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Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Baltimore, MD in 2024

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You can find lots of options for a great breakfast in Baltimore

Maryland may be known for crab cakes, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore some of the great places for breakfast in Baltimore, MD. You’ll often find many residents searching for a good place to start their mornings off right. Whether you’re looking for a classic diner setting with a good mug of coffee or an elevated spot for brunch with your friends, you can be sure that Baltimore has it.

Local favorites and new restaurants alike are popping up with great options to satisfy every flavor palate. With delicious menus and unique restaurant settings, there is nothing quite like breakfast in Baltimore. So, whether you’re passing through on a trip or a local looking for your new go-to for Saturday mornings, we’ve got you covered with the best breakfast places in Baltimore.


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The 21 Best Breakfast Places in Baltimore, MD

1. Blue Moon Café

This unassuming dive has some of the best breakfast in the city. Ask any Baltimore local where to have breakfast in Baltimore, and they’re sure to point you to Blue Moon Café.

The Vibe

Located in the hip Fells Point neighborhood, it's a cozy dive with exposed brick walls. The dining space is small, and it’s a popular restaurant in Baltimore, so weekend mornings are guaranteed to be busy. 

What to Order

The Captain Crunch French toast is one of Blue Moon Café’s most famous dishes, so it’s a must-try for at this best breakfast in Baltimore restaurant.

Blue Moon Café | 1621 Aliceanna St., Baltimore, MD 21231 | $

Blue Moon Cafe is one of the best places for breakfast in Baltimore
via Blue Moon Café

2. Saturday Morning Café

Veteran-owned and operated in Baltimore’s Little Italy, Saturday Morning Café serves Southern cuisine with local charm.  

The Vibe

A cozy and intimate space that feels like dining in a family’s home. The eatery can accommodate large parties, but weekend mornings can be a little busy, so come early if there are more than two people in your dining group. 

What to Order

Satisfy your sweet tooth with French Toast Dream or go savory with the Unbuckle Your Belt Burger. Alternatively, embrace Maryland cuisine with the Cristfield-style crab cakes. 

Sunday Morning Café | 236 S. High St., Baltimore, MD 21202 | $

3. Johnny’s

A little West Coast infusion and coffee from South America take over the traditional brunch at Johnny’s. Plus, this punchy breakfast in Baltimore restaurant has a whiskey bar!

The Vibe

A stylish and contemporary restaurant with intimate booths and an extensive whiskey bar. The space is cozy with exposed brick and warm leather, making it perfect for a weekend brunch with friends and family. 

What to Order

Get some of the Southwest flare with a quesadilla and Cuban sandwich. Or, for classic breakfast, you can’t go wrong with the buttermilk pancake stack or the Johnny’s breakfast sammie. 

Johnny’s | 4800 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21210 | $$

French toast with whipped cream on a plate
via Johnny’s


4. Iron Rooster

With made-from-scratch recipes and traditional dishes, Iron Rooster provides some of the best breakfast in Baltimore. 

The Vibe

The large restaurant has a contemporary rustic interior with exposed stone and wood accents. Notably, a weekend brunch at Iron Rooster is one of the best date ideas in Baltimore

What to Order

For a unique breakfast in Baltimore, try a twist on a Southern classic with chicken and French toast instead of waffles. Alternatively, opt for a crab cake eggs Benedict. 

Iron Rooster | 3721 Boston St., Baltimore, MD 21224 | $$

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5. Easy Like Sunday

Easy Like Sunday has certainly made its mark on the Baltimore breakfast scene. It’s even won the Best of Baltimore award from Baltimore Magazine. 

The Vibe

Bright, relaxed and inviting, Easy Like Sunday is a stylish and laid-back place for breakfast in Baltimore with friends or family. 

What to Order

Ricotta stuffed French toast and the house-made granola are classic brunch options. The vegan hash is also highly popular. 

Easy Like Sunday | 66 Village Square, Baltimore, MD 21210 | $$

A stack of pancakes with blueberries and lemon
via Easy Like Sunday 

6. The Avenue Bakery

You’ll satisfy your breakfast sweet tooth at The Avenue Bakery. The bakery pays homage to Baltimore’s history and community while serving up delicious breakfast in Baltimore. 

The Vibe

Casual bakery where you can grab delicious baked goods and desserts. The space is decorated with historic African-American and Baltimore photos, including those of Thurgood Marshall, Billie Holiday and the Royal Theater. 

What to Order

Poppay’s Rolls are what brings most customers into The Avenue Bakery. Named after the owner and made with his own secret recipe, they are definitely a must-try. 

The Avenue Bakery | 2229 Pennsylvania Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217 | $

7. The Food Market

Simple and elevated comfort food crafted by an award-winning chef. The Food Market serves brunch on the weekend and features farm-fresh and locally sourced ingredients.  

