Chef Motoko

Chef Motoko

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Chef Motoko is a Japanese chef and author who specializes in invigorating, flavorful, and unique Japanese cuisine. Chef Motoko prides herself on her beautiful vegetable garden from where she sources many of her ingredients. She often picks the vegetables the day of the class; some of which are less well known outside of Japan. Her teaching style is unpretentious, friendly, and easy to understand.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Motoko

Al T.

05 May 2019

Chef Motoko was incredibly informative and friendly. She definitely knows her sushi and has the right mindset for cooking. She grows some of her own ingredients, has a published sushi book, runs a blog and genuinely believes in healthy eating. She was also able to accommodate our eating preferences which really made us happy. I would definitely recommend.

Ben S.

04 Feb 2018

Chef Motoko was wonderful. She brought ingredients from her own garden, explained where everything came from, taught us to make everything, and it was delicious!

Matt F.

21 Jan 2018

Motoko was great! She was instructive, brought fresh materials from her own garden and introduced us to them, and was an all-around lovely person. The food was delicious too!

Rebecca P.

28 Oct 2017

Chef Motoko was very nice and we had a lovely evening. I was a little surprised that we didn't learn to roll sushi and just made messy-looking seaweed wraps in our hands.

Christine C.

30 Jul 2017

She is wonderful! This was a great experience from a chef who is passionate about Japanese food. We will definitely be making sushi at home again!