19 Best Lincoln Park Restaurants for 2024

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We've found the 19 best Lincoln Park restaurants.

The perfect way to refuel after you’ve spent the day working up an appetite on the Magnificent Mile is to head north to a Lincoln Park restaurant. This Chicago neighborhood has it all — parks, biking trails, one of the only zoos left in the country with free admission and even beaches. It’s a short subway ride or Uber away, but you’ll feel miles from the bustle of downtown. And Lincoln Park restaurants offer everything from greasy spoon goodness to “too pretty to eat” tasting menus. 

Lincoln Park’s restaurant scene reflects its rich cultural heritage. The neighborhood is a melting pot of multi-generational Polish and Puerto Rican immigrant families, college students and affluent Chicago residents. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Chicago dog or a fine dining Michelin-star meal, there’s a Lincoln Park restaurant ready to serve. In a city that already has major bragging rights for its vibrant restaurant scene, Lincoln Park is at the head of its class.


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Finding the Best Lincoln Park Restaurants

There are literally hundreds of Lincoln Park restaurants. A quick internet search will have your head spinning with the possibilities. Food tours in Chicago are a good way to sample your options. Get the lay of the land not only for Lincoln Park restaurants but also Wicker Park restaurants and other Chicago neighborhoods.

19 Best Lincoln Park Restaurants

1. Alinea

An obvious standout for Lincoln Park restaurants is Alinea, a world-class destination with an unheard-of three Michelin stars (there are only 13 other restaurants in the world to earn three stars). Chef Grant Achatz’s tasting menu is a modernist approach to food that will appeal to the art lover as much as the food enthusiast. 

The Vibe

The kitchen table is the premier spot where you can be up close to the action. The gallery and salons are intimate and minimalist to ensure the artful platings get all the focus. Needless to say, a refined appearance is expected at this Lincoln Park restaurant.

What to Order

You don’t have to make any decisions for this tasting menu experience. Be aware that, as with most tasting menus at Lincoln Park restaurants, dietary restrictions and preferences are difficult to accommodate. Check their website for more details.

Alinea | 1723 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$$$

squid with spicy butter, sweet flowers and black garlic
via Alinea

2. Boka

Boka is another ultra-wow Lincoln Park restaurant. Their accolade list is impressive, with seven consecutive years earning a Michelin star. Chef Lee Wolen’s tasting menus change daily, but you can expect seasonally focused food and stunning presentations served with graceful and genuine hospitality. 

The Vibe

Boka has a more laid-back vibe than your typical Michelin-star Lincoln Park restaurant. The dining room utilizes Chicago-style brick but folds in art deco flooring, stamped tin ceilings and eclectic lighting fixtures. You’ll feel as comfortable in a nice blazer and jeans as you would in more formal attire.

What to Order

Take the splurge at this Lincoln Park restaurant and try the seven-course tasting option with wine pairing. Otherwise, start with the veal sweetbreads followed by their whole roasted dry-aged duck, which can be made for one or two people. 

Boka | 1729 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$$$

Boka is a fantastic Lincoln Park restaurant.
via Boka

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3. Galit

Food is always better when shared, and James Beard Award-winning chef Zachary Engel gets that. His career began at the iconic Shaya in New Orleans, which was the most coveted reservation in town for months after its debut. Now at the helm of Galit, a notable Lincoln Park restaurant, Chicagoans will get to see what all the hype was about.

The Vibe

Galit is a casual and relaxed Lincoln Park restaurant, and the perfect vibe for a social night out with friends. While the extensive cocktail and wine list make this an easy choice for drinks only, we’re betting the scent of oven-baked pita and roasted meats will be irresistible.

What to Order

The menu is a four-course “choose your own adventure” with all but the main course being shareable. Get exotic with masabacha (a spicy chickpea appetizer), the Iraqi kubbeh halab (saffron-crusted rice balls stuffed with lamb) or the vegetarian honeynut squash entrée with black trumpet mushrooms, lentils and rice.

Galit | 2429 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$$

Galit is one of the best Lincoln Park restaurants.
via Galit

4. Esmé

Rounding out the fine dining options on our list of best Lincoln Park restaurants is Esmé. This tasting menu experience is the culinary creation of husband/wife team Jenner Tomaska and Katrina Bravo. The menu is reinvented each quarter, and dishes are works of art in and of themselves.

The Vibe

The dining room feels more like opening night at an art gallery than a Lincoln Park restaurant dining room. Décor includes the integration of sculpture and pottery from area artisans.

What to Order

Open your mind and your mouth with the confidence that you’ll have an exceptional meal at this Lincoln Park restaurant. Be sure to check out the website for “season tickets” to tasting events.