The Vibe

This breakfast in Baltimore restaurant has a modern, industrial aesthetic with sleek metal accents and wood tables. A mix of casual and hip, The Food Market is a great place for brunch with friends or a breakfast date. 

What to Order

Amish soft pretzels, shakshuka and PB&J French toast are some of the delicious options on this eclectic breakfast in Baltimore menu. 

The Food Market | 1017 W. 36th St., Baltimore, MD 21211 | $$$

The Food Market has many breakfast in Baltimore options
via The Food Market

8. Dovecote Café

Dovecote Café is Black-owned and operated and centers community involvement in their business. The eatery is not only one of the best breakfast in Baltimore spots but it also strives to create a gathering place where people can enjoy flavorful food and drinks. 

The Vibe

Comfortable and colorful, Dovecote Café features vibrant wallpaper and artistic works by local artists. With a focus on community, this top breakfast in Baltimore restaurant is incredibly welcoming. 

What to Order

The breakfast panini and the frittata are two of the best options on the menu. The peach upside-down cake and sticky buns are popular for those with a sweet tooth. 

Dovecote Café | 2501 Madison Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217 | $$

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9. Kneads Bakeshop & Café

The upscale eatery in Harbor East is owned by the former owners of H&S Bakery, the largest privately owned bakery in the country at one time. Kneads Bakeshop & Café houses both an industrial bakery and dining space. 

The Vibe

The café is 17,000 square feet, providing plenty of places to dine in, host meetings or get some work done. Along with flavorful dishes, you can get some baked goods to go from this much-loved breakfast in Baltimore spot.

What to Order

Classic shrimp and grits, the famous brunch burger and bibimbap are savory favorites of diners. There’s also no shortage of sweets at this popular place for breakfast in Baltimore, with crème brûlée French toast and pistachio apricot croissants being some of the must-tries. 

Kneads Bakeshop & Café | 506 S. Central Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202 | $$

Kneads Bakeshop is one of the top breakfast in Baltimore spots for sweet treats
via Kneads Bakeshop & Café

10. Miss Shirley's Café

Miss Shirley’s Café is a must-visit if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast in Baltimore. The restaurant was featured on "Diner’s, Drive-Ins & Dives" on the Food Network. 

The Vibe

It’s a favorite spot for the after-church crowd on Sundays, as well as families looking for brunch. The restaurants are busy on weekend mornings, so be prepared for a bit of a wait.

What to Order

You can’t go wrong with the blueberry and white chocolate chip pancakes, challah French toast or the crab hash and fried green tomato eggs Benedict. 

Miss Shirley’s Café | Multiple Locations | $$

11. Spoons Coffee Roasters and Café

If you’re looking for a healthy weekend breakfast, this café is the place to be. Spoons Coffee Roasters and Café offers a traditional breakfast with plenty of healthy options.

The Vibe

This neighborhood café is a top breakfast in Baltimore place to enjoy a laidback meal in the morning or grab something when on the go. It’s also a great spot to bring a laptop to work or a book to read while enjoying delicious food.

What to Order

The Hot Hen and Jack and Diane sandwiches served on Spoons’ famous biscuits can't be missed. For something light and healthy, the granola is a great option. 

Spoons Coffee Roasters and Café | 24 E. Cross St., Baltimore, MD 21230 | $$

A salmon omelette on a plate next to a coffee mug
via Spoons Coffee Roasters and Café 

12. The Papermoon Diner

Whimsical in aesthetics and food, The Papermoon Diner is definitely one of the most unique breakfast places in Baltimore. 

The Vibe

The Papermoon Diner has a uniquely kooky vibe with trinkets and bold colors all around the restaurants. Saturday and Sunday mornings are busy at this popular breakfast in Baltimore restaurant, so expect a wait for breakfast and brunch. 

What to Order

The vanilla custard French toast will satisfy a sweet tooth. Or embrace Baltimore foods with a crab, spinach and gouda omelette. 

The Papermoon Diner | 227 W. 29th St., Baltimore, MD 21211 | $$

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13. Chuck’s Trading Post

Travel to the Old West while enjoying some coastal cuisine at Chuck’s Trading Post. This classic restaurant is a favorite of those looking for a big breakfast in Baltimore.

The Vibe

The restaurant is casual and cozy, featuring dark wood tables and a bar with a sliding library ladder.  

What to Order

The breakfast buns bring people into the restaurant; you have to try the Even Better with Cheddar or the Run of the Mill. For classic breakfast, opt for Good Ol’ Pancakes. 

Chuck’s Trading Post | 1506 W. 36th St., Baltimore, MD 21211 | $

Chuck's Trading Post is a good choice for a hearty breakfast in Baltimore
via Chuck’s Trading Post

14. Charmed

Charmed has mastered the art of flavorful breakfast food from scratch. The space may be small, but the food packs a major punch.

