
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3. Enjoy an Online Culinary Team Building Activity

Perfect for remote and hybrid teams, online culinary team building activities in Baltimore, or anywhere in the world, can bring together groups from all over. With online mixology classes, your team can learn how to shake or stir their way to a perfect cocktail or mocktail. During virtual wine tastings, a professional sommelier will guide you through the flavor profiles of a hand-picked assortment of vintages. With so many options to choose from, these five-star, high-quality events will help your team feel more connected than ever. There are even classes available that include curated kits shipped straight to your teammates, so they’ll have everything they need to master a new skill in no time. 

a mixologist preparing a cocktail
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4. Experience Breakfast in Baltimore

There’s no better way to say “Good Morning Baltimore!” than with a team breakfast at one of Baltimore’s best morning eateries. Take in the whimsical aesthetics of the quirky Papermoon Diner, enjoy classic breakfast fare at the Old West-inspired Chuck’s Trading Post, or check out the award-winning brunch at Easy Like Sunday. Starting the day off right with a filling breakfast in Baltimore is the best way to keep bellies full and team morale high as you explore more team building activities in Baltimore. 

Papermoon Diner is a great spot for a team building activity in Baltimore.
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5. Explore the Sagamore Spirit Distillery

For a team building activity in Baltimore that will delight the whiskey lovers in your group, try Baltimore’s famous Sagamore Spirit Distillery. Established in 1909, the Sagamore Spirit Distillery produces award-winning rye whiskey that was even named the World’s Best in 2019 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Their hour-long distillery tours include a guided tasting of four rye whiskeys, or your team can enjoy special seasonal events including craft cocktail classes and in-depth whiskey education. 

Sagamore Spirit Distillery main room
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Adventurous Team Building Activities in Baltimore

Looking for office team building activities in Baltimore for a more active, thrill-seeking team? From axe throwing to sailing, there are a ton of adrenaline-producing Baltimore excursions sure to surprise and delight your group. 

6. Axe Throwing at Urban Axes

Encourage some healthy competition with a more athletic team building activity in Baltimore. Located on 1 N. Haven St., Urban Axes is one of America’s best axe throwing facilities. Serving beer, wine and cider, Urban Axes allows teams to bring in food or take advantage of a selection of catering options. And there’s more than just axe throwing! Urban Axes also offers First and Tenpin bowling, a competitive team game where you take turns throwing a football to knock down the other team’s bowling pins.

a woman about to throw an axe at a wooden throwing wall
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7. Book a Baltimore Sailing Tour

One of the best ways to see Baltimore is on the sea, experiencing first-hand the beauty of the Chesapeake. With Sea Baltimore Sailing Tours, you can enjoy a team building activity in Baltimore on a deluxe private charter or sunset cruise, perfect for small, intimate groups looking to connect and relax. With ample space for dining, you can even add a picnic package or bring your own food and drinks to enjoy on the water. 

four people smiling and drinking beer on a sailboat
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8. Scare Up a Ghost Tour

Of all the team building activities in Baltimore, this one might bring your team the closest. Home of famous gothic poet Edgar Allen Poe, Baltimore is full of supernatural and otherworldly experiences you can enjoy with your group. Baltimore Ghost Tours: Baltimore’s Original Haunted History Tour, has been locally owned and operated since 2001 and is run by professional local actors. Featuring ghost stories and historical tales, your team is sure to have an entertainingly spooky night they won’t forget.

A ghost tour is a spooky but fun team building activity in Baltimore.
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9. Try Improvisational Comedy

If you’re looking for team building activities in Baltimore that will get your group even further out of their comfort zones, check out The Baltimore Improv Group. Located in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District, this comedy space is the region's leading non-profit improv comedy theater. Offering group classes, educational workshops and even private shows, The Baltimore Improv Group will teach your team valuable skills in a fun and relaxed environment. 

a man and woman onstage performing improv together
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10. Explore an Escape Room 

A classic team building activity in Baltimore, this escape room is a great way for your group to work together towards a common goal. Located in Inner Harbour, Baltimore, Charm City Clue Room has four rooms to choose from, each with its own complex puzzles and increasing levels of difficulty. There is even a room inspired by Baltimore’s own Edgar Allen Poe, a perfect option for groups that want to immerse themselves in the lore and history of Baltimore. 

Escape rooms are a classic team building activity in Baltimore.
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11. Check Out Graffiti Alley

Take your team off the beaten path with a visit to Graffiti Alley. A celebration of street art and self-expression, Graffiti Alley is the only place in the city where artists can legally showcase their craft. Most impressively, since the alley is constantly being repainted, no one visitor will ever get the same experience twice, making it a team building activity in Baltimore that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your group.

Graffiti alley in Baltimore
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12. Jurassic Golf

Looking for more competitive team building activities in Baltimore? Jurassic Golf & Arcade is a friendly and fun dinosaur-themed mini golf course where your team can play and unwind. Featuring animated dinosaurs, fossils and CGI effects, this 18-hole blacklight mini golf course is a one-of-a-kind team building experience.

a neon-lit dinosaur-themed mini golf course
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Historical Team Building Activities in Baltimore 

Looking for team building activities in Baltimore that are just as educational as they are entertaining? From museums to walking tours, the secrets of Charm City are just waiting to be uncovered. 

