Where To Get the Best Fast Food in Seattle, Washington in 2024

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There are lots of choices for great fast food in Seattle

If your idea of fast food in Seattle is limited to the big-name outlets with a global presence, you may be missing out on fast food restaurants that specialize in a more local form of quick and easy dining. Fast food in Seattle is more than just a speedy stop at a drive-thru. It's a creative expression of this city's never-ending charm, a culinary experience that requires an adventurous spirit and a sense of excitement for stepping out of the box and exploring unexpectedly magical fast food spots all around Seattle.

What does fast food in Seattle offer the intrepid eater looking for things to do beyond sampling familiar fare? To help you find out, we've assembled a list of fast food restaurants in Seattle that carry on the delicious tradition of quick cuisine while adding character to a city well-known for its culinary creativity. Take a look at the best fast food Seattle has to offer and prepare to be dazzled!


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17 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Seattle, WA

1. Ezell's Famous Chicken

The Emerald City doesn't need the Colonel with this regional chain providing fried chicken in all its glorious forms for hungry diners to dig into. Settle in at Ezell's Famous Chicken and stay awhile or grab your meal to take with you to enjoy some of the best fast food in Seattle while on the wing.

The Vibe

Tight and tidy, reminiscent of larger chicken chains but with a homier spirit.

What to Order

An order at this top spot for fast food in Seattle will feed the family. One of the most popular options is an eight-piece chicken platter served with fresh-baked rolls and your choice of traditional sides. 

Ezell's Famous Chicken | Multiple Locations | $$

A selection of fried chicken and sides
via Ezell's Famous Chicken

2. Li'l Woody's

Li'l Woody's adds the fun to fast food in Seattle with a cartoonish, light-hearted spirit drifting around its premium burgers, hand-cut fries and made-on-the-spot shakes. This thoughtful space gives the classic burger joint an exciting splash of contemporary energy that you won't find under the golden arches.

The Vibe

Vibrant orange walls are a wake-up call to the fast-food excitement waiting here.

What to Order

With The Fig and The Pig in hand, you’ll have a gourmet burger topped with house-made pickled figs, bacon and blue cheese. Queue up a huge pile of queso fries on the side for total fast food in Seattle satisfaction. There are also weekly burger specials, such as a fried chicken, onion dip and bacon filled sandwich, so you can try something new with each visit.

Li'l Woody's | Multiple Locations | $$

A sandwich with fried chicken, bacon, onions and sauce
via Li'l Woody's

3. Burger and Kabob Hut

If a unique international mix of the familiar and the creative is what you're craving from fast food in Seattle, head to Burger and Kabob Hut to find what you're hungry for. It may look like just another burger counter, but the combinations uniquely incorporate global flavor without compromising the time-tested structure. You'll also find wings, pitas and onion rings, all given a groovy cultural shake-up to tempt your tastebuds.

The Vibe

A kicky lemon-lime color scheme livens up the cozy space quite nicely, making it a great spot for a relaxed dine-in lunch or a grab-and-go fast food in Seattle experience.

What to Order

The Burger Hut Special offers a ground beef patty topped with eggs and cheese, seasoned with robust herbs and spices for a blast of extra flavor.

Burger and Kabob Hut | 4142 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 | $

Burger and Kabob Hut is one of many fast food in Seattle places with fusion cusine
via Canva

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4. Katsu Burger

You may not think that fusion cuisine has a place on the fast food circuit of Seattle but Katsu Burger is determined to prove you wrong! Bringing the best of Japanese and American burger ingenuity to the grill, this humble chain is serving up one-of-a-kind twists on the bun and the patty that's worth checking out.

The Vibe

Every location has its own personality, ranging from quaint red-brick warmth to eclectic dockside aesthetics.

What to Order

The honey tofu katsu may be some of the best and most unique fast food Seattle has to offer. This specialty features a crispy tofu patty fried in eggless tempura and topped with warming miso honey mustard. The burgers are a must-try as well!

Katsu Burger | Multiple Locations | $$

A burger and fries on red and white chequered paper
via Katsu Burger

5. Dick's Drive-In

Vintage energy electrifies Dick's Drive-In, an old-fashioned walk-up diner that has been offering fast food in Seattle in grand style since opening in 1953. As they were back then, burgers, fries, sodas and ice cream cones are all part of a stripped-down menu that seems somehow fresh in the orange glow of the neon sign outside.

