24 Best West Village Restaurants for 2023

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West Village restaurants

West Village restaurants have long been known for diverse offerings and an abiding sense of local character. You can find a satisfying spot to settle in for just about anything you’re hungry for. Whether it’s a date night in NYC or a get-together with your closest friends, the restaurants in the West Village rise to the occasion again and again. 

With such an abundance of eateries at your disposal, it can be hard to know which spots are worth your time — or which ones you most certainly need to visit first. To provide some clarity and get you to the dining table as soon as possible, we’ve found the 24 best West Village restaurants of the year.  

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Find the Best Restaurants in the West Village

Where do you start when searching for the best West Village restaurants to suit your culinary sensibilities? Food tours in NYC are a fantastic way to scope out restaurants around the West Village with an expert guide showing you where the hidden gems lie. 

If you’re up for an adventure of your own, though, this list of the West Village’s best restaurants should give you a head start into delicious territory. 

24 Best Restaurants in the West Village

1. Boucherie West Village

Traditional French cuisine finds a tasteful home at Boucherie. This West Village restaurant is one of several NYC locations serving French specialties from brunch to dessert, all prepared with distinction and attention to detail. 

The Vibe

Salon-style luxury in a modern-age bistro. 

What to Order

The confit duck leg will give you a taste of rustic French flavor, while a selection of soups, sandwiches and charcuterie bring an air of quiet sophistication to the table. 

Boucherie West Village | 99 Seventh Ave. S., New York, NY 10014 | $$$

pan-seared branzino
via Boucherie West Village

2. Morandi

Seasonal Italian dishes bring a sense of excitement to Morandi. Creative dishes bring a thoughtful modern twist to trattoria fare in a West Village restaurant that seamlessly blends old and new. 

The Vibe

Warm trattoria brimming with energy, perfect for an anniversary or birthday dinner in NYC.

What to Order

Try the minestrone to get your dinner off to a savory start. Pumpkin ravioli studded with pickled raisins makes a tantalizing follow-up. 

Morandi | 211 Waverly Pl., New York, NY 10014 | $$

3. Buvette New York

Born in 2011 as a combination bar-café-restaurant, Buvette honors European traditions in locations around the world, including this charming West Village restaurant. The self-proclaimed gastrotheque transforms locally sourced ingredients from around New York and New England into fabulous heritage dishes.  

The Vibe

Gourmet gastropub aspirations meet city nosh-nook coziness. 

What to Order

Earthy dinner selections such as escargot and steak tartare will transport you to the French countryside in a gourmet dream. Be sure to try a taste of chocolate mousse or tarte Tatin before heading back to reality. 

Buvette New York | 42 Grove St., New York, NY 10014 | $$ 

French tarts
via Buvette New York

4. Joseph Leonard

Think of Joseph Leonard as the modern version of an old-fashioned corner diner. It's a West Village restaurant with a nostalgic American culinary character that reclaims the loving spirit of another time. 

The Vibe

Good-hearted American eatery comfort, like back in the day. 

What to Order

A cheddar burger on an English muffin makes a satisfying lunch order. For dinner, take a chance on the plant-based lentil ragout and see where it leads you. 

Joseph Leonard | 170 Waverly Pl., New York, NY 10014 | $$

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5. Jack's Wife Freda

A sense of fun permeates Jack's Wife Freda, inviting strangers to become friends and friends to become family. The name of this West Village restaurant is a tribute to the proprietor's grandmother, who inspired his love of cooking. 

The Vibe

Bustling boutique diner with a funky retro feel. 

What to Order

The Madame Freda honors the restaurant's namesake with a duck breast prosciutto sandwich topped with cheddar béchamel sauce and one egg, sunny side up. Quite a bite!

Jack's Wife Freda | 50 Carmine St., New York, NY 10014 | $$

a variety of food on a table
via Jack's Wife Freda

6. Emily

Simple and straightforward, Emily — or Pizza Loves Emily, as the website declares —  is a pizzeria with contemporary color. The style of this West Village restaurant may be clean and artful, but the food is divinely messy in the most delicious way possible. 

The Vibe

Minimalist atmosphere meets maximalist Detroit pizza and pub fare. 

What to Order

Brussels sprouts salad with pickled red onions is a winning beginning, followed by an Angel pizza featuring truffle mushroom cream and silky ricotta. 

Emily | 35 Downing St., New York, NY 10014 | $$

7. Cowgirl

Bringing the friendliness of Texas dining to the heart of NYC is no mean feat. But Cowgirl has been offering up kind service and comforting food to diverse crowds since 1989, proving West Village restaurants can have Southern soul. 

The Vibe

Kitschy Southwestern style, right down to the red-checkered tablecloths. 

What to Order

Weekend brunch will bring your choice of Frito pie, catfish fingers, Texas French toast and the cleverly named Doc Hollandaise. Try a frozen bourbon lemonade sour slushie as a chilly chaser. 

Cowgirl | 519 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014 | $$ 

Cowgirl is a fun West Village restaurant.
via Cowgirl

8. The Spaniard

Bar bites and bold beverages make The Spaniard a stand-out stop among West Village restaurants. Designed to recapture NYC in its '70s heyday, it's been a featured spot in a number of Who's Who of city eateries, and with good cause. 

