The Best Sushi in Vancouver: Top 13 Sushi Spots for 2024

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We've found the best sushi in Vancouver to delight your taste buds.

Would you ever expect to find some of the world's best sushi in Vancouver, BC? Japanese immigrants have actually had a great historical influence on Canada, including Canadian cuisine. Today, it’s easy to see elements of Japanese culture in Vancouver, like cherry blossom gardens, Japanese festivals and delicious sushi restaurants. 

Residents and visitors of Vancouver enjoy a variety of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars at their fingertips — or should we say chopstick-tips? With so many options, where can you find the best sushi in Vancouver? Whether you prefer a standing sushi bar, kaiten zushi restaurant or complete omakase experience, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver.


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Find the Best Sushi in Vancouver

There are plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of sushi restaurants in Vancouver. If you’re on the hunt for the best sushi, food tours in Vancouver are the way to go! Explore the city as you sample the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver, learn about the sushi-making process and appreciate Japan’s cultural influence on the city. 

13 Top Sushi Restaurants in Vancouver

1. Kishimoto Restaurant

Kishimoto has earned praise from numerous locals and food critics alike. Their fish is imported from Japan, and other ingredients are locally sourced. Kishimoto carefully crafts some of the best sushi in Vancouver with a dine-in and takeout menu. 

The Vibe

Kishimoto is a relatively small restaurant, with cozy wood furnishings, black and brick walls and warm lighting. The overall vibe is rustic and inviting with a touch of clean elegance. 

What to Order

Kishimoto’s menu offers a wide variety of classic rolls as well as some unique dishes. One of their most popular dishes is the seared salmon oshizushi, with wild salmon, black pepper, jalapeño and creamy sauce. No matter what you order, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive some of the best sushi in Vancouver. 

Kishimoto Restaurant | 2054 Commercial Dr., Vancouver, BC V5N 4A9 Canada | $$

Kishimoto is some of the best sushi in Vancouver.
via Kishimoto

2. Tojo’s

Plan an evening at award-winning Tojo’s, and you might be so lucky as to meet the beloved and humorous chef, Hidekazu Tojo. Tojo’s runs a little on the pricey side, but it’s perfect for impressing a group with the best sushi in Vancouver. 

The Vibe

Inside Tojo’s, you’ll find a dining room that feels refreshing, friendly and bright. Flowers and greenery decorate the restaurant and complement the enticing, tropical colours of Tojo’s sushi. 

What to Order

According to legend, Chef Tojo is the inventor of the California roll, so be sure to order the classic and taste it for yourself. Tojo’s also offers an elegant omakase dinner experience, where you can taste some of the best sushi in Vancouver under the guidance of chef Tojo himself. 

Tojo’s | 1133 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6H 1G1 Canada | $$$$

an array of different types of sushi and seafood
via Tojo's

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3. Toshi Sushi

If you’re looking for top-notch sushi at a reasonable price, look no further than Toshi Sushi. This sushi bar has become a staple dinner spot for locals, and it’s perfect for grabbing the best sushi in Vancouver on a budget. 

The Vibe

Toshi is a modestly-sized restaurant with a sushi bar and table seating. Inside, the vibe feels very casual and intimate. Delicious sushi at a fairly low price makes this place very popular, so be prepared to wait in line for service. 

What to Order

Toshi offers a classic sushi menu with a handful of local favourites, including the box sushi roll. This popular roll is some of the best sushi in Vancouver, featuring ebi, hotate, avocado, salmon and spicy mayonnaise. For something a little different, try Toshi’s delicious agedashi tofu or baked eggplant.

Toshi Sushi | 181 E. 16th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5T 4R2 Canada | $$

Toshi serves some of the top quality sushi in Vancouver.
via Toshi

4. Sushi Bar Ajisai

Despite serving some of the best sushi in Vancouver, this sushi bar is still somewhat of a hidden gem. Prices at this family-owned restaurant are very affordable. Plus, they offer generous portions and lunch specials, so you’re sure to get your fill of sushi.

The Vibe

Ajisai’s dining area is rather small, with only a few dining tables and bar seating. Nonetheless, this is a great spot for a quick bite with a friend or for ordering takeout of some of the best sushi in Vancouver.

What to Order

With reasonable prices, generous portions and fresh ingredients, you can’t go wrong ordering as much as you want at Sushi Bar Ajisai. However, this is a perfect place to grab a pre-prepared box lunch or order copious amounts of takeout to enjoy at home. 

