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The 13 Best Team Building Activities in Tucson

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Are you tired of the same old team building activities in Tucson? You can only do so many in-office icebreakers or trivia games before your team wants to try something new. Team building is essential, but if the activities aren’t engaging, they’re not worthwhile. 

But why do we do team-building activities anyway? What’s the point? Which events are recommended for your team? Read on to learn more about our favorite team building activities in Tucson.


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13 Fun Team Building Activities in Tucson

1. Enjoy Culinary Team Building Activities in Tucson

Why not take a day with your team to enjoy the food scene in Tucson? Some of the best team building activities in Tucson involve food. Who doesn’t love a work-sponsored meal? You could host a fun chef-led cooking competition, go on a unique Tucson food tour or even hire a private chef to come cook for your team for a fantastic workplace lunch. There are even online culinary activities if you have a remote team, but we’ll discuss those more in-depth later on. 

Cooking together is one of the top team building activities in Tucson
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2. Take a Hands-On Cooking Class

Cooking classes make fantastic team building activities in Tucson. When you take cooking classes in Tucson led by world-class chefs, your team will learn all about collaboration, problem-solving, following instructions and so much more. There are dishes for every palate, and everyone will leave with a new skill under their belt. This is such a fun and educational way to engage your team. 

Cooking classes are a perfect team building activity in Tucson
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3. Enjoy an Online Culinary Team Building Activity

Is your team remote? No problem. There are plenty of online team building activities that are perfect for remote or hybrid teams. Online cooking classes, for example, have all of the benefits of hands-on cooking classes with the added benefit of being flexible enough for hybrid teams. Team members will still learn all of the skills but from the comfort of their own homes. If you’ve already done cooking classes with your team, online mixology classes can be a fun alternative. Your team can learn how to mix cocktails and mocktails. For an elegant online activity, virtual wine tastings are also fantastic. Any activity in which you’re coming together as a group to communicate and learn something new can be an effective team building activity in Tuscon. 

a woman preparing a salad in an online cooking class
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4. Go on a Group Hike

A hike makes a fantastic team building activity in Tucson if you have an outdoorsy crew. As long as you choose a day when the weather is fairly mild and you pick a hike that isn’t too difficult, your team will have a great time. We recommend picking a well-known hike with great views, like somewhere in Catalina State Park, for example. There are a few tougher trails, but there are also many easy walks with fantastic things to look at. Hikes are such great team building activities because they encourage communication, they’re great exercise and they’ll have people working together to find new parts of the trail. Bring snacks and food for a picnic as well. Your team deserves it!

Consider hiking as a team building activity in Tucson
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5. Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is all the rage right now, and for good reason. It’s a lot of fun, and it makes a great corporate team building activity in Tucson. It’s so popular that you’ll have many fantastic options to choose from, so if your team likes it, you can even try several different locations. This is a great way for your team to laugh together, blow off some steam and work on their hand-eye coordination in a fun and relaxed environment. 

A man aims to throw an axe at a target
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6. Do an Escape Room

Escape rooms are some of the best team building activities in Tucson. Like axe throwing, there are many great options for escape rooms here, so if this is an activity that your team ends up enjoying, you’ll be in luck. Escape rooms are also excellent for hosting large team building events in Tucson, though you may have to break off into several groups. In escape rooms, teams have to collaborate and combine their skills to work through puzzles. Even team members who may not normally get along will find themselves communicating well to get through the game. They may be better communicators and more creative thinkers by the end of it. 

Popular team building activities in Tucson include escape rooms
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7. Have a Friendly Paintball Game

Paintball won’t be the right team building activity in Tucson for every team, but it can be a blast for the right team. It requires excellent teamwork and collaboration — it’s excellent exercise and a lot of fun. It’s also fantastic for some out-of-the-workplace conflict resolution. You can visit a paintball center like Desert Fox Paintball and have a blast with your team. 

A team of men and women take part in a paintballing session
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8. Try Mini Golf

Mini golf is fun for people of all ages. It’s accessible for all fitness levels and is competitive without being too difficult. If you have a fairly small team, a round of mini golf at Golf N’ Stuff might be the perfect team building activity in Tucson for you. While players will be competing with each other, mini golf tends to also have players rooting for each other and celebrating each other's success. There’s also often an element of troubleshooting involved during trickier holes. 

