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9 Best Egg Cookers of 2023

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We've got nine of the best egg cookers available for your breakfast-at-anytime needs.
Our editorial team recommends the best products through independent research, selection and careful review. If you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links, we may earn a commission. Prices are subject to change.

While you can cook an egg using any old pot or pan, you may have found yourself on a hunt for the best egg cooker. After all, why should you use a regular frying pan when there are faster, more efficient ways to create delicious egg dishes? Maybe you’re hoping to find the best pan for eggs, or perhaps you’re searching for the quickest way to make microwave eggs in the morning.

There are so many wonderful ways to prepare eggs and plenty of egg tools that can take your breakfast to the next level. Whether you prefer omelets, over easy or hard-boiled eggs, keep reading to find the perfect egg cooker for you.


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1. Best Egg Cooker for a Quick Breakfast: GreenLife Qwik Egg Maker 

The GreenLife Qwik Egg Maker is a small yet versatile tool that can be used to prepare poached, boiled or omelet-style eggs. This machine makes breakfast or egg salad as easy as flipping a switch. Don’t let the compact size fool you; it can cook up to seven eggs at your desired firmness while still being easy to store. With dishwasher-safe trays, this egg cooker is as quick and easy as they get.

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

We love how easy it is to whip up breakfast with the GreenLife Qwik Egg Maker. It's truly a morning time-saver.

  • Price: $44.99

GreenLife Qwik Egg Maker
via GreenLife

2. Best Two-Tier Egg Cooker: Cuisinart 10 Egg Cooker 

If you’re looking for the best egg cooker appliance with more capacity, check out the Cuisinart 10 Egg Cooker. A two-tier design allows you to cook up to 10 eggs at once. It also includes removable trays for whipping up the perfect omelet and poached eggs. With an LED light feature and audible alert, you’ll know exactly when your eggs are ready to eat.

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

This egg cooker from Cuisinart is perfect for feeding a crowd. It's also a breeze to use.

  • Price: $60.95

Cuisinart 10 Egg Cooker
via Cuisinart

3. Best Budget Egg Cooker: Joie Big Boiley 4 Egg Microwave Boiler 

Whether you prefer your eggs soft, medium or hard-boiled, the Joie Big Boiley 4 Egg Microwave Boiler can cook up to four eggs quickly in the microwave. With this tool, you can whip up deviled eggs or egg salads in minutes or simply add delicious eggs to enhance your soup or salad. It’s easy to use, durable and at a price point you can’t beat, it’s one of the best egg tools to have in your cookware collection.

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

The Joie Big Boiley is a lifesaver for fast-paced breakfasts. We love the budget-friendly price, fun design and foolproof ability to make eggs in the microwave.

  • Price: $32.50

Joie Big Boiley 4 Egg Microwave Boiler
via Joie

4. Most Versatile Egg Cooker: Demeyere Resto Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Set 

Designed to craft professional-level poached eggs, the Demeyere Resto Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Set is the best egg cooker for anyone who prefers their eggs poached. This set includes four non-stick cups crafted to fit eggs perfectly for submerging in water, but the cups can also be used to create bite-sized desserts, delicious dumplings and more. Remove the poacher, and you have a quality pan that can be used both on the stovetop and in the oven — fitting, as Demeyere makes some of the best pans for eggs that we’ve ever seen. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

This versatile pan goes beyond egg duty in the kitchen and makes a fun addition to your cookware collection. If you love poached eggs but the technique eludes you, this is the pan for you.

  • Price: $58.50

Demeyere Resto Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Set
via Demeyere

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5. Best Egg Cooker for Breakfast Sandwiches: Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

If you prefer your eggs sandwiched between vegetables, meat and two slices of bread, the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker may be the perfect egg cooker for you. This appliance is designed to prepare two delicious egg sandwiches simultaneously in minutes. Simply fill it with bread and any meat, vegetables or cheeses you’d like to add, then crack an egg. Breakfast will be served before you know it.

  • Price: $37.59

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
via Hamilton Beach

6. Best Egg Cooker for Entertaining: Bella14 Egg Cooker 

If you have a large family, love entertaining multiple guests or need an egg cooker for your business, the Bella14 Egg Cooker has much more capacity than your average appliance. Prepare up to 14 boiled eggs at your desired level of firmness or use removable trays for poached eggs or omelets. This appliance can also be used for steaming vegetables or seafood.

  • Price: $18.30

bella 14 egg cooker
via Bella

7. Best Egg Cooker Set: Nordic Ware Easy Breakfast Set 

Even if your mornings are rushed, you shouldn’t skip the most important meal of the day. The Nordic Ware Easy Breakfast Set makes microwave eggs a breeze. This two-piece set includes an omelet pan and a two-cavity egg poacher. Add vegetables, seasoning and a quick spray of oil before popping the tray in the microwave for a quick, healthy breakfast.

  • Price: $14.41

Nordic Ware Easy Breakfast Set
via Nordic Ware

8. Best Multitask Egg Cooker: Cainfy Nonstick Pancake and Egg Pan 

The Cainfy Nonstick Pancake and Egg Pan is a fantastic tool for anyone who loves an all-American breakfast. This pan is ideal for cooking up to four perfectly-sized pancakes or fried eggs for a delicious and aesthetically pleasing breakfast meal.

  • Price: $31.99

Cainfy Nonstick Pancake and Egg Pan
via Cainfy

9. Best Egg Cooker for Poached Eggs: Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan  

Add an elegant touch to your avocado toast or craft perfect eggs Benedict by creating up to six poached eggs with the Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan. This pan includes six non-stick cups that make steaming and removing poached eggs a breeze. The poacher is also removable, so this tool can double as a sauté pan.

  •  Price: $39.99

Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan
via Eggssentials

Purchase one or more of these egg tools to take your breakfast, snacks and cookout sides to the next level. Impress your friends at brunch with perfectly cooked eggs or treat yourself to a delicious meal each morning. For even more ways to elevate your kitchen, check out chef-recommended cookware and kitchen appliances in the Cozymeal Shop.

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