Sushi Bar Ajisai | 2081 W. 42nd Ave., Vancouver, BC V6M 2B4 Canada | $$

Sushi Bar Ajisai serves some of Vancouver's best sushi.
via Sushi Bar Ajisai

5. Miku

Looking for something a little fancier than conveyor belt sushi in Vancouver? Miku crafts beautiful, photo-worthy sushi that doesn’t sacrifice any flavour for beauty. Miku is the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or accomplishment with the best sushi in Vancouver. 

The Vibe

The interior of Miku rivals the beauty of its sushi. Sweeping, artistic designs and a gorgeous view of the harbour make this place feel like a sushi-lover’s dream.

What to Order

Try one of Miku’s famous flame-seared sushi dishes, the best sushi in Vancouver, known as aburi oshi sushi. Start with the salmon oshi roll or opt for the decadent ebi oshi sushi with pressed prawn, lime zest and ume sauce. Miku also offers designated gluten-free and vegetarian options, like vegetable rolls with oshinko and eggplant nigiri.

Miku | 200 Granville St., Suite 70, Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4 Canada | $$$

seared sushi with sliced jalapeno on top
via Miku

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6. Minami

Chef Hayashi, the owner of Miku, founded a sister restaurant, Minami, to bring more of the best sushi to Downtown Vancouver. Minami features luxurious dining rooms, a lounge area, a patio and a cocktail bar. You’ll find yourself wishing you could stay forever. 

The Vibe

Minami, like Miku, offers an upscale vibe with beautifully plated bites and a classy, warm interior. Minami is a great place to enjoy date night or spoil friends and family with the best sushi in Downtown Vancouver. 

What to Order

Minami is another great place to try Aburi Oshi sushi. They also offer delicious rolls like the Red Wave roll, with Chilean crab, red tuna, avocado and masatake sauce. Check out their cocktail and sake menu or stop by for happy hour. 

Minami | 1118 Mainland St., Vancouver, BC V6B 2T9 Canada | $$$

Minami serves of Vancouver's tastiest sushi.
via Minami Sushi

7. Sushi by Yuji

Another hidden, cozy gem, Sushi by Yuji has earned a place in the hearts of many locals. This quaint sushi bar offers tasty classics and mouthwatering house rolls at a fair price point. Sushi by Yuji is a great place to satisfy your craving for fresh sushi. 

The Vibe

Sushi by Yuji is a casual sushi bar offering some of the best sushi in Vancouver. There are some tables available for dine-in seating, but most patrons choose to take their sushi home. Don’t let this restaurant’s small size fool you — there’s big flavour hidden in every bite at Sushi by Yuji. 

What to Order

Sushi by Yuji is unique in that they offer many options at per-piece prices. Enjoy a glass of sake at the sushi bar as you savor a variety of rolls, sashimi, nigiri and more. 

Sushi by Yuji | 2252 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T7 Canada | $$

two types of tuna nigiri
via Sushi by Yuji

8. The General Public

If you’re looking for the best sushi in Vancouver and an awesome restaurant vibe, you won’t want to miss out on The General Public. Both locations take a step away from traditional sushi bars and restaurants to interpret sushi in a modern, artistic way. 

The Vibe

The vibe at The General Public is anything but boring. For colourful, eclectic décor, rainbow lighting and funky artwork, this is truly one of the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver. 

What to Order

The General Public has a wide menu of traditional Japanese foods like miso, sashimi and the best sushi in Vancouver. Unlike most sushi stops, The General Public also offers several cooked, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, making it a great place to suit everyone’s dietary needs! 

The General Public | Multiple Locations | $$

a large assortment of sushi
The General Public

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9. Sushi Bar Maumi

Omakase dining offers more than your standard conveyor belt sushi in Vancouver. At Sushi Bar Maumi, you’ll be guided through the chef’s choice of nigiri sushi, carefully crafted before your eyes with temperature, flavors and presentation in mind. 

The Vibe

Sushi Bar Maumi is traditional, classy and curated. Sushi bar-style seating allows customers to commune with others and watch as chefs prepare the best sushi in Vancouver. The comfortable environment encourages patrons to put their full trust in expert sushi chefs.

What to Order

Sushi Bar Maumi only offers omakase dining. This serving style may not be for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for sushi connoisseurs who want to experience a chef’s selection of the best sushi in Vancouver. After ordering your omakase meal, which includes miso soup and 11 pieces of nigiri sushi, you may order additional items. 

