21 Fun and Unique Los Angeles Experiences to Gift in 2024

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If you’re looking for experience gifts in Los Angeles, you have plenty of options to choose from. Los Angeles is a vibrant city with so much to do. From the exciting to the relaxing to the artistic and enlightening, few other cities come close to the diversity of experiences available in LA.

Why would you gift someone an object when you can help them experience what this incredible city has to offer? Experience gifts help create memories that can resonate with people and leave a longer impact on people’s lives than physical objects. Experience gifts are also seen as thoughtful, especially when they reflect the hobbies, interests or activities the receiver has wanted to do.

No matter what their interests are, there is an experience gift that is sure to delight them. Give the gift of exploring Los Angeles in a new way, trying a new experience or giving quality time with the people they love. If you’re looking to give their favorite gift, these Los Angeles experience gifts will not disappoint.

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Best Cooking Classes in Los Angeles
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Best Los Angeles Experience Gifts for Foodies

1. Cooking Class

Whether they’re an aspiring professional chef or just want to level up their home cooking, cooking classes in Los Angeles are the perfect experience gift. Taught by expert chefs, these classes teach kitchen basics and essential culinary techniques. Each class has a menu inspired by cuisine from around the world, featuring everything from comfort classics to traditional cuisine. The recipes and techniques are sure to elevate their cooking level whether they prepare dinner for their family or host their friends.

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2. Private Chef Meal

For anyone who loves to indulge in a delicious meal, give the gift of private chefs in Los Angeles. A world-class chef will do all the shopping and preparation before crafting a meal in your home and even clean up when the cooking is done. They can prepare a romantic meal for two or for a group of friends. Relax and watch an engaging chef prepare a meal that will tantalize your taste buds. Try flavors inspired by cuisine from around the world that will surely become your new favorite dish.

3. Food Tour

Explore Los Angeles through the city’s culinary scene with food tours in Los Angeles or food tours near you. Led by expert guides, you’ll be taken around Los Angeles neighborhoods to try local favorites and world-renowned spots. Get a taste of some of LA’s iconic bites and a few hidden gems while learning about some of the history of the city. You might just find your new go-to restaurant.

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4. Online Culinary Experience

Bring the culinary gift experiences to your own home with online cooking classes. Elevate your culinary techniques and learn new recipes in the comfort of your kitchen. Taught by world-class chefs, you can practice valuable culinary skills and try new recipes. Craft appetizers, entrées and desserts and improve your skills and techniques for future dishes.

Learn behind-the-bar secrets from online mixology classes taught by expert mixologists. You’ll learn to craft classic cocktails and put a twist on new favorites that will be perfect to sip on during the weekends and at gatherings. Or allow sommeliers to guide you through virtual wine tastings. Learn the basics of tasting wine, such as how to identify notes and how to pair the wine with various dishes.

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5. Foodie Gift Card

A foodie gift card can be used to pay for a variety of culinary experiences in Los Angeles and beyond. Do you know a home chef looking to upgrade their tools? Then, a foodie gift card is exactly what they want to receive because it can be used in the Cozymeal shop to purchase cookware or cutlery. Foodie gift cards come in any amount over $10, so you can customize the gift with the receiver in mind.

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Best Experience Gifts in Los Angeles for Daredevils

6. Bungee Jumping

Get your heart pounding with a bungee jumping experience gift. This experience gift in Los Angeles takes place at the iconic Bridge to Nowhere. The bridge is in the San Gabriel Mountains. Jumping off the bridge and plunging towards the canyon below is sure to be an exhilarating rush like no other. You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery for it all becomes a blur as you feel the rush of wind around you. This experience gift in Los Angeles is sure to be memorable. 

7. Flight Lessons

If they’ve ever wanted to pilot a plane, this is the best experience gift in Los Angeles to give. With flight lessons, you can take to the skies over Los Angeles. You will start with a flight simulator as you learn the basics, then, eventually, climb into a cockpit and fly a plane, seeing the city from miles above. After a few lessons, you’ll be able to fly a plane yourself with a private pilot's license.

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8. Track Racing

Get your adrenaline pumping by racing around a professional track at high speeds. Head to a racing facility to test fast cars and speed around a closed track. Test drive sports cars and get behind the wheel of race cars. Your heart will be pumping as you take curves and feel the wind speeding past you. This experience gift in Los Angeles is perfect for those who enjoy the sport of racing or car enthusiasts looking for a thrill.

9. Bouldering and Rock Climbing

There’s nothing more exhilarating than a good climb. Give the experience gift in Los Angeles to push the limits and reach the top. You can give an experience gift to a rock climbing gym or bouldering for those who want to get outdoors. Rock n Rope Adventures takes you on an adventure climbing some of the cliffs of Southern California.  They’ll even plan trips for special occasions and groups. For anyone who’s into extreme sports and outdoor adventures, bouldering and rock climbing is ideal.

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10. Trapeze Lessons

Conquer a fear of heights or just get your heart racing during trapeze lessons. This high-flying experience gift in Los Angeles is sure to be one to remember. Taught by expert performers, you’ll learn the basics of flying and doing tricks in the air as you swing from one platform to the next. Learn the art of trapeze alone or with a partner. If you’re looking for experience gift ideas in Los Angeles like no other, trapeze lessons are the way to go.

