Chef Meghna

Chef Meghna

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I have often been asked about my culinary background, to which I facetiously respond that I come from a culture that has been focused on food for the past five thousand years. Certainly, quite a resume! Coming from a heritage that has food as the epicenter of most occasions, I found myself yearning to replicate the scrumptious delicacies, be it from high end Indian restaurants in Mumbai to street food in smaller towns such as Lucknow.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Meghna

Pierre .


05 Jan 2021

This was an amazing class that taught us so much!

Paul W.


04 Mar 2020

What a great time! The food was excellent and we learned lots about Indian spices and cooking techniques. Meghna was the best.



18 Feb 2020

Great explanations and oversight without micromanaging. Will look for more of her classes!