Chef Roxana or Resident Chef

Chef Roxana or Resident Chef

Verified chef

Chef Roxana is a L.A. native of Costa Rican and Thai descent and fell in love with baking tarte tatin in a local bistro during a break in college. That break changed her life and inspired her to pursue baking full-time. She’s inspired to create baked goods that are made from fresh California fruits and vegetables. Her menus are known for being market-driven.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Roxana or Resident Chef

Kara O.


21 Nov 2016

Amazingly fun class and delicious food!

Mary M.


04 Mar 2016

I’ve always had a love for cooking, but never really had the knack for it. I absolutely love it though, and I was determined to learn how to cook Tamales to surprise my fiancé with them for his birthday; he’s Mexican originally and I have absolutely no skill cooking Latin foods. When I found out I could take a cooking class and learn how to make, not only Tamales, but Churros too, I signed up immediately. I was horribly nervous on class day, but when I arrived Chef Roxana was so warm and welcoming I very quickly felt comfortable and ready to start cooking. She did a really great job going through all the steps and making them seem simple to complete instead of ominous, and in the end I ended up with some incredibly delicious Tamales and even Churros better than my local Mexican restaurant. I am going to be going to another one of Chef Roxana’s classes very soon.