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The 13 Best Team Building Activities in Des Moines for 2024

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Looking for exciting team building activities in Des Moines? Des Moines is a vibrant and growing city, full of interesting activities, beautiful scenery and a bustling downtown. Des Moines stands as the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the Midwest. It is a hot spot for startups, young professionals and booming businesses. 

Team building activities in Des Moines are in high demand for good reason. Explore our picks for the perfect team building activities in Des Moines to boost your team's morale, develop teamwork and communication skills and help your business thrive.


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13 Fun Team Building Activities in Des Moines

1. Enjoy Culinary Team Building Activities in Des Moines

Tasty team building activities in Des Moines abound perfect for the culinary-inclined workplace buddies. Learn to cook a gourmet meal from a five-star professional chef in a group class and participate in a culinary cook-off competition. Book a local food tour for an exciting excursion around Des Moines or book a luxurious private chef experience to cater your team building soirée. There are even virtual culinary team building activities in Des Moines that are great for bringing together remote offices and fostering camaraderie amongst virtual teams. 


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2. Take a Hands-on Cooking Class

Ever wondered if you and your team have what it takes to operate as chefs and put together a three-course menu? Explore cooking classes in Des Moines and find the perfect experience for your team. This hands-on team building activity in Des Moines is fun, exciting and educational. Choose from a myriad of culinary options from Italian steakhouse fare to hand-rolled Japanese sushi. There is a menu for every palate. This team building activity in Des Moines is led by a top-notch professional chef sure to keep the atmosphere engaging, fun and educational. Learn new kitchen skills as a team and work together to problem solve and hone communication skills in this fast-paced kitchen environment. End class with a delectable spread that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

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3. Enjoy an Online Culinary Team Building Activity

Virtual or hybrid workplaces don't have to miss out on the fun. Discover online team building activities in Des Moines that will bring your team closer together from the comfort of home. Learn to craft an exquisite cocktail in an online mixology class or expand your palate in an educational virtual wine tasting. Explore different cuisines in online cooking classes meant for team building. Master new kitchen tips and tricks from a five-star chef and learn about new and exciting cuisine. From classic French cooking to innovative New American fusion, there is a thrilling team building activity in Des Moines for every team.

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4. Embark On a Virtual Murder Mystery Adventure

Think outside the box with a virtual murder mystery team building activity by Keith & Margo's Murder Myster. Explore the virtual world of mystery, intrigue and murder with your co-workers by your side. Piece together clues for a more complete picture of the crime and work together as a team to catch the killer. This team building experience in Des Moines is cost effective and convenient, making it great for startups and virtual teams. Reap all the positive benefits of team building from the comfort of your home and have a blast with this murder mystery challenge.

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5. Craft up a Storm at Board & Brush

Explore your creative side with a glass of wine in hand. At Board & Brush, your team will take an engaging class led by a woodworking professional. Cut out intricate lettering and a custom wall hanging. Then pick your colors and paint your custom sign with your personal style. This team building activity brings the team closer and leaves everyone with a custom souvenir they can treasure for years to come. Create as a team and have fun getting to know your teammates better in this exciting team building activity in Des Moines.

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6. Break Out of the Ordinary in an Escape Room

Test your problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities in this ultimate team building activity in Des Moines. Book your team building experience at The Escape Rooms and put your teamwork to the test. Work together to solve puzzles, unravel riddles and problem-solve as a team. Work against the clock and try to earn your place among the fastest on the leaderboard. Enjoy a high-energy team building activity your co-workers won’t soon forget.

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7. Practice Your Aim in Axe Throwing 

Build a team of accurate individuals that hit their targets with this team building activity in Des Moines. Get to know your teammates in an exciting and athletic environment. Compete in an axe throwing competition or just throw for fun at Ironside Axe Club. This club has special corporate packages sure to make your team building experience stellar. Enjoy concession snacks, beer, wine and cider at this relaxed activity great for bonding with teammates. 

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8. Volunteer Together

When looking for team building activities in Des Moines, don’t overlook volunteering. Giving back as a team can be deeply rewarding for participants. Make your team a positive influence in the community while building teamwork and connection. Clean up a local park, plant new trees or donate blood; the possibilities are endless. Browse local volunteer opportunities at The Greater Des Moines Partnership. Volunteering is a great way to encourage team members while building up the community. Take part in a team building activity the whole team can be proud of. 

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9. Swing Away and Go Golfing 

Hit up your local green and swing away during this laid-back team building activity in Des Moines. Explore one of the highest-rated 18-hole courses in America at Beaver Creek Golf Club. Stoke the competitive spark in your team and compete against one another in the classic game of golf. Socialize in the golf cart and bond over drinks and scenic outdoor views. 