The Vibe

The outdoor ordering window and al fresco seating recall a bygone era. You can find a food truck around town as well, meaning you can grab this fast food in Seattle almost anywhere.

What to Order

If you're looking for a classic fast food combo, the double cheeseburger with a side of fries will make your carhop dreams come true.

Dick's Drive-In | 115 Broadway E., Seattle, WA 98102 | $

Dick's Drive-In is a renowned place for fast food in Seattle
via Dick's Drive-In

6. Boss Drive-In

As far as fast food in Seattle is concerned, drive-in dining never went out of style, and Boss Drive-In is around to demonstrate the vitality of this authentic American format. Here, you'll find a menu brimming with familiar burgers, chicken sandwiches and crinkle-cut fries, in addition to novelties like corn dog bites and deep-fried Oreos.

The Vibe

Pull in and walk up to the window for an outdoor order in the cool ocean air.

What to Order

Go big and order up a Triple Whammy! This fast food in Seattle delight features three patties and three slices of American cheese pressed between halves of a fresh-baked bun. The breaded chicken sandwich is a great choice as well if you want a leaner meat filling.

Boss Drive-In | 9061 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106 | $

A chicken burger with lettuce, onions and tomatoes next to fries
via Boss Drive-In

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7. TacoTime NW

If you love fast food taco places, TacoTime NW  offers a fresh take on Mexican fast food in Seattle. It provides all the staples of other Tex-Mex places in the form of tacos, burritos, salads and bowls, but with less of the mega-corp mumbo-jumbo. This chain for fast food in Seattle only has locations in the city and has character to spare in addition to its hearty fare.

The Vibe

No-frills décor and a lightning-fast drive-thru carry on the fast food tradition.

What to Order

There’s something for everyone here, with offerings from various kinds of meat dishes to some of the best vegetarian fast food in Seattle. Try a crisp burrito in either beef or bean with cheese and make it a combo with tots and a drink. For a lighter option, get a burrito bowl without the tortilla wrap. You won't even miss the more well-known taco chains!

TacoTime NW | 4142 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 | $

TacoTime NW is a great place for Tex-Mex fast food in Seattle
via TacoTime NW

8. Plantiful Superfoods

Fast food in Seattle gets a vegan boost in the form of Plantiful Superfoods, a mindful spin on easy eating that gives herbivores a plant-based place to dine. The ingredients may be healthier than usual, but they come in the form of burgers, pizza and bánh mì sandwiches. Traditionalists can order açaí bowls and power smoothies to enjoy on the go.

The Vibe

This fast food in Seattle chain provides petite spaces with fresh contemporary fixtures that pack in a lot of food possibilities. Each location provides a tranquil environment to relax with some of the best vegan fast food the city has to offer.

What to Order

The Bánh Mì Burger is a most intriguing bite, featuring a lemongrass plant patty served on a grinder roll with pickled vegetables and jalapeños. However, with so many unique options, you’ll be impressed with whatever you get at this spot for Asian-inspired fast food in Seattle. 

Plantiful Superfoods | Multiple Locations | $$

A banh mi sandwich on a wooden board
via Plantiful Superfoods

9. Great State Burger

With Great State Burger taking up real estate on the fast food scene in Seattle, burger lovers have a wonderland to feed their most fearless foodie fantasies. The menu here is as simple as it gets — burgers, crinkle fries, shakes and onion rings, plus a chocolate chip cookie if you need an extra treat.

The Vibe

The locations for this popular place for fast food in Seattle are modern and compact. Some even have whimsical touches like pinball machines and classic arcade games on hand.

What to Order

Fire up a Great State Burger and enjoy a beef or veggie patty topped with organic lettuce, pickles and American cheese for a vintage nibble — paired with fries, of course. Don't eat meat? No problem, you can get the same burger with Impossible Meat instead of beef.

Great State Burger | Multiple Locations | $

A burger with fries and a drink in an orange cup
via Great State Burger

10. Pike Place Chowder

Looking for fast food in Seattle that's a little more authentic to the city's seaside locale? Try Pike Place Chowder and taste the spirit of the most famous fish market in the United States. This award-winning chowder hall is just the spot for bread bowls filled with hearty seafood stews served quick and hot.