The Vibe

Feature-worthy vintage interiors that exude warmth and whimsy. 

What to Order

Bring your special someone and order the steak for two. You'll get a 32-ounce porterhouse, dry-aged for 27 days with your choice of sides, a special meal no matter how you slice it. 

The Spaniard | 190 W. Fourth St., New York, NY 10014 | $$ 

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9. Minetta Tavern

This West Village restaurant is actually an historic watering hole frequented by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Dylan Thomas. Minetta Tavern's renovation added a touch of Parisian spirit to its NYC heritage to create a warm space for modern food lovers to enjoy. 

The Vibe

Cozy, old-fashioned eatery that glows with authentic charm. 

What to Order

A supper of house-made pappardelle topped with veal ragù is a sure thing for Italian lovers, while authentic soupe à l'oignon will satisfy the French diners in your group. Either way, an order of bone marrow to start with is a must.

Minetta Tavern | 113 MacDougal St., New York, NY 10012 | $$$ 

bone marrow
via Minetta Tavern

10. Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi Nakazawa promotes elegance as a West Village restaurant with aspirations. Their four-star New York Times review is a testament to the level of quality their sushi kitchen is capable of.  

The Vibe

Polished and pristine, for your high-end sushi needs. 

What to Order

The omakase menu offers 20 nigiri gems, with pairings of sake selections sitting pretty at the high end of the beverage options. 

Sushi Nakazawa | 23 Commerce St., New York, NY 10014 | $$$$ 

11. Beatnic

Vegan dining gets an exciting glow-up at Beatnic, a West Village restaurant with verve. Dedication to creating fun plant-based food that feels more like diner fare helps make them a regional phenomenon. 

The Vibe

Creatively vegan with a kicky sense of fun. 

What to Order

Dive into a Crispy Chicky salad where the chicken is cleverly disguised jackfruit, or go for the truffle melt, with coconut ricotta and almond parm bringing cheesy goodness without a hint of dairy. 

Beatnic | 185 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10012 | $$ 

colorful vegan salads
via Beatnic

12. The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher's Daughter takes a plant-based approach to traditional meat-centered dishes. The results make this West Village restaurant a serene setting for some of NYC's most thoughtful vegan fare. 

The Vibe

Fresh, garden-lounge sensibilities, meant for lingering. 

What to Order

The mushroom and squash carbonara transforms zucchini noodles and roasted mushrooms into vegan Italian bliss, while a loaded banana bread dessert will send you off smiling. 

The Butcher's Daughter | 581 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014 | $$ 

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13. Tacombi

Authentic regional specialties of the Yucatan Peninsula make West Village restaurant Tacombi a hub for earthy Mexican favorites. There may be other locations around the U.S., but this spot in the heart of NYC makes sure West Villagers get in on the good stuff. 

The Vibe

Bright and airy, with authentic Yucatan touches. 

What to Order

Go with the gallo quesadilla for a cheesy chicken-and-tortilla mash-up and add a side of corn esquites to keep the magic coming. A Mexican Mule from the beverage selection can make things even better. 

Tacombi | 255 Bleecker St., New York, NY 11101 | $$ 

Tacombi is a great West Village restaurant.
via Tacombi

14. Jane

American bistro Jane has an almost 20-year history among West Village restaurants. Using ingredients that are locally sourced to create dishes that reflect the seasons, city dwellers can find a host of classic tastes in one mindful place. 

The Vibe

Casual as a brunch date with your best friends. 

What to Order

Jane's brunch selections include creamy tomato soup and tuna tartare tacos, with rosemary fries and applewood smoked bacon as tempting side dishes. A Passion screwdriver makes a fine stand-in for the usual mimosa, though they're on the menu, too. 

Jane | 100 W. Houston St., New York, NY 10012 | $$ 

15. Pomme Frites

The name Pomme Frites translates to English as "fried potatoes," and this West Village restaurant specializes in nothing more than this. Sure, you can put them into poutine or opt for a selection of dipping sauces. But if fries are your kind of delicious, you've found your happy place. 

The Vibe

Close quarters in this tight walk-down make for cozy moments. 

What to Order

Truffle frites take the flavor of the regular frites up several notches, and specialty sauces like Bordeaux wine with mission figs and warm Irish curry transform simple condiments into masterful dipping sauces. 

Pomme Frites | 128 MacDougal St., New York, NY 10012 | $

french fries
via Pomme Frites

16. Bar Pitti

Linger over Italian delights at Bar Pitti, a West Village restaurant with a laid-back aesthetic and a tendency to attract high-profile visitors. If you're looking for a low-key hideaway to share a few dishes with your crew, this is your spot. 

The Vibe

Outdoor seating makes a perfect people-watching apéritif before dinner. 

What to Order

The menu is kept a bit of a mystery, all part of the fun of this cheeky space. Rumor has it the Tuscan selections include tuna with cannellini beans and tender pasta in a plethora of varieties. 

