Where to Find the Breakfast in Atlanta: 19 Best Spots in 2024

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breakfast in Atlanta

Savoring breakfast in Atlanta means discovering the delicious ways in which sweet Southern tradition blends with modern culinary magic. This Georgia jewel offers a fabulous selection of classic and contemporary specialties that capture the hearts and taste buds of food fans around the city. Few morning meals combine the hearty comfort of authentic regional flavor with the excitement of imaginative cuisine like breakfast in Atlanta can.

Of all the exciting eateries serving daybreak dishes around the city, which restaurants offer the overall best Atlanta breakfast? We’ve scoured the breakfast scene to find the sunniest locales sharing top-shelf breakfast fare perfect for helping eager eaters get their day off to a refreshing start. It’s a magnificent mix of sweet, savory and sumptuous orders that make breakfast in Atlanta the most anticipated meal of the day!


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The Best Breakfast Restaurants in Atlanta

1. Atlanta Breakfast Club

Southern hospitality isn't just an ingredient in the dishes served at Atlanta Breakfast Club; it's the recipe for some of Atlanta's best breakfast selections. A menu overflowing with sweet and savory options will satisfy hearty appetites and nourish hungry early risers.

The Vibe

Earthy urban touches help this stylish Atlanta diner keep its casual roots firmly planted.

What to Order

Peach cobbler French toast turns a comforting dessert into a classic breakfast bite topped with crumbled shortbread. For more traditional fare, order the breakfast tacos and enjoy battered tortillas cradling your favorite types of cooked eggs and bacon drizzled with maple syrup.

Atlanta Breakfast Club | Multiple Locations | $$

Atlanta Breakfast Club serves comforting breakfast in Atlanta.
via Atlanta Breakfast Club

2. Petit Chou

Petit Chou is a French term of endearment that translates to "little cabbage," the perfect name for an Atlanta breakfast place situated in the Cabbagetown neighborhood. The charming bistro emerged from a reclamation project to become a prime destination for some of the finest gourmet breakfast in Atlanta.

The Vibe

This blue brick bungalow makes customers feel like they're hanging out at a chic country cottage.

What to Order

A morning version of a classic croque monsieur includes sprouted grain bread dressed for breakfast with ham, Boursin and Gruyère. Starch lovers can dig into a Cabbagetown Breakfast Bowl, a verified Atlanta breakfast plate featuring potatoes or grits adorned with cheddar and an egg, plus bacon or sausage.

Petit Chou | 662 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30312 | $$

Petit Chou serves incredible breakfast in Atlanta.
via Petit Chou

3. Thumbs Up Diner

The confidence it takes to name an eatery Thumbs Up Diner is justified in this candidate for one of the best breakfast restaurants around Atlanta! All-day breakfast treats include fresh-squeezed juice, homemade biscuits and grits, and skillet dishes designed to tickle the taste buds until they're wide awake.

The Vibe

Filled with wrap-around brick walls and vintage diner fixtures, every location is a cozy variation on what proper diners in Atlanta should be.

What to Order

The fried fish and grits plate will take you deep into the regional heart of Atlanta breakfast specialties, as will the Low Country Heap, a skillet loaded with eggs, seasoned potatoes and breakfast meats.

Thumbs Up Diner | Multiple Locations | $$

a skillet with eggs, bacon, and cheese
via Thumbs Up Diner

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4. The Flying Biscuit Café

The Flying Biscuit Café has been winging its way into the hearts of Atlanta breakfast lovers for more than 30 years. With daylong breakfast service, visitors can order their fill of the classics without having to worry about watching the clock.

The Vibe

Candy-colored interiors with funky artful touches are a joyful wake-up call.

What to Order

Customize a build-your-own Oh My Grits bowl with generous portions of cheese, vegetables and proteins to fuel up for the long day ahead. If you're flying low, a Freebird, with its Benedict-style eggs and crispy chicken strips lying atop a buttermilk biscuit smothered in sauce, will have you soaring to new heights.

The Flying Biscuit Café | Multiple Locations | $$

Benedict-style eggs with bacon and a side of grits
via The Flying Biscuit Café 

5. Sun In My Belly

Sun In My Belly occupies the historic Bailey’s Hardware building in Atlanta's Kirkland neighborhood. If the name doesn't inspire an early morning smile, a seat in this warm space serving deluxe Atlanta breakfast fare made with thoughtful modern panache is sure to do the trick.