The Vibe

A cozy and casual space with a coffee bar. It’s a neighborhood breakfast in Baltimore restaurant with a very welcoming vibe.

What to Order

The Chef’s Choice French toast varies by week, but whatever flavor you get, you won’t be disappointed.

Charmed | 824 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202 | $

15. The Corner Pantry

Elevated yet casual, The Corner Pantry provides the best breakfast in Baltimore with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. The menu is inspired by modern British cuisine.

The Vibe

A casual eatery with a contemporary rustic interior design. You can dine in comfort or take out if you’re on the go.

What to Order

You must try the Welsh rarebit when dining at this top breakfast in Baltimore eatery. The selection of pastries is also a favorite among diners.

The Corner Pantry | 6080 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212 | $$

An aerial view of breakfast dishes and drinks on a table
via The Corner Pantry

16. Maggie’s Farm

Inspired by global cuisine, Maggie’s Farm features a creative menu of savory and sweet dishes for breakfast in Baltimore. 

The Vibe

Maggie’s Farm is laid-back and casual, so it’s the perfect place for a low-key weekend meal.

What to Order

Try the fried chicken and buttermilk waffle or the spicy honey chicken and biscuit sandwich.

Maggie’s Farm | 4341 Harford Rd., Baltimore, MD 21214 | $$

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17. Sip & Bite

A classic neighborhood diner with Greek cuisine, Sip & Bite is family-owned and operated. Sip & Bite has even been featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" on the Food Network.

The Vibe

A family-friendly environment that serves some of the most delicious breakfast in Baltimore all day long. Best of all, the food is homemade from scratch daily. 

What to Order

Cheesecake-stuffed French toast, churro waffles and crab cake omelettes are a must-have at Sip & Bite. Grab a gyro for a Greek twist on breakfast in Baltimore. 

Sip & Bite | 2200 Boston St., Baltimore, MD 21231 | $

Sip & Bite is one of the popular breakfast in Baltimore spots
via Sip & Bite

18. Pete’s Grille

If you’re looking for a breakfast in Baltimore feast, Pete’s Grille is the way to go. The portions at this family-owned and operated restaurant are large and filling.

The Vibe

This low-key restaurant has a modern diner feel, so come casual and hungry. Weekend mornings can be busy; some arrive a little early and anticipate a wait.

What to Order

Serving Southern classics and Maryland favorites, try the sausage gravy and biscuits or chipped beef from Pete’s Grille.

Pete’s Grille | 3130 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore, MD 21218 | $

19. Artifact Coffee

Featuring locally sourced and seasonal food, Artifact Coffee is the best place for a fresh breakfast in Baltimore.

The Vibe

A casual, order-at-the-counter restaurant, Artifact Coffee is a great place to stop in if you’re on the go or want to enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch.

What to Order

The menu changes often, but you can’t go wrong with a classic breakfast sandwich.

Artifact Coffee | 1500 Union Ave., Baltimore, MD 21211 | $$

Two people holding cups of coffee with latte art next to a scone
via Artifact Coffee 

20. Southside Diner

Owned by Greek brothers, Southside Diner serves classic diner food and Greek dishes. You’ll often see the owners walking around the restaurant and talking with customers.

The Vibe

Laid-back and casual, Southside Diner is a great option for a weekend breakfast in Baltimore with family and friends.

What to Order

Try a Spartan omelette for a unique breakfast with a bit of Greek fare. Southside Diner also serves classics, like hot cakes and waffles.

Southside Diner | 893 E. Fort Ave., Baltimore, MD 21230 | $

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21. Twist Fells Point

Twist Fells Point lives up to its name by serving American breakfast cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. Enjoy locally sourced ingredients whipped into brunch favorites.

The Vibe

Twist Fells Point is cozy and intimate with a modern rustic design scheme. Saturdays and Sundays feature all-day brunch that draws a large crowd to this popular breakfast in Baltimore restaurant.

What to Order

Parisian almond croissant French toast is a fun and decadent twist on the classic. The Mediterranean frittata is another delicious version of classic brunch fare.

Twist Fells Point | 723 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231 | $$

A variety of brunch dishes on a table with a plant in the center
via Twist Fells Point

Try Cooking Baltimore Foods

Baltimore has an incredible food scene of locally-owned restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And while going out to eat can be a fun way to experience the city and new cuisine, sometimes you can make a comparable delicious meal at home. 

Learn new recipes and culinary techniques from a world-class chef during cooking classes in Baltimore. You’ll learn skills to elevate your cooking and whip up a flavorful breakfast right in your own kitchen.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can be flavorful, too. Start your day right with the best breakfast in Baltimore at one of these delicious local eateries. Explore Baltimore through the vibrant food scene, getting a taste of Maryland-inspired favorites and classic breakfast dishes. 

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