If regular golf isn’t your thing, why not try mini golf for a quirky team building activity in Des Moines? Explore silly contraptions and fun scenery on a classic mini golf course. Have a light-hearted team building experience in Des Moines and build unbreakable bonds at mini golf.

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10. Mold Your Soft Skills in a Pottery Class

Consider a pottery class for your team building activity in Des Moines and let your creativity shine. Learn how to throw clay onto a spinning wheel and mold a nondescript lump into a work of art you can be proud of. Enjoy a two-hour ceramics class accommodating up to 15 people at Kunzler Studios. Work together as a team to create one big art project that can be displayed at the office, or choose to work independently and each create a separate project. Bake, glaze and paint your creations, leaving with a sense of accomplishment and a stronger connection to your team.

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11. Explore the Botanical Gardens 

Recharge and reconnect with nature at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens. Admire the beauty of Mother Nature as a team with this team building activity in Des Moines. Explore the many interactive events and keynote speakers often hosted by the botanical gardens. Take a guided behind-the-scenes tour, enjoy a glass of wine in the sip-and-stroll event or even take a tree identification tour. The possibilities for growing together as a team are endless at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens.

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12. Cool Off and Spend a Day on the Water

Downtown Des Moines is iconically located on the scenic Des Moines River. Take advantage of this beautiful natural resource and explore water-based team building activities in Des Moines. Go fishing at Water Works Park, kayak through Chichaqua Bottoms greenbelt or enjoy a nature walk. Attend concerts in the park or volunteer to help with local water conservation efforts. Connect with your team while enjoying fun in the sun. This is a team building activity in Des Moines sure to make your team shine. 

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13. Escape Into Virtual Fun at an Arcade

This team building activity in Des Moines will have the whole team clamoring to participate. Explore arcades in Des Moines and book a great time for your team. Develop communication and teamwork in a high-energy laser tag competition or get to know your co-workers better in a competitive round of bowling. At an arcade team building experience, everyone is sure to leave a winner. Work hard, play hard as a team. 

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Yes, Your Team Needs Team Building

Team building can have a bad rap in the corporate world (we've all had enough of trust falls), but studies have shown team building is crucial to a company’s success. According to Forbes Magazine, team building is key to teams achieving more. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, increases collaboration and encourages communication. Team building can be adventurous, exciting and fun for everyone involved. This means that effective team building equals more engaged employees, which translates to boosting the bottom line.

When searching for team building activities in Des Moines, make sure to seek out learning opportunities. Studies have shown that learning is highly correlated with happiness, and educational and interactive team building experiences tend to be the most effective and positively received. 

Team building also increases collaboration across departments. Team building activities give co-workers something exciting to talk about around the water cooler, which increases bonding. Skills learned from team building activities in Des Moines, such as conflict mitigation, increased communication and teamwork, will be put to use in everyday office life, increasing the bottom line and boosting employee satisfaction. 

Team building should be looked at as an investment. Providing your team with a memorable experience and making employees feel valued and appreciated is a worthwhile investment that will result in profits.

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Team Building Activities Help Businesses Thrive

With the ever-changing job market, the rise in remote work and the tumultuous state of the current economy, team building is now more important than ever. Team building has been shown by the Chief Executive to have many positive outcomes. Team building enables your team members to build new skills and bond with co-workers. This enhanced bond fosters teamwork and a more streamlined and cohesive workflow. 

Team building enhances company culture and encourages collaborative communication across teams. Team building also builds bridges across departments, unearths leadership potential and improves employee engagement and morale. It shakes up the monotonous day-to-day of working in an office and provides an exciting respite for hard-working employees. After team building activities, employees return to work energized and inspired to do their best work. 

People want to buy from brands that treat their employees right, and when they see the healthy morale and positive attitude of your team, they will be more inclined to put their own trust in your company. 

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Benefits of Team Building

Team building activities in Des Moines offer several benefits that will allow your team and company to prosper. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased sales 
  • Boosted brand awareness 
  • Improvements in employment engagement 
  • Better employee retention
  • Positive company culture 
  • Better team performance 
  • Chances for networking opportunities 
  • Connections built across departments
  • Unlocked leadership potential 
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Booking a team building activity in Des Moines is a win-win for everyone involved. Team building is an exciting and fun way to increase profits, boost employee morale and build up company culture. There's also no lack of perfect activities in this city to get your crew bonding and solving problems together. From culinary team building activities to outdoor events in the fresh air, there's sure to be something for your particular team.

For even more team building activities in Des Moines and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.