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Chef Telah

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Chef Telah is a holistic chef, entrepreneur and cooking instructor with more than 10 years of culinary experience. Growing up on an organic farm and guided in the kitchen by her French grandparents, Chef Telah began to learn the importance of cooking with whole foods at a young age. Now, Chef Telah runs her own plant-based food delivery and personal chef service operating under the “let thy food be thy medicine” mantra.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Telah

Servet C.


14 Oct 2021

This was a really bad experience. First of all the place was not prepared, it was unorganized and flies were every where. It was hot day and there was no AC. The small table we sat (3 people) was not even seeing the kitchen. Second, this was not a cooking class, we did not do anything and she already prepared the rice before we came. The ingredients were not fresh (most of the sauces were from old jars). Over all dissatisfaction. She is a nice person but unfortunately this was a bad experience and this is definitely not a cooking class.

Karina C.


11 Sep 2021

This experience was definitely not what we expected. The chef was unprepared (lacked basic ingredients from recipes), the menu was far from “farm to table” (we used a can of Goya tomato sauce for example), the cooking space was not presentable (a fly trap directly above the space where we were chopping ingredients, full of flies) and NY covid protocols were not followed (Vaccines nor masks required). The only salvageable part of the experience was the other people participating in the class. We felt like the space, ingredients and presentation of the plates were careless. I would not recommend this class, unless these issues are addressed.

Guest reviews for Chef Telah



14 Oct 2020

Telah's cooking class is fun and educational! Her organic recipes are innovative and healthy for all to enjoy. Chef Telah is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her craft; she uses food as medicine for healing needs and general enjoyment. Her dishes are full of energy and color, featuring fresh ingredients that are catered to all diet types. I would recommend taking this course to learn more about nutrition and to gain some useful and rewarding skills in the kitchen.