Esmé | 2200 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$$

a table of artfully prepared dishes
via Esmé

5. Mon Ami Gabi

You may recognize this name if you’ve eaten under the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. One of four Mon Ami Gabi locations nationwide, this Lincoln Park restaurant has the feel of a classic French bistro and has every indulgent French standard you can’t pronounce.

The Vibe

This Lincoln Park restaurant has a casual bistro vibe but is also classy enough for date night.

What to Order

Check out the weekly prix fixe menus and specials first, or call ahead 24 hours in advance to reserve the coq au vin. The hors d’oeuvres menu has it all. Warm baguette, onion soup au gratin, melted brie, duck leg confit, escargot, foie gras, paté. Opt to channel your inner Julia Child and get the beef bourguignon.

Mon Ami Gabi | 2300 N. Lincoln Park W., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$$

Mon Ami Gabi is a Lincoln Park restaurant for French food lovers.
via Mon Ami Gabi

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6. North Pond

If you’re looking for spring or summer date ideas in Chicago, we’ve found the ideal Lincoln Park restaurant for you. North Pond is located inside the park itself, with intimate indoor and outdoor seating and a view of the pond and the Chicago skyline.  

The Vibe

The building for this Lincoln Park restaurant was initially designed to keep ice skaters warm in the winter. Can you say cozy? You’ll have to walk into the park to access the restaurant, but that means plenty of time for hand-holding on the way in and out. Just arriving here is one of the best things to do in Chicago, especially in warmer months.

What to Order

This reservation-only Lincoln Park restaurant offers more flexibility than your standard tasting menu, with each course typically offering a choice of three to four dishes. The chefs are committed to sourcing from small local farms, and thus menus change with the seasons and availability of the freshest ingredients.  

North Pond | 2610 N. Cannon Dr., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$$

the cozy interior of a Lincoln Part restaurant
via North Pond

7. The Fat Shallot

You can probably guess by the name that this isn’t one of the Lincoln Park restaurants known for fine dining. The Fat Shallot is your place to go for mouthwatering comfort food sandwiches that are washed down with an adult beverage.  

The Vibe

They have two food hall locations and a food truck, but the Lincoln Park restaurant is an adorable and welcoming spot with tables that don’t care what you wear. 

What to Order

As a rule, if you love the Reuben, you should always order it — especially when the corned beef is house-made. The truffle BLT made with arugula and avocado on thick-cut challah bread is a strong second. A side of bacon dill potato salad is a must.

The Fat Shallot | 2468 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60603 | $$

a variety of sandwiches
via The Fat Shallot

8. Blue Door Farm Stand

We’ve highlighted a lot of “dinner-only” Lincoln Park restaurants. Blue Door Farm Stand covers all the bases by serving brunch, lunch and dinner. They are committed to supporting local farms and serving dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

The Vibe

This Lincoln Park restaurant doesn’t actually have a blue door, but the welcoming white brick exterior does have blue shutters. Inside, you’ll find a lovely French country-inspired dining space. An ideal atmosphere for dining with the girls.

What to Order

Blue Door Farm Stand is one of the few Lincoln Park restaurants that caters to healthy eaters and vegetarians with dishes like roasted carrot hummus, a beet and farro salad (option to add proteins), a spaghetti primavera and a veggie burger. No matter what time you dine, you kinda have to get the fried cheese curds with buttermilk ranch and pickled chilies. Trust us.

Blue Door Farm Stand | 2010 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$

The Blue Door Farm Stand is a delightful Lincoln Park restaurant.
via Blue Door Farm Stand

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9. Summer House Santa Monica

When you’ve had enough of the cold Chicago winters, head down to Summer House Santa Monica, “where summer never ends.” This Lincoln Park restaurant is another excellent choice for healthier diets and vegetarians or anyone who just wants to do a little California dreamin.’

The Vibe

Crisp and casual California vibe. Forget your seasonal fashion rules at this Lincoln Park restaurant. Wear white linen and big sunglasses because they have rosé all day and a huge “YES” sign on the wall for encouragement. 

What to Order

This menu will instantly transport you to the 90210 with options like avocado toast with scallion mascarpone, ahi tuna and watermelon tartare, a Wilshire Boulevard Cobb and a Costa Mesa salad featuring charred corn, quinoa, queso fresco and crispy tortillas. The menu at this Lincoln Park restaurant also offers pastas, risottos, house-made pizzas, tacos and wood-fired entrées.