The Vibe

Folksy farmhouse touches are creative enough to give a whimsically chic personality to this contemporary rebuild.

What to Order

Spin the wheel with each visit and test out the new omelette of the day for a fluffy surprise every time. An order of fried green tomatoes will transport you back to when breakfast in Atlanta was guaranteed to have a sweet Southern accent.

Sun In My Belly | 2161 College Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30317 | $$

eggs, bacon, and a biscuit
via Sun In My Belly

6. Le Petit Marché

Le Petit Marché evolved from a French-style market to a full-fledged restaurant, becoming a beloved Atlanta breakfast spot through the years. The name means "the little market" in French, but it's also a play on the name of the founder and former owner, Marchet Sparks.

The Vibe

The French café spirit is firmly in place, with cookware hanging on the walls and fanciful art stationed strategically throughout.

What to Order

Artisanal oatmeal made with sweet cream arrives wearing cinnamon pralines like edible gems. The vanilla-rum French toast sandwich nestles scrambled eggs and your choice of breakfast meat between slices of a battered and baked favorite in the Atlanta breakfast catalog.

Le Petit Marché | 1984 Hosea L. Williams Drive, Ste. A, Atlanta, GA 30317 | $$

Artisanal oatmeal at Le Petit Marche is a fantastic breakfast in Atlanta.
via Le Petit Marché

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7. West Egg Café

With a prime location in the middle of all that's good in the city, West Egg Café brings breakfast to Atlanta with a sense of humor and cheer. The Atlanta diner has received numerous Best of Atlanta honors through the years, cinching its place among the best breakfast restaurants Atlanta has to share.

The Vibe

An eclectic space with reclaimed furnishings and a working photo booth to capture your happy moments.

What to Order

Black bean cakes and eggs replaces sausage with spicy veggie patties for a vegetarian twist on a traditional Atlanta breakfast. Diners with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed by the churro waffle served with decadent dark chocolate dipping sauce. Plus, any of their weekend specials are worth a visit.

West Egg Café | 1100 Howell Mill Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 | $$

a baked frittata
via West Egg Café

8. R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill began as a burger restaurant but slowly expanded to include a greater range of options. Gradually, this eccentric Atlanta diner began offering high-quality sustainable fare made from thoughtful ingredients with a reverence for how powerful well-made food can be. Soon enough, it became an eatery known for serving great breakfast in Atlanta.

The Vibe

The trippy San Francisco spirit is alive and well in the Southland in this psychedelic Atlanta diner.

What to Order

A breakfast quesadilla at this Atlanta breakfast oasis is a sundried tomato tortilla filled with eggs, vegetables and cream cheese. The Bubba Gump tops rosemary potatoes with shrimp and garden vegetables beneath a pair of over-easy eggs and peppery Cajun hollandaise.

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill | 1812 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 | $$

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill serves fantastic breakfast in Atlanta.
via R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

9. Breakfast at Barney's

Breakfast at Barney's has been providing hungry folks a stylish Atlanta breakfast since 1978. It's an upscale locale that feels deluxe without seeming superior, a touch of refinement among the earthier options and one of the more elegant choices among the best breakfast restaurants in Atlanta.

The Vibe

Striking black-and-white patterns and rich peacock-green accents are definite nods to the lush life for the breakfast and brunch set.

What to Order

Breakfast sandwiches as Barney defines them are brioche rolls overloaded with eggs, cheddar and turkey bacon. If opulence is a requirement to get your day going, try the 24 Karat Gold Pancakes, soaked in bourbon apple cider syrup made on the premises — and, yes, decorated with flakes of real gold!

Breakfast at Barney's | 349 Decatur St. SE, Atlanta, GA 30312 | $$

a tall breakfast sandwich on a brioche bun
via Breakfast at Barney's

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10. The Silver Skillet

The history of The Silver Skillet reaches all the way back to 1967, when George and Louise Decker bought the Atlanta diner. The business has passed into the hands of the Deckers' daughter, Teresa, who carries on the spirit of a well-made Atlanta breakfast that her family began so many years ago.