Best Romantic Experience Gifts in Los Angeles

11. Dinner Cruise

Spend a romantic night on the Southern California waters with a dinner cruise. This experience gift in Los Angeles is sure to elevate the weekly date night. Enjoy live music, drinks and delicious food out on the water. See the stars and the lights of the city as you sail and make memories with that one special person in your life. This is one of the best ways to elevate a date night and mix it up for the weekly dinner.

dinner cruise is a gift experience in los angeles
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12. Scenic Horseback Riding

Climb up on a horse and take a horseback riding tour through some of Southern California’s most beautiful scenery during this experience gift in Los Angeles. Enjoy a two-person tour on lush and lovely trails, admiring nature along the way. You can also end the ride at a winery to enjoy a romantic glass of wine together. No need to have experience horseback riding to enjoy this gift in the future.

13. Hot Air Balloon Ride

You’ll feel like the only two people in the world when you take a hot air balloon ride. This sky-high experience gift in Los Angeles will take you above the city or to somewhere more scenic. Bring a picnic or glasses of champagne to enjoy with your view. Get your heart pumping in an adrenaline and romantic way. This is a great gift to give for an anniversary or other special occasion.

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Best Outdoor Los Angeles Experience Gifts

14. Bike Ride Tour

With so many outdoor activities in Los Angeles, you have to take advantage of it for experience gifts. Head out to the desert for a scenic bike ride, one of the most exhilarating experience gifts in Los Angeles. Big Wheel Tours will take you out into the desert outside of Los Angeles to explore the trails of Indian Canyon or the Earthquake Canyon. You’ll get unforgettable views of the mountains around the city. For those who like moving, exercising and exploring, these bike ride tours are the perfect experience gift.

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15. Whale Watching Tour

Set out on the open water in the hopes of catching a glimpse at a majestic whale during this experience gift in Los Angeles. A whale watching tour is a great gift for animal lovers and those who like spending time on the water. This experience like no other will be the perfect opportunity to see the world’s largest mammal up close. Whale watching will be fun to experience with a loved one or as a group.

whale watching tour
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16. Surfing Lessons

Nothing says Southern California quite like surfing. For this experience gift in Los Angeles, the receiver can learn how to surf. LA is one of the best places for surfing lessons because the waves are a great size for beginners. Surf lessons can be taught privately or in groups and in no time participants will be hitting the waves like pros.

17. Snorkeling Tour

There is so much to see below the water’s surface and a snorkeling tour can show that to you. Head out to some of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles and dive under the crystal blue water for the chance to see exciting fish. Snorkeling on Catalina Island is one of the best locations, where you may be able to see rays and schools of fish as well as kelp that’s essential to the aquatic ecosystem. La Jolla Cove and Malibu Lagoon State Beach are also beautiful locations. This is the perfect gift for animal lovers as well as those who love to dive into outdoor activities.

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Best Entertainment Experience Gifts in Los Angeles

18. Tour Historic Hollywood

Hollywood is known for its long history in the entertainment industry. Because of that, there are so many iconic and historical landmarks that shape the city. Tours of historic Hollywood are one of the best experience gifts in Los Angeles for those who love the entertainment industry or old Hollywood. This is also a great tour for movie enthusiasts as they’ll get to see iconic sites featured in movies while learning some behind-the-scenes history of your favorite films and the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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19. Broadway in Hollywood

No need to go all the way to New York City to see a Broadway musical. At Broadway in Hollywood, you can see some of the most iconic plays and musicals currently touring and performing. This experience is one of the best experience gifts in Los Angeles for those who have musicals on repeat or love the performing arts. With season packages, they’ll be able to pick at least four of their favorite shows coming to the stage and add-on shows they won’t want to miss.

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20. An American Cinematheque Membership

Need experience gift ideas in Los Angeles for film buffs and cinephiles? They’re sure to rejoice at a membership to American Cinematheque Membership. There are multiple levels of membership, so it’ll work for a variety of price points and interests. Membership includes benefits like money off tickets, member-only events and screenings and priority entrance to films. With an extensive schedule that includes blockbuster hits and cult classics, there is sure to be a film lover’s dream.

21. Warner Brothers Studio and Hollywood Boulevard Tour

See the behind-the-scenes of where all the movie magic happens with a Warner Brothers Studio and Hollywood Boulevard Tour. Take a tour of the backlots and the sets from some of your favorite movies while learning the history and secrets from these sets. This is a great gift for those who love movies or are interested in filmmaking. This will be a gift that is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

warner brothers studio tour
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There are so many things to do in Los Angeles, so why not take advantage of that when it comes to your gift-giving? There are so many options for experience gifts in Los Angeles that are sure to make an impact on the receiver. Many people don’t want to receive physical objects just for the sake of receiving gifts, so experience gifts in Los Angeles are a great option. Whether they prefer a luxury experience, to get their heart pumping or to spend time in the outdoors, there is a gift experience that someone will love. Give these for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

For even more ways to explore Los Angeles, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.