Santa Monica Summer House | 1954 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$

a variety of soups and dishes
via Santa Monica Summer House

10. Del Seoul

The soul of a city like Chicago is reflected in its Lincoln Park restaurants. Del Seoul is a perfect example. In their own words, they are “Korean on the outside, sweet and buttery on the inside and a smooth and flavorful blend of java, tobacco, bourbon, Hugh Hefner and Bruce Lee.” Need we say more?

The Vibe

A bold exterior leads you into a very casual dining space. You’re going to be eating with your hands, so don’t dress too fancy. This Lincoln Park restaurant also has grab-and-go options.

What to Order

If you're not already familiar with Korean/Asian fusion, this Lincoln Park restaurant menu might read like Greek. Those who recognize banh mi, bibimbap or ganpoongi will feel right at home, but for those who need help, the menu items have symbols to guide you on what is hot (popular) or hot (spicy), as well as vegetarian items. Street-style dumplings and kimchi fries don’t require language lessons.

Del Seoul | 2568 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$

Korean street food
via Del Seoul

11. Red Light Chicken

Speaking of street food and eating with your hands, make sure you check out Red Light Chicken. This isn’t a Lincoln Park restaurant with table seating. You’ll be taking your fried to go. They do have heat lamps you can snuggle up to outside if you can’t wait until you find a table to dig in.

The Vibe

A bright red shack with a chalkboard menu that houses deep fryers. So cute that you wish it had seating.

What to Order

Deciding what to order at this Lincoln Park restaurant won’t take long. It’s either a fried chicken sandwich or nuggets with fries. The only decision, which really isn’t a decision, is whether to go traditional or “Hot & Honey.” The fluffy potato bun and truffle fry upgrade are givens.

Red Light Chicken | 2147 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 | $

fried chicken tenders
via Canva

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12. Jibaritos Y Mas

Lincoln Park was settled by Puerto Rican immigrant families as early as the 1950s, which means you’ll find restaurants serving authentic Puerto Rican homestyle cuisine throughout the neighborhood. Jibaritos Y Mas has several locations around the Chicago area to satisfy your pork, plantain and mofongo cravings.

The Vibe

Each location is casual and welcoming and reflects the fun-loving and colorful Puerto Rican culture.

What to Order

Brunch is a great time to check out this Lincoln Park restaurant. The lechon toast (roasted pork on panini bread with a soft egg) and the San Juan sandwich (ropa vieja, sweet plantains, mozzarella and avocado) will get your day off to a great start. But for those who know, you’ll most likely skip straight to the mofongo or jibarito menu. 

Jibaritos Y Mas | Multiple Locations | $

a Puerto Rican sandwich
via Jibaritos y Mas

13. Pasta Palazzo

It wouldn’t be a Chicago best restaurant list if we didn’t have a spot that serves plates piled high with pasta. When you need your carb fix, Pasta Palazzo is the Lincoln Park restaurant you can count on.

The Vibe

Pasta Palazzo describes themselves as your cool neighbor where there is always a party and where the food is always plentiful. The small but colorful dining room feels more art deco than Italian, but who cares as long as they serve great pasta.

What to Order

Creamy pasta lovers — this Lincoln Park restaurant is your heaven. The farfalle alfredo, linguine with a creamy pesto sauce, ricotta-filled tortellini and conchiglie with gorgonzola sauce are screaming “eat me,” but the jalapeño gnocchi with roasted red pepper purée is also very tempting. 

Pasta Palazzo | 1966 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$

Pasta Palazzo is a fantastic Lincoln Park restaurant.
via Pasta Palazzo

14. Homeslice

If you’re in Chicago, you’ll eat pizza at some point. There are two obvious iconic Lincoln Park restaurants to choose from if you’re in the mood for the kind of deep dish where one slice leaves you in a food coma. But if you want to savor multiple slices, try Homeslice instead.

The Vibe

It’s an instant pizza party, from the screaming neon signs to the ping pong table to cornhole. A popular pizza hangout that takes reservations.

What to Order

The toppings list at this spot is extensive. Some pies have unique bases like the Big Meaty Ziser with ranch, the Carnit-za with refried beans and the Sammilton with cream cheese. Homeslice also has a brunch menu offering egg pizzas, burritos and even avocado toast. 

Homeslice | 938 W. Webster Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$

a pizza restaurant in Chicago with a humorous neon sign
via Homeslice

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15. Wake ‘n Bacon

Whether it’s a hearty breakfast to prep you for a long day of shopping the mile, a recovery meal from a late night out or the munchies, Wake ‘n Bacon has your cure.

The Vibe

Hands down, this will be one of the most Instagrammable Lincoln Park restaurants to visit in Chicago. It’s somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and a Grecian temple, but it’s a hangover hangout, so it looks better than you do no matter what.