The Vibe

This quaint corner café is classic enough to be included in a slew of movies and television shows, including “Remember the Titans” and “Anchorman 2.”

What to Order

The grilled chicken omelette wraps tender strips and garden vegetables in eggs, served with grits or gravy and biscuits. Sweet eaters can go old-fashioned with a Belgian waffle with chocolate chips to taste pastry breakfast Atlanta-style.

The Silver Skillet | 200 14th St., Atlanta, GA 30318 | $$

quaint, retro interior of the The Silver Skillet
via The Silver Skillet

11. Buttermilk Kitchen

In 2012, Suzanne Vizethann converted a sweet country house into Buttermilk Kitchen and gave the breakfast scene in Atlanta an adorable place to drop in for coffee and a bite. A pantry that sells mixes and jarred goods lets customers recreate the magic at home when they can't make it to the Kitchen.

The Vibe

Modern country here means cream-washed wood paneling and a super-cute service counter.

What to Order

With a pimento omelette on the table, you can savor soft cheese filled with pimentos and red pepper jelly made from scratch. Healthier eaters will enjoy a banana bread granola bowl made creamy with vanilla yogurt.

Buttermilk Kitchen | 4225 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342 | $$

vegan granola bowl
via Buttermilk Kitchen

12. Bread and Butterfly

Bread and Butterfly captivates the Atlanta breakfast world with the gourmet authenticity of Parisian café and bistro dining. Diversity is a key ingredient here, with dishes exploring the enchantment of fusion flavors that turn breakfast in Atlanta into an international affair.

The Vibe

A modern spin on French diner décor is the order of the day, from the tin-paneled ceiling to the decorative tiling to the café tables.

What to Order

If you love waking up to bistro specialties, quiche made with gooey Gruyère and seasonal greens will put you in high spirits. Pair a croissant with crispy potatoes and make your own Atlanta breakfast with true gourmet soul.

Bread and Butterfly | 290 Elizabeth St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 | $$

fruit and cottage cheese
via Bread and Butterfly

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13. Gocha's Breakfast Bar

At Gocha's Breakfast Bar, fast casual is a mode that suits Atlanta breakfast to a T. You'll find a wide variety of timeless dishes prepared with an eye on the modern palate, making for a delicious forward-thinking mix of beloved early-day eats.

The Vibe

Clean, bright and easy to adore, with industrial fixtures and finished concrete floors adding comfort from top to bottom.

What to Order

Anyone up for Bananas Foster Krunch will find themselves with a mouthwatering plate of battered French toast decorated with creamy bananas and pan-made caramel sauce. The Georgia Peach Stack piles up five pancakes before topping them with cinnamon and warmed-up peach jam. For savory, the shrimp grit cake is an indulgent delight.

Gocha's Breakfast Bar | 3695 Cascade Road, Ste. 440, Atlanta, GA 30331 | $$

Gocha's Breakfast Bar serves some of the best breakfast in Atlanta.
via Gocha's Breakfast Bar

14. Oy!

The name Oy! is an acronym for "Overindulgent Yumminess," which is never a bad thing when it comes to enjoying breakfast in Atlanta. Here, omelettes are made with six eggs, and pancakes grow up to be 14 inches in diameter!

The Vibe

Fun energy fills this Atlanta diner, in the form of maze-like exposed ductwork and mismatched lettered signs on the walls.

What to Order

The Stairmaster Omelette makes sure you don't compromise your fitness goals during your Atlanta breakfast with a combination of egg whites, mushrooms and spinach. If you're good to indulge a little, the challah egg and cheese soufflė provides eggs and brioche-like bread layered with cheddar and Swiss.

Oy! | 2355 Cumberland Parkway SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 | $$

The Stairmaster Omelette is a healthy breakfast in Atlanta.
via Oy!

15. Muchacho

There's a definite vintage streak running through Muchacho, most notably in the tri-colored stripes that circle the walls inside. This Atlanta breakfast joint is a convincing throwback to the '70s, complete with orange and harvest gold palette and kitschy logo typeface.

The Vibe

This is the zany retro spot that surfers and skaters would love to cruise into.