Mini golf can be a great team building activity in Tucson.
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9. Go Roller Skating

Roller skating is back in style. Why not hit up an adults-only night at a local skating rink for your next team building event in Tucson? Skate Country is the perfect spot to rent a pair of skates and have a blast. When it comes to team building, this one is largely based on fun, and the team members helping each other. Adept skaters will likely guide newer skaters. You can also ask the staff if they do any skate rink games that your team can play. Often these are reserved for birthday parties, but if you reserve the space and make a request, they should be able to accommodate you. 

a woman roller skating at a skate rink
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10. Try Indoor Climbing

Take your team to Rocks and Ropes for this team building activity in Tucson. Indoor climbing is safe, fun and thrilling. It encourages teamwork and adaptability, two things that are vital in any successful workplace. This is a great activity for any health-forward workplace that has wellness as a focus.

A group prepares for indoor climbing
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11. Spend a Day at the Arcade

If you want an all-in-one fun center for your team building activities in Tucson, Cobra Arcade Bar is the place to go. It’s an arcade, but it’s more than just that: They also have pinball and a great selection of drinks. This is a great place to go if you have a large team or even a team building event with multiple teams. You can break off into groups for several activities. Make sure you provide the teams with funds for the activities they want to enjoy.

Team building activities in Tucson include options such as the arcade
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12. Do Goat Yoga

This is one of the most unique and fun team building activities in Tucson, and it’s sure to be a hit for any animal lovers on your team. Goat yoga is just what it sounds like: yoga with goats! Your team will be doing their downward dogs and warrior poses with goats frolicking in the background at GOT Yoga. This is an excellent wellness activity that inspires mindfulness and boosts morale, and it’s a team building activity in Tucson that your team likely hasn’t done before. 

GOT Yoga is a unique team building activity in Tucson
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13. Go Bowling

Bowling is a fun and easy team building activity in Tucson, and it’s super quick to plan last minute. Split up into teams to encourage collaboration rather than competition or have an every-man-for-himself game. Bowling, while competitive, is almost always full of silly fun. There are several great bowling alleys in Tucson, so choose one that’s convenient for your team.

Four people strike a celebratory pose while bowling
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Why Teams Need Team Building

So why do we bother with team building, anyway? Doesn’t it seem like a waste of time and company resources? Not at all. Team building activities in Tucson can come with a lot of advantages for your team.

Team building brings numerous benefits to teams. It helps to foster better communication, collaboration and trust in a relaxed non-workplace setting. These things will all transfer into the workplace. Through various fun activities, team members engage in open communication, breaking down barriers and creating a more collaborative work environment. They learn to work together effectively to achieve common goals, even if those goals are just getting out of escape rooms or finishing a mini-golf course. 

Team building also contributes to increased motivation and morale. Employees feel more appreciated by their leaders when time is taken to treat the team to a fun, exciting activity. Through shared experiences and a sense of accomplishment, team members become more invested in their collective success. Team building activities in Tucson can also help teams address conflicts constructively, enhance creative thinking and boost problem-solving skills, which may in turn create a more adaptable and innovative team. 

All of these things combined will lead to a more positive and productive work environment for your team.

A cheerful team collaborate in the office
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How Team Building Activities Help Businesses Thrive

Sure, corporate team building activities in Tucson can be good for individual employees on teams, but how can they help entire businesses? Well, in most cases, what’s good for each employee is also good for the business as a whole. Chief Executive points out the benefits of team building for businesses, explaining that it boosts a business's growth by upskilling employees and fostering a positive environment.

Team building significantly boosts a business's growth by creating a positive and collaborative workplace culture. Improved communication resulting from team building activities ensures the efficient flow of information between team members, reducing problems and improving overall effectiveness. There tends to be improved collaboration, which later leads to increased productivity and the ability to tackle complex challenges.

Effective team building also results in higher employee engagement, which tends to mean employees feel more committed to their roles and facilitate greater customer satisfaction. This ultimately impacts levels of performance, and this synergy can create wider company growth. At the end of the day, team building activities in Tucson make employees happier so they’ll be better workers for you and your company, which will improve your brand.

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Benefits of Team Building

We have outlined some of the most popular team building activities in Tucson, and each can be a beneficial tool for your employees as well as being a lot of fun. So just as a quick overview, what are some of the best benefits of team building for teams and businesses? 

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Higher morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Newfound collaborative abilities
  • Reduction in workplace conflicts
  • Boosted creativity
  • Better team communication 

So which team building events in Tucson are you going to try with your team first? You could try one every month this year and still have one left over for a bonus activity! You’ll have a whole year of fun things to try with your team as you grow morale and crucial workplace skills at the same time in what is an investment in your company’s workforce.

For even more team building activities in Tucson and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

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