What to Order

They offer the perfect mix of hearty, greasy and indulgent brunch items. The Phatty is a popular breakfast burrito, and the Jorgito bowl will ease your pain with tater tots and “crack” bacon. For a sweet tooth, try La Vida Dulce, a brioche French toast stuffed with house-made dulce de leche and topped with whipped cream, blackberry ginger compôte and shortbread crumble. There are plenty of eye-openers to choose from at this Lincoln Park restaurant, too.

Wake ‘n Bacon | 420 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657 | $$

the decorative interior of a Lincoln Park restaurant
via Wake 'n Bacon

16. Johnny’s Beef & Gyros

Johnny’s Beef & Gyros made our best Lincoln Park restaurants list because it isn’t your typical gyro spot. Some people crave the shawarma, but not everyone loves shaved meat. Johnny’s offers a robust menu with something for everyone, making it one of the best restaurants in Chicago for groups with varying palates.

The Vibe

It’s a simple takeout gyro place with a few tables that feels like your favorite pizza parlor. A casual and fun vibe.

What to Order

Most gyro restaurants offer the standards, but this Lincoln Park restaurant has really raised the bar. From the serious salads (a lot more going on than the standard iceberg and Kalamata olive) to a local hot dog menu to the sammies (think Philly steak), this menu just keeps getting better. After you peruse the gyro section, you’ll find a pita menu, a full roster of Italian sub classics, burgers, fries, sides and even a vegetarian menu. 

Johnny’s Beef & Gyros | 2300 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 | $$

a sandwich and fries
via Johnny's Beef & Gyros

17. The Bagelers Coffeehouse

You had us at “Chicago style kettle boiled.” Is there anything better than an ultra-fresh bagel and a schmear? Yes. It’s The Bagelers Coffee House bagel piled high with meats and cheeses plus a dozen to go.

The Vibe

Your friendly neighborhood bagel stop. 

What to Order

There are bagel sandwich combos like the vegan Gardener with house-made lemon hummus and roasted red peppers, or the Fisherman, which is your classic lox and cream cheese bagel. The crowd favorite is The Bageler with muenster cheese, thick sliced bacon, an egg and chipotle mayo. Buy a tub of their giardiniera cream cheese to go.

The Bagelers Coffeehouse | 2461 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 | $

an array of bagel sandwiches
via The Bagelers Coffeehouse

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18. Chicago’s Dog House

When it comes to iconic Chicago foods, no "best of" list would be complete without a hot dog stand. Hot dog purists may stick to nothing but mustard, but you’re missing out. Hot dogs in Chicago include the mustard plus onions, tomato, relish, a dill pickle slice and the mandatory dash of celery salt on a poppy seed bun. When you’re ready to give it a try, head down to Chicago’s Dog House.

The Vibe

A hot dog shack full of local flavor. The vibe of this Lincoln Park restaurant makes you wish you were staying longer than it takes to eat a hot dog.

What to Order

The Snoop Dog has chili and colby jack cheese, and the German Shepherd comes with swiss cheese, caramelized onions and sauerkraut. You’re in Chicago, so don’t miss the specialty sausage menu, where you’ll find alligator sausage, duck, wild boar, rabbit or rattlesnake.

Chicago’s Dog House | 816 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 | $

Chicago's Dog House is a fun Lincoln Park restaurant.
via Chicago's Dog House

19. The Wieners Circle

We’ve saved the best for last. The ultimate iconic Lincoln Park restaurant that cannot be missed is The Wieners Circle. This infamous establishment delivers on the classic Chicago dog and sausage, and they have a reputation for throwing insults on top.  

The Vibe

Don’t let the picnic tables out front fool you. This Lincoln Park restaurant has real local grit. The sign out front has a no-filter message usually directed toward a local politician or the latest disgraced celebrity, and that should be your clue. Expect perfectly orchestrated attitude at all times of day, with a spoonful of bawdy raunchiness in the p.m. hours. 

What to Order

No fancy wiener menu here. It’s either red hots (charred or steamed) or burgers, though they do offer up some vegetarian options.

The Wieners Circle | 2622 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614 | $

The Wieners Circle is a famous Lincoln Park restaurant.
via The Wieners Circle

When you’ve found a neighborhood that offers everything from a three-dollar hot dog to a restaurant with three Michelin stars, you know you’re onto something good. There is a Lincoln Park restaurant for every mood, every occasion and every appetite. The Lincoln Park neighborhood is just one of many restaurant districts to explore, so keep shopping that Magnificent Mile — you’re going to want that appetite!

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