19 Fun and Unique Boston Experiences to Gift in 2024

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experience gifts in Boston

There are so many incredible experience gifts in Boston that are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions and say “thank you” or “I love you” to someone special. It can be stressful trying to come up with the perfect item to gift someone, especially if you’re shopping for someone who seems to have everything. That’s where experience gifts can save the day and make for a unique token of your appreciation or affection. No one needs another trinket, but the memories you make doing something fun or daring will stick with you forever. 

From foodies to adventure lovers or the spa-obsessed lady in your life, there are plenty of thoughtful experience gifts in Boston that will make that special someone smile. Read on for the best Boston experiences to gift someone special. 


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Best Experience Gifts for Boston Foodies

1. In-Person Cooking Classes

Even for someone who knows their way around a kitchen, there are always new skills to learn or cuisines to discover. Cooking classes in Boston are an incredible gift for the home cook or food lover in your life. This immersive experience gift in Boston is an ideal date night or birthday present where you and your loved one will get a private lesson from a local chef on any number of dishes and delights from all over the world. Learn to roll your own sushi, make spicy Indian street food or stuffed pasta completely from scratch. 

For a fun experience gift in Boston book a cooking class
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2. Luxurious Private Chef Meal

One of the most special experience gifts in Boston has to be hiring a private chef to commemorate a special occasion. After choosing your desired specialty meal and one of the hundreds of talented private chefs in Boston, you are in for a real treat. These chefs each bring their own experience from all parts of the globe to your home for a gourmet meal including clean up. It’s up to you to set the scene with candles and roses while the chef takes care of everything else. 

a unique Boston experience gift is a private chef meal
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3. Local Food Tour

Even if you’re a local, there are bound to be some dive bars or small businesses you haven’t discovered that happen to be peddling some world-class bites. Food tours in Boston will take you all over the city as you learn tidbits of history and sample the best the city has to offer, from rustic fresh-caught lobster rolls on the go to elevated dishes and sensational sweets. Check out food tours near you for the latest offerings and a memorable experience gift in Boston.

Food tours are a great way to explore a new city
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4. Online Culinary Experiences

When the weather turns bad, you might want to stay cozy at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to cheap carry-out or reheating leftovers. There are tons of online culinary experiences that you can do from the comfort of your own kitchen or living room. With virtual wine tastings, learn from an expert how to determine if a wine is tannic, acidic, medium-bodied or dry. Break down gourmet dishes to make them from scratch in live, interactive online cooking classes. Or, for the cocktail lover in your life, mix up a balanced and refreshing old-fashioned or margarita with ease with online mixology classes. These low-key experience gifts in Boston make home the place to be. 

Explore mixology in this experience gift in Boston
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5. Foodie Gift Card

Know a food lover but not sure whether they’d rather make homemade dim sum in a cooking class or stock their kitchen with brand new top-of-the-line equipment? A foodie gift card is the gateway to a great experience gift in Boston that they get to customize and use when and how they please. From private chefs, cooking classes and food tours to cutlery and cookware, it’s a one-stop shop for the foodie in your life. 

Get a foodie gift card to experience more of Boston
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6. Anna’s Hand-Cut Donuts

This former Best of Boston-winning donut shop dates back to 1965 and still has that old-fashioned feel and incredible homemade donuts. Grab a seat at the colorful bar of Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts and order up chocolate, honey-dipped or jelly-filled donuts that come on a metal tray, just like the old days. This mouthwatering experience gift in Boston is the perfect treat to kick off the weekend.

glazed doughnuts
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Experience Gifts in Boston for History Buffs

7. Freedom Trail Tour

Experience the Freedom Trail walking tour, led by knowledgeable and passionate guides from the Histrionic Academy. They’ll be decked out in typical fashion from the 1700s, and while you stroll around various important sites like the Granary Burial Ground and the State House, they’ll divulge historical anecdotes and relevant pieces of information about this country’s founding. This experience gift in Boston is great for someone who loves early U.S. history. 

Freedom Trail tours are a wonderful experience gift only Boston provides.
via Tour of the Freedom Trail

8. Salem Night Ghost Tour

Check out an eerie nighttime tour for an unforgettable experience gift in Boston that showcases a unique part of the city’s past. Listen to spooky stories and legends as you discover the site of rumored apparitions and a touch of turmoil on this Salem Night Ghost Tour. Perfect for anyone passionate about history or interested in a thrill. There are also tours available pertaining to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, a particularly significant part of U.S. history.

a tour guide in period garb talking
via Salem Night Tour

9. Tour Fenway Park

While Fenway Park may not have been around since the 1700s, it’s still one of the most iconic baseball parks in the United States. Home of the Boston Red Sox, you can take a guided tour of Fenway Park and see for yourself where greats like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams played ball. This immersive experience gift in Boston features a look at over 170,000 stadium artifacts and more than 150,000 photographs over the 100+ year history. This is easily one of the best experience gifts in Boston, even if you’re not a sports fan. 

