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How Many Ounces in a Pint? Easy Conversion Guide

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ounces in a pint
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If you’ve ever stood in the kitchen trying a new recipe and found yourself wondering how many ounces are in a pint, you’re not alone. This common kitchen conversion is actually one of the trickiest kitchen facts to remember, as the answer will vary based on a few key factors. 

So if you’re still asking yourself, “How many oz. in a pint?”, don’t worry. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the difference between these two common kitchen measurements and give you some suggestions.


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What Is an Ounce?

Ounces are actually one of the trickiest measurements you’ll find in your cookbooks. The term ounce originated in Rome and refers to the weight of 1/12th of a copper bar. Nowadays, determining an ounce is a bit different. In 1959, the United States and the British Commonwealth signed an agreement stating that a dry ounce weighs exactly 28.349523125 g. 

Even with that standardized number in mind, it’s important for anyone trying to learn to cook to be sure to note that measurement is for dry ounces. Fluid ounces are a bit different, as they measure the volume of a liquid.

To be sure you get an accurate measurement every time, use the correct measuring cups for liquid and dry ingredients, or consider investing in the best kitchen scales for perfect portions no matter what. Good tools like these will be a huge help to you whenever you find yourself wondering how many oz. are in a pint.

ounces in a pint

What Is a Pint?

A pint is a unit of volume that traditionally is 1/8th of a gallon. Even though this measurement might seem straightforward, just like with ounces, there are different variations within the pint measurement.

Since dry ingredients and liquid ingredients often vary in weight, there is a difference between dry pints and liquid pints. In the British (or Imperial) system, the measurements for both liquid and dry pints are the same. In the U.S. system, the dry pint is slightly larger than a liquid pint; these are all important facts to consider when determining how many ounces are in a pint.

How many ounces in a pint?
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How Many Ounces in a Pint?

Now that you know what the definitions of ounce and pint are, respectively, it’s time to discuss our key question: One pint is how many ounces?

Let’s begin with liquid measurements. In the U.S. system of measurement, a liquid pint has 16 fluid ounces, while an Imperial pint has 20. Again, this is because of the slight differentiation in measurement standards between these two systems.

When considering how many ounces are in a pint of dry ingredients, it’s important to note that because pints are volume measurements, your answer might be different depending on the item you are trying to measure. A pint of blueberries is about 12 ounces, for instance. Still, there is an old saying that states, “A pint’s a pound the world round,” which means that for dry ingredients, a pound (roughly 16 dry ounces) will be approximately one pint. 

a pint of blueberries
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How Many Ounces Are in One Pint of Beer?

Now that we’ve answered the question “One pint is how many ounces,” let’s turn to the type of liquid most commonly measured in pints — beer. As with the other conversion rates listed in this guide, beer typically follows the measuring system of the geographic location in which you’re buying it. Buy a pint in the United States, and you’ll receive 16 fluid ounces. In the U.K. or other nations, you’ll probably receive an Imperial pint-sized glass, measuring at 20 ounces.

toasting pints of beer
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Other Need-To-Know Kitchen Conversions

Measuring Ounces and Pints

Since it’s so important to get your measurements correct when it comes knowing how many ounces in a pint, be sure you have the right tools for the job. Most significantly, invest in a good scale for measuring dry ingredients. The Zwilling Kitchen Scale is a great option for measuring dry ingredients that don’t easily fit into the ounces to pints conversion.

When measuring fluid ounces and pints, be sure to use specially designed measuring cups. This set of glass measuring cups will give you accurate liquid measurements and also makes a great gift for bakers

Zwilling Kitchen Scale
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Don’t let this potentially confusing conversion keep you out of the kitchen. There are plenty of helpful tips and tools for you to determine how many ounces are in a pint.

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