Chef Steve

Chef Steve

Verified chef

Stratford University graduate Chef Steve is known for a lot more than just his creative, unique style of cooking. Chef Steve specializes in fusion cuisine, but his true passion lies in teaching others this style of cooking. Chef Steve loves to engage his students in any and all conversations about food and about how to build new flavor profiles. His attentiveness, creativity, and passion are tangible in all of his classes.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Steve

Timothy J.


30 Jul 2018

Chef Steve's dishes all had flavor profiles that are unique to his style of cooking. A long career of blending different regional cooking flavors and styles have lead him to create dishes that are individual and flavorful, as well as accessible. Chef Steve was very approachable and personal. He had wonderful communication skills and was easily engaged in conversations that centered around food, his love of being a chef and about how he builds his unique flavor profiles.