16 Exciting Portland Experiences to Gift in 2024

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect experience gift in Portland? Portland is a city characterized by an exciting quirkiness and a deeply rooted appreciation for local history and cuisine, so there’s no shortage of possible experience gifts in Portland that will check boxes for a wide range of recipients. 

If you’re looking to give the gift of the ultimate Pacific Northwest experience to someone in your life, read on to learn about the best experience gifts in Portland, Oregon. 


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Best Experience Gifts in Portland for Foodies

1. Cooking Class

Need an experience gift in Portland that’s sure to impress the foodie in your life? Go with a cooking class! Led by gourmet chef instructors, cooking classes in Portland are the perfect hands-on way to explore Portland’s eclectic food scene. No matter the recipient’s experience level in the kitchen, cooking classes are sure to be as educational as they are delicious. 

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2. Private Chef Meal

Give your favorite foodie a night off from cooking by giving them a private chef meal. A private chef experience is perfect for foodies who appreciate good service and even better food. Led by esteemed private chefs in Portland, these gourmet experiences let the chef do all the work — including the cleanup — while the recipient relaxes and dines on a perfectly curated menu of their choosing. What could be better than that? 

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3. Food Tour

Food tours in Portland are the best way to explore the city’s diverse and word-renowned food scene. This experience gift in Portland is a celebration of what makes the city’s food history so unique, and the recipient will get an interactive glimpse into the culinary pulse of Portland’s top vendors and restaurants. 

There are plenty of Portland food tours to choose from, so check out the available food tours near you to book your experience. Whether you’re sipping on a craft beer or tasting the city’s legendary doughnuts, a food tour is the tastiest experience gift Portland has to offer. 

food tour portland
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4. Online Culinary Experience

Give the gift of a culinary experience that anyone can do from the comfort of their own home. Let a foodie in your life learn a new recipe with online cooking classes, or let them shake things up virtually with online mixology courses. Or, if you want to surprise any sommeliers in your life, there are plenty of available virtual wine tastings that’ll make for a perfect experience gift in Portland. 

mixology experience
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5. Foodie Gift Card

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the possible food-related experience gifts in Portland, a foodie gift card is a great flexible option that any foodie would love. The gift cards come in any amount over $10, and they can be used to book courses or food tours, as well as purchase from a wide selection of cookware, cutlery and other culinary treasures. 

foodie gift card
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Best Experience Gifts in Portland for Outdoor Enthusiasts

6. Oregon Park Pass

Honor the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest by getting your outdoorsy friend a seasonal pass to explore Oregon State Parks. There are plenty of options in terms of price-point and park locations, so you can tailor your pass to suit the recipient’s needs. Adventure awaits! 

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7. Hang Gliding Lessons 

If you need an experience gift in Portland for the daredevil on your list, why not get them a hang gliding lesson? Hang gliding is a thrilling and unique way to see the scenic surroundings of Portland, and it’s sure to lead to some incredible memories, as long as the recipient isn’t scared of heights. 

hang gliding
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8. Rock Climbing Class or Tour

The Pacific Northwest has no shortage of incredible rock climbing locations, so a climbing tour or class is the ideal outdoor experience gift in Portland, Oregon. Portland’s rock climbing scene is beloved by climbers all over the country, so there are plenty of options near and around the Portland area, as well as a wide range of climbs that suit every skill level. 

rock climbing is an experience gift in portland
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9. A Day of Birding

This experience gift near Portland is perfect for both expert and beginner birders. Oregon is a beacon for wildlife enthusiasts, especially those into birds, and if you know someone who would love to get a peek at a unique feathered friend, the Audubon Society of Portland offers birding tours and field trips led by expert naturalists. 

Audubon Society of Portland
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Top Experience Gifts in Portland for Art Lovers

10. Art Museum Membership 

Any patron of the arts would appreciate Portland’s proud and diverse art culture, and a membership to one of the city’s art museums is the perfect gift for any art fan. Many of the museums, including the Portland Art Museum, offer exclusive events and discounts for their members in addition to free admission.  

portland gift experiences
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11. DIY Workshop 

This experience gift in Portland, Oregon is a fun and interactive approach to trendy DIY projects. The DIY Bar in Portland lets customers complete crafts and DIY projects — like making your own coasters or luggage tags — while sipping on drinks from the bar. Designed for all skill levels, DIY Bar offers a wide range of classes and workshops perfect for teams, families or friend groups. 

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Top-Rated Cooking Classes in Portland
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12. Paint and Sip Class

The paint and sip craze is alive and well, and the funky artistic setting of Portland is the optimal place to experience it. Booking a class at one of the city’s many paint and sip locations is one of the best experience gifts in Portland, whether or not the recipient is an experienced painter. If you know someone who likes drinking wine and appreciates art, a paint and sip class is a great gift option. 

paint and sip is a great experience gift portland
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Great Experience Gifts in Portland for Locals 

13. Airplane Tour 

An airplane tour is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Portland. Locals might know their city, but seeing it from above is an entirely different phenomenon. Offering breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge and other natural landmarks of the Pacific Northwest, air tours are a unique experience for local nature enthusiasts. 

airplane tour portland
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14. Live Theater Tickets

Portland has a strong theater scene, and locals love to pair dinner at one of Portland’s countless delicious restaurants with a night of live theater. If you need a fail-proof experience gift in Portland for a theater fan, give a pair of tickets to one of the city’s top theater companies like Portland’5 Centers for the Arts

live theater portland
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15. Bigfoot Tour 

Locals might know about Portland’s craft beer scene or the city’s connection to the arts, but do they know about one of the area’s most elusive residents? The Bigfoot legend runs deep in Oregon, and there are plenty of Bigfoot-themed tours that dive into the myth of Bigfoot while exploring the natural glory of the Pacific Northwest. If you need an experience gift near Portland for an adventurous local, make their year by sending them on a Bigfoot expedition

boat portland
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16. Brewery Gift Card

Portland residents love their beer. With over 70 breweries in the city, it’s no surprise that many locals love to spend weekends relaxing and sipping away the day at their local brewery. If you need an easy experience gift for a Portland hophead, many local breweries, like Hopworks Brewery, offer gift cards that can be used for a beer-filled afternoon. 

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In a city so full of natural beauty and delicious food, finding the right experience gift in Portland can feel like a daunting task. Do you take them out for a brewery tour, go rock climbing, birding or get them tickets to an unforgettable theater performance? Hopefully, this list can help you narrow down your options so you can give the ultimate Oregon experience.

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