Fenway Park
via Fenway Park

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Experience Gifts for Boston Nature Lovers

10. Go Skiing

While you might not be able to cruise down the slopes right Downtown, there are two world-famous ski resorts less than three hours outside the city. That means this wonderful winter experience gift doesn’t require very much advanced planning or time off! Head to Stowe, Vermont or Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire to shred the winter slopes with your best friend or partner. Make a weekend of it and book a hotel room or hit the road early for a full day of skiing, then drive back when the slopes close. 

Skiing is the perfect experience gift in Boston.
via Cranway Mountain Resort

11. Sunset Cruise in the Harbor

Take in views of the city skyline from the sea with a relaxing sunset cruise in the harbor. This experience gift in Boston is the perfect way to enjoy nice weather and stunning views with your loved one to celebrate a special occasion or just the end of the week. A guided tour of the harbor will include narration of various points of interest along the way, or you can book a more laid-back dinner and drink cruise. 

a cruise ship at sunset
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12. Skate at Frog Pond

From December through March, you can skate around the iconic Frog Pond located in Boston Commons for a super special view of the city. Especially around the holidays, it’s the perfect place to check out festive lights. This experience gift in Boston makes for a super romantic date night. The skating itself is free, but if you need to rent equipment, there’s a small fee. 

Skating at Frog Pond is a delightful experience gift in Boston.
via The Boston Common Frog Pond

13. Hiking at Middlesex Fells

Challenge yourself to a beautiful eight-mile round-trip hike at Middlesex Fells. Enjoy the changing leaves in fall or the lush sea of green in the spring and summer as you hike up for a panoramic view of the skyline. This is a free experience gift in Boston that will give you a boost of endorphins while you work up an appetite for some buttery lobster rolls or a slice of local pizza after. 

Middlesex Fells
via Mass.gov

14. Whale-Watching

Besides being the location of the famous Boston Tea Party, the harbor is home to tons of whales and dolphins thanks to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary. This experience gift in Boston offers a unique way to see these incredible creatures. From humpbacks to finbacks and minkes, you can see it all on board a massive, smooth-sailing catamaran. 

Whale-watching is a perfect experience gift in Boston.
via Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

Top-Rated Cooking Classes in Boston
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Best Boston Experience Gifts for Relaxation

15. Classical Concert

What could be more peaceful than an evening listening to the Boston Symphony Orchestra? This experience gift in Boston takes place in Symphony Hall and features a dynamic calendar with a variety of world-class performers and conductors to choose from. Plan a festive holiday date night listening to Holiday Pops, or go for a more serious vibe with Shostakovich or Ravel. This is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Boston.

a cello player
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16. Staycation at the Four Seasons

Spend the weekend in pure bliss at the Four Seasons Hotel on Dalton Street. This luxurious experience gift in Boston is great for celebrating a birthday or anniversary. You can venture out around town if you like, or you can stay in and enjoy the world-class dining and incredible spa and wellness center. 

A luxury staycation is a perfect relaxing experience gift in Boston.
via Four Seasons Hotel

17. Visit the Museum

Boston is home to a ton of amazing art museums, and a rainy afternoon strolling around the Boston Children’s Museum or Museum of Fine Arts sounds like pure relaxation. Check out the ever-changing exhibits, or revisit classic pieces for some peace and quiet. 

Museum of Fine Arts is a wonderful experience gift in Boston.
via Museum of FIne Arts, Boston

18. Go Thrifting

Enjoy some retail therapy at the Garment District, known for its $2/pound selection of used clothing. Spend the afternoon sifting through piles of pre-loved items of all sizes and styles. For the fashion lover, this is the ultimate experience gift in Boston. If you don’t feel like sifting through mounds of clothing, you can shop their vintage racks at slightly higher price points and with much less effort required. 

an array of clothes on hangers
via The Garment District

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or nothing at all, there are a million great experience gifts in Boston that showcase the city’s charm and history. From fresh seafood (and a booming culinary scene) to vibrant art galleries, sporting events or unique ways to appreciate the rich history, there’s something special for anyone. 

Despite being one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is on the cutting edge of many things from medicine to technology. It’s hard to say what exactly Boston is best known for, since it has so much to offer. One thing is for certain: There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Boston.  

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