What to Order

Who could resist a Johnny Utah breakfast burrito, stuffed with eggs, chorizo, potatoes and avocado salsa? Keanu himself would approve of this Point Break tribute in the form of an Atlanta breakfast dish!

Muchacho | 904 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 | $$

Muchacho's burritos are some of the best breakfast in Atlanta.
via Muchacho

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16. Cultivate

Farm-to-table takes on a brunch-ready sheen at Cultivate, where breakfast in Atlanta takes its time arriving, but it's well worth the wait. The website describes this Atlanta diner's aesthetic as a mix of Gatsby and European cafés, with a side of fine art thrown in for good measure. Sounds delicious!

The Vibe

Fresh, airy and swept through with sunlight, morning people will be dazzled with this pristine locale.

What to Order

The beignets are vegan and gluten-free, a treat for the discerning eaters in your brunch group. An egg and cheese biscuit may sound simple, but with ingredients from local growers, it's bound to be a tasty experience.

Cultivate | 1952 Howell Mill Road NW, Ste. 200, Atlanta, GA 30318 | $$

a woman dipping beignets into syrup
via Cultivate

17. Rosie's Coffee Café

You'd be hard-pressed to find a cuter breakfast restaurant in Atlanta than Rosie's Coffee Café. The signature coffee is available in bean form to enjoy at home, and the produce used in Rosie's recipes is sourced locally, a reflection of this café's commitment to the community it serves.

The Vibe

Wooden floors and shiplap tables wrap visitors in cool country comfort.

What to Order

Mama's Shrimp and Grits adds Rosie's house-made sauce to six jumbo shrimp and buttered grits for a heaping helping of authentic Atlanta foods. Corned beef hash adorned with two eggs however you want them is an Atlanta breakfast that always pleases.

Rosie's Coffee Café | 48 Northside Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30313 | $$

corned beef hash with two eggs
via Canva

18. Frost Bistro & Bar

For a dash of guilty pleasure, add Frost Bistro & Bar to your breakfast date ideas in Atlanta. You'll find an opulent eatery that celebrates the joy of breakfast and brunch without taking itself too seriously. Check in when you have a special occasion to celebrate with friends and family.

The Vibe

Hip and casual décor at Frost means swirling gold accent murals and glossy finishes.

What to Order

Waffles here come in dessert flavors like Key Lime and Red Velvet, a pinnacle order for lovers of baked breakfasts. There's also Frosty French Toast, which comes robed in the bistro's trademark cream cheese sauce.

Frost Bistro & Bar | 281 Peters St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30313 | $$

a stylish, modern interior with wooden floor and lots of light
via Frost Bistro & Bar

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19. Café Intermezzo

Café Intermezzo has shared a bit of traditional Italian breakfast with Atlanta for over 40 years. This world-class restaurant emulates the coffee houses of the Old World, giving visitors a glimpse of how some of the best breakfast ideas begin in far-off regions before becoming a quintessential Atlanta breakfast.

The Vibe

This space glows with the dim lighting and honeyed wood décor of the finest European eateries.

What to Order

Head straight for the pastry menu and choose something sweet for breakfast or brunch. Nutella and banana crêpes will do nicely, though mango and toasted coconut French toast is also a winning order.

Café Intermezzo | Multiple Locations | $$

a full case of colorful, decadent pastries
via Café Intermezzo

Try Cooking Atlanta Foods Yourself

After eating your fill of the finest breakfast in Atlanta, you can try your hand at making your own classic spread. Exploring cooking classes in Atlanta lets you expand your kitchen talents for preparing breakfast, brunch, dinner and desserts. You’ll find sessions focused on authentic Southern specialties, each led by a top-notch instructor with a passion for helping aspiring chefs add new heat to their home cooking options.

a chef presenting a plate of eggs Benedict
via Cozymeal

You’ll find prime examples of diners, cafés and eateries scattered throughout the city, making your trek toward the best Atlanta breakfast a tasty adventure. Be sure to check out the sites all around this historic locale as you go for exciting things to do in Atlanta during your culinary adventures. With a hearty helping of local hospitality and an incredible metropolis loaded with regional interests, settling in for breakfast in Atlanta will be your reward for a trip well-traveled!

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