Chef Christine

Chef Christine

Verified chef

Food safety certified
(19 reviews)

Upon graduating from San Francisco Cooking School, Chef Christine began her culinary career in the pastry kitchen of a popular San Francisco restaurant while also volunteering as a chef instructor for a program that shares culinary skills with low-income communities. Most recently, you can find her instructing cooking classes at her alma mater, consulting for bakeries, and teaching her own inspiring cooking classes!

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Christine

Lorri Mendoza

31 Jul 2019

We really enjoyed the class. Christine was wonderful.

Zoe T.

21 Jul 2019

Chef Christine was very knowledgeable and the class was lots of fun. We served the breads we baked to some guests and they all thought it was delicious. A fantastic date activity and lots of great food to eat during AND after!

Ryan L.

16 Jul 2019

Chef Christine was great! We learned a lot about making bread that was applicable beyond just the recipes we learned in class. We are looking forward to trying out some of the recipes we learned in the class as well as applying the learning to some other recipes. A great first experience with Cozymeal.

Caroline Wallis

14 Jul 2019

Christine was efficient, knowledgeable, patient, and engaging. We really enjoyed our class.

Noelle T.

10 May 2019

Chef Christine was great.  It was clear she was knowledgable in the field of sweet breads and was able to troubleshoot some small hangups we experienced along the way. Moreover she was really organized which allowed us to bake 3 full bread recipes in just 3 hours, allowing us to take home our creations to share with our loved ones.