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Chef Stacey

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I’m Stacey and I suffer from what some might see as an unhealthy obsession with healthy food and a healthy planet. I work as a therapeutic chef and teach cooking classes throughout the Bay Area. Since I am by nature a giver, my ultimate goal is to help others cultivate similar obsessions, which I do by sharing my love of cooking, whole food nutrition, digestive health, and mindful eating practices with students and clients.

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Carol B.


07 Jul 2017

Chef Stacey is more than an experienced culinary instructor. She is a gifted and passionate teacher who educated our class on the benefits of prebiotic and probiotic foods. The course combined hands-on cooking with an abundance of practical knowledge to improve our overall health. Well done Stacey!

Helena C.


07 Jul 2017

Chef Stacey was warm and welcoming and invited us to see her garden and feed her chickens before class. My adult kids and I learned a lot of good information about pre- and probiotics . The class had a nice balance of lecture and hands on experience where we prepared the krauts and the gluten-free bread. She was extremely organized and efficient and very passionate about what she does, We really enjoyed the entire experience and appreciate her expertise and look forward to eating the krauts and the bread. Thank you again, Chef Stacey!

Brandy A.


27 Jun 2016

Chef Stacey was so awesome!! Her knowledge about food, digestive health, and cooking kept us entertained the entire time we were there. Her place and kitchen are beautiful and very spacious. She started us off with a tour of her backyard where she keeps chickens, honeybees, a garden of fresh vegetables and fruits, then got us to work preparing our 3-course menu. She did a great job keeping the 9 of us on track and organized while having fun at the same time. The backyard had a communal dining table and it was set beautifully. She was so accommodating even when we went over time. The decor was great, the weather was amazing, the food was delicious, the company was awesome, and it wouldn't have happened without Chef Stacey! All in all, my team had a great bonding experience. I highly recommend working with Chef Stacey - she will keep your bellies and minds full!