Sushi Bar Maumi | 1226 Bute St., Vancouver, BC V6E 1Z8 Canada | $$$$

Sushi Bar Maumi specializes in the best omakase in Vancouver.
via Sushi Bar Maumi

10. STEM Japanese Eatery

A relative newcomer to Vancouver’s sushi game, STEM describes themselves as a traditional Japanese restaurant “with a twist.” STEM Japanese Eatery highlights fresh and seasonal ingredients in its dishes, which are curated by expert chefs to create an all-around awesome experience. 

The Vibe

STEM’s interior takes inspiration from traditional Japanese design, with a modern twist. Inside, you’ll find warm wood furniture and natural décor that honours their seasonal menu options. 

What to Order

Dive into a dish from STEM’s seasonal favourites menu, like wild morel mushroom or halibut cheek tempura. In addition to enjoying some of the best sushi in Vancouver, treat yourself to a beverage from STEM’s extensive wine or sake menu.

STEM Japanese Eatery | 5205 Rumble St., Burnaby, BC V5J 2B7 Canada | $$

At STEM, in addition to the best sushi in Vancouver, you can indulge in excellent sake.
via STEM Japanese Eatery

11. Tetsu Sushi Bar

Tetsu is another popular sushi bar that offers a mind-blowing omakase experience with the best sushi in Vancouver. In addition to omakase dining, Tetsu also offers the usual takeout and dine-in sushi bar options. 

The Vibe

The inside of Tetsu Sushi Bar is unassuming and unintimidating, but their dishes secure their place on the list of best sushi restaurants in Vancouver. Take a seat at the small sushi bar, or relax at a dine-in table with a friend or date. 

What to Order

The premium omakase dinner at Tetsu isn’t cheap, but it is undoubtedly some of the best sushi in Vancouver. Each bite of the 21-course meal is practically guaranteed to make you weep with joy. For those on a tighter sushi budget, you can’t go wrong with Tetsu’s regular rolls. 

Tetsu Sushi Bar | 775 Denman St., Vancouver, BC V6G 2L6 Canada | $$

three types of tuna sashimi displayed together
via Tetsu Sushi Bar

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12. Tom Sushi

Opened in 2019, Tom Sushi is a relatively new restaurant offering the best sushi in downtown Vancouver, but it has already earned a place in the hearts of Vancouver’s pickiest sushi-lovers. Tom Sushi offers dine-in, sushi bar and takeout options. 

The Vibe

The vibe at Tom Sushi is luxe but comfortable, with plush booth seating, lantern lights and polished wood tables. This is a great place to enjoy the best sushi in Vancouver on a date night out. 

What to Order

The menu at Tom Sushi has a lot of usual favourites, but we’d recommend trying one of their signature rolls, each with its own unique sauce. One popular choice is the smoked Dynamite roll, with prawn tempura, avocado, kappa, double smoked salmon and jalapeño zuke. 

Tom Sushi | 1175 Davie St., Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2 Canada | $$

Tom Sushi's rolls are some of the best sushi in Vancouver.
via Tom Sushi

13. Masayoshi

Masayoshi is another omakase-only sushi diner perfect for impressing guests, celebrating a special occasion or treating yourself to the best sushi in Vancouver. The delicious nigiri omakase dinner is absolutely worth the price; just remember to make reservations! 

The Vibe

The dining area at Masayoshi feels honest, comfortable and somewhat vintage-inspired. Relax at a cozy oak table or pull up a seat at the roomy sushi bar. The vibe at Masayoshi embraces a handcrafted, intimate experience. 

What to Order

Did you know that most “wasabi” is actually made with horseradish and mustard? Whatever you order at Masayoshi, make sure you try a dish made with their 100% real wasabi. Authentic wasabi is a rarity in the culinary world, and a luxury to enjoy with the best sushi in Vancouver. 

Masayoshi | 4376 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC V5V 4G3 Canada | $$$$

fresh, whole fish recently purchased by Masayoshi for their omakase
via Masayoshi

Whether you’re a long-term resident or a new visitor to Vancouver, you’re in for a delicious experience at any of these sushi restaurants. From luxurious omakase dinners to fresh rolls to-go, the best sushi in Vancouver seems to get better with every bite. After you’ve tried all the incredible Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, you’ll be eager to learn more about what the rich culture has to offer.

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