13. Experience Breathtaking Views at The Top of the World Observation Level 

Managed by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, The Top of the World Observation Level is located on the 27th floor of the World Trade Center, the world's tallest pentagonal building. With tours available for groups of 10 or more, and by appointment on select days for groups larger than 50, your group can experience a team building activity in Baltimore through breathtaking views and spectacular architecture. 

tourists looking off the top of the World Trade Center in Baltimore.
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14. Explore the Baltimore Museum of Industry

For a more historical team building activity in Baltimore, the Baltimore Museum of Industry celebrates the industrial legacy of Maryland through exhibitions, educational programs and events. Located in what was once an oyster cannery on the waterfront, this museum shares the stories of the people and inventions that shaped Baltimore. Offering hands-on activities and private group tours, the Baltimore Museum of Industry is sure to give a rich culture experience to your team.

The Museum of Industry is a great team building activity in Baltimore.
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15. Take a Walking Tour

Looking for more low-key team building activities in Baltimore? Sometimes the best way to get to know a city and bond with co-workers is simply to take in the sights on a walking tour. From historical sightseeing tours to scavenger hunts, this team building activity in Baltimore can fit any size group or interest level. 

woman jumping with umbrella on cloudy day in Baltimore
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16. Explore the Lexington Market

Located in the heart of Baltimore, the Lexington Market is a community gathering spot that has over 60,000 square feet of local vendors and event space. Featuring a diverse mix of food and goods, the Lexington Market is a place where people go to eat, drink and immerse themselves in 200 years of Baltimore culture. With live events held monthly and public art on display, this team building activity in Baltimore is a true taste of the city.

Lexington Market
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17. Check Out The Book Thing

Only open to the public one day a month, if your team is lucky enough to be in “The City that Reads” during The Book Thing, it’s definitely a must-visit team building activity in Baltimore. With a mission of putting “unwanted books into the hands of those who want them,” The Book Thing of Baltimore allows patrons to pick up as many books as they would like for the exciting price of absolutely free. If your team loves books, or if your company wants to donate books to the cause, be sure to check out The Book Thing.

the fully packed shelves of The Book Thing
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18. See The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens

The second-oldest steel framed-and-glass building still in use in the U.S., The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens features seasonal plants and plant materials, including flower shows and holiday displays. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, your team can take a leisurely stroll through one of the Conservatory’s five distinct areas or enjoy an adult workshop. You can even rent the facility for a beautiful backdrop for your Baltimore team building activity. 

palm trees against the glass ceiling of the conservatory
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19. Visit The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

With a mission of getting the public interested in African American history, The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum is a team building activity in Baltimore where your team can learn about the history of Baltimore and the rest of America through underrepresented people and cultures. Book a guided tour with a private docent or take advantage of their self-guided tours where your small group can explore and enjoy at their own pace. 

wax figure of Frederick Douglass
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20. Have a Picnic at Federal Hill Park

Featuring one of the most iconic views of the Inner Harbor, Federal Hill Park is steeped in Baltimore history. A scenic spot for gatherings since the 1700s, this public park showcases monuments dedicated to historic battles, basketball courts and a gated kids play area. Pick a spot and pack up a picnic for your team building activity in Baltimore, or have it catered by one of the city’s famous nearby restaurants. 

Federal Hill Park
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Does Your Team Really Need Team Building?

Team building, such as these hands-on team building activities in Baltimore, may seem like a non-essential, unpleasant way to spend corporate time and money. But when done right, these activities can enhance communication, strengthen team bonds and showcase areas of leadership potential. No one likes “forced fun,” but fostering a relaxed atmosphere of togetherness can improve group morale and efficiency in a short time.

According to Forbes, successful team building helps employees feel more engaged, which helps office culture and ultimately creates a more effective working enviroment. Especially in this age of hybrid and remote workplaces, team building events are more important than ever to help encourage a sense of community at work. Seeing how your team interacts in real time can even help identify future leaders and can unearth pain points in teams that might not interact on a consistent basis. 

Whether it’s a cooking class or casual happy hour, team building activities are an important part of making employees feel like they are valued and not just a cog in the corporate wheel. The simple act of bringing people together could be the thing your company needs to get to the next step. 

a group of people working together in an office
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Team Building Activities Help Businesses Grow

According to Roy Charette at Chief Executive, team building is essential to help employees learn new skills and take pride and ownership in an organization's success. Enterprises that promote an engaged workforce are in the best position to grow sales and enhance their brand. 

A company’s corporate social responsibility is its commitment to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. They can achieve this by putting value in the interests of employees, the community and beyond. Organizations with successful corporate social responsibility programs see more community approval, and companies with a more diverse workforce are known to perform at a higher level than those with only a few groups represented.

Consumers pay attention to how a company’s employees are treated, and team building can help increase visibility into how valued employees feel. By planning team building activities, your company can get ahead of the game and increase its sales as well as social standing.

a diverse group of co-workers having a discussion
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Benefits of Team Building 

  • Improves morale
  • Teaches new skills
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Encourages cross-functional collaboration 
  • Enhances employee motivation
  • Establishes team camaraderie
  • Fosters trust
  • Showcases leadership potential 
Team building activities in Baltimore provide numerous benefits to the company and group.
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Now that you’ve read all about corporate team building activities in Baltimore, MD and the benefits of team building, it’s time to put these ideas to good use and start planning. Team building activities not only boost morale and faciliate communication among your team, but they also help businesses thrive in numerous ways. For even more team building activities in Baltimore and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.