Bar Pitti | 268 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10014 | $$ 

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17. Baby Brasa

Elegant Latin touches at Baby Brasa bring this West Village restaurant a decidedly lush sensibility. The blend of Brazilian and Peruvian influences extends the luxury to their enticing menus. 

The Vibe

Sophisticated and fun for a night out with the gang. 

What to Order

Prosciutto pizza brings together a duo of Italian favorites in a single savory pie. For seafood fanatics, a selection of ceviche and sashimi will more than satisfy. 

Baby Brasa | 173 Seventh Ave. S., New York, NY 10014 | $$ 

Baby Brasa is a fun West Village restaurant.
via Baby Brasa

18. Catch NYC

As the name implies, Catch NYC is a seafood lover's haven. But don't let this West Village restaurant's devotion to the ocean catch you off-guard. They also offer steaks and sides that stay safely on shore. 

The Vibe

Sweet and stylish, with a mind-blowing rooftop patio. 

What to Order

The wagyu surf and turf roll brings you the best of sea and field, while lobster mac and cheese takes a comfort food favorite in a new direction. 

Catch NYC | 21 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10014 | $$$ 

19. Art Bar

Surround yourself with the social set at the Art Bar, one of the West Village's most popular restaurants for more than three decades. Happy hour fun, sensational pub dishes and one of the friendliest atmospheres among the myriad places to eat in NYC await! 

The Vibe

Unfussy and welcoming spot for vivid drinks and fun bar bites. 

What to Order

Jumbo all-beef franks will set you up for a night of imaginative drinks with memorable names like Nutty Irishman martini and Absolut Pearadise. There's also a variety of zero-proof drinks pouring for the non-drinkers among your set. 

Art Bar | 52 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10014 | $ 

hot dogs
via Art Bar

20. Urban Vegan Kitchen

Plant-based eaters in the city have never had it so good as they do at Urban Vegan Kitchen. With a West Village restaurant that creates thoughtful, cruelty-free comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, NYC vegans are set for the good life. 

The Vibe

Bold and bright, with bursts of colorful street art behind the counter. 

What to Order

Gluten-free house-made chili brings comfort by the bowlful. For an Asian spin on plant-based soul food, Korean BBQ wings made with seitan are a guilty pleasure without the guilt. 

Urban Vegan Kitchen | 41 Carmine St., New York, NY 10014 | $$ 

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21. Taco Mahal

Taco Mahal takes the best of Indian dining and wraps it in taco-fied goodness for a West Village restaurant unlike any other. North Indian cuisine informs the flavors, while taquería flair makes this happy space a happening place. 

The Vibe

A soulful fusion of Indian and Mexican influences makes everything inside vibrant and flavorful. 

What to Order

Roti tacos, tandoori chicken wings and basmati bowls bring together culinary worlds with a delicious sense of playfulness. You can also order traditional Indian dishes to keep things more straightforward. 

Taco Mahal | 73 Seventh Ave. S., New York, NY 10014 | $ 

Taco Mahal is a delicious West Village restaurant.
via Taco Mahal

22. Lupa

Fine wine and casual Italian fare dance on the tables at Lupa, a spot that serves quality food at affordable prices. With this West Village restaurant that puts the good life within reach, NYC diners have a delicious world at their fingertips. 

The Vibe

Luxe trattoria stylings with incandescent warmth throughout. 

What to Order

Corn tortelloni topped with lobster is a dish with equal parts modern flair and traditional honor. Branzino with charred cucumbers and yellow beans remind diners there's a coastal side to Italian fare. 

Lupa | 170 Thompson St., New York, NY 10012 | $$$

23. Buddakan

If the dream-like interiors of Buddakan are any indication, the fanciful feasts you'll find on the menu are bound to be a singular culinary experience. For an artful West Village restaurant offering a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, a meal in this elegant dining room is among the top indoor activities in NYC

The Vibe

An artful blend of old-world Parisian and Asian influences. 

What to Order

Order the short rib and scallion pancake flavored with ginger and Asian pears for an upscale dinner dish. If rice dishes are more your style, the Chinese sausage fried rice has everything you're looking for in a West Village restaurant experience. 

Buddakan | 75 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10011 | $$$$ 

Chinese dumplings
via Buddakan

24. Negril Village

The laid-back yet purposeful atmosphere of Negril Village lends an air of sophistication to Jamaican dining in this intriguing West Village restaurant. Serving up exceptional cuisine with an island soul, this dining room takes the tastes of the tropics to new heights. 

The Vibe

Upscale Caribbean dining with a mid-casual dress code. 

What to Order

For authentic Caribbean flavors, nothing tops curried goat wrapped Trinidadian-style, except maybe the Negril oxtail soup … or the ackee saltfish. Decisions, decisions! 

Negril Village | 70 W. Third St., New York, NY 10112 | $$ 

The restaurants of the West Village are a microcosm of the most tantalizing cuisines found all around the world. Few other cities offer so much incredible food in such a spectacular setting as West Village restaurants do. If you’re ever in need of things to do in NYC that include sampling some of the city’s most creative culinary creations, head for whichever West Village restaurants pique your curiosity, and grab a seat. Chances are, you’ll find something special no matter where you end up.

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