The Vibe

Striped awnings and red-checkered paper placemats provide classic charm to this compact dining room. Going to Pike Place Market is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Seattle and stopping at this charming spot for chowder will make the experience even better. There's another location in the Pacific Place shopping mall as well.

What to Order

A New England clam chowder bowl is ideal for lovers of the original recipe, while a lime and coconut chowder is the perfect pick for vegans and gluten-free eaters.

Pike Place Chowder | Multiple Locations | $$

Pike Place Chowder is a unique spot for fast food in Seattle
via Pike Place Chowder

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11. Matt's Famous Chili Dogs

Hot dogs find a home among the best fast food joints in Seattle at Matt's Famous Chili Dogs, a walk-up window slinging some of the tastiest bites in town. You'll find burgers and fries here as well, but it's the chili dogs that put Matt's on the map. Do note that this spot is closed on weekends, so be sure to get your fill during the week.

The Vibe

Kitschy, old-fashioned hot dog stand charm abounds here, complete with outdoor bench seating, just like the good ol' days.

What to Order

The chili dog may lead you to crown this place as having the best fast food in Seattle, though you can find New York and Chicago-style dogs here too. There's even a Seattle Dog that comes topped with grilled onions and cream cheese.

Matt's Famous Chili Dogs | 6615 E. Marginal Way S., Seattle, WA 98108 | $

A chili dog next to fries and pickles
via Matt's Famous Chili Dogs

12. Burgermaster

Fast food in Seattle goes big-city at Burgermaster, a skillful take on a burger house that pulls out all the stylish stops. It's a contemporary update on the old-school drive-up diners in Seattle that gives national chain drive-ins a run for their PNW money.

The Vibe

Bright and cheerful, with plenty of friendly faces serving up sweet Seattle spirit.

What to Order

Pick up a Double Burgermaster for two tasty patties stacked high with cheese and bacon, and don't forget to order a cup of shoestring fries and a shake for a picture-perfect finish.

Burgermaster | Multiple Locations | $$

Burgermaster is a popular place for burgers and other fast food in Seattle
via Burgermaster

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13. HoneyHole Sandwiches

The array of options at HoneyHole Sandwiches gives fast food in Seattle a contender that could take the crown from other fast food sandwich joints in one fell swoop. These creations drift into the territory of gourmet sandwiches, with names that include some hilarious hat-tips to Hollywood hitmakers of old. 

The Vibe

The eclectic bar and grill energy at this popular restaurant for fast food in Seattle is complemented by fun décor that includes photos of movie stars and musicians, plus other kooky artworks that inspire smiles.

What to Order

When somewhere for fast food in Seattle offers a sandwich called The Corleone, with smoked pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a toasted bun, it's an offer you can't refuse.

HoneyHole Sandwiches | 2041 Seventh Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 | $$

A baguette sandwich on a white plate
via HoneyHole Sandwiches

14. Feed Co. Burgers

You can get your burger made just about any way you like at Feed Co. Burgers, an upscale yet neighborhood-friendly spot for fast food in Seattle that locals and visitors alike love. 

The Vibe

Hip and modern, with an industrial edge and an almost coffee-shop vibe. 

What to Order

Toss your appetite a curveball and try the chicken tacos at this laid-back fast food restaurant in Seattle. You’ll get chipotle grilled chicken topped with chipotle aioli for a double dose of smoky flavor. The burgers are also amazing and be sure to pick up a sweet treat like ice cream or a shake.

Feed Co. Burgers | 1190 24th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122 | $$

A burger and ice cream sandwiches on a tray
via Feed Co. Burgers

15. Uneeda Burger

Uneeda Burger may be the one fast food eatery in Seattle with subliminal messaging worked into its name! If "uneeda" burger that’s crafted with gourmet creativity, superior sandwiches and bowls or just a handful of sides like fried cheese curds or sweet potato fries, head here on the double.

The Vibe

Sweet city energy pulsates through this artful industrial-style space that serves up some of the most delicious fast food in Seattle.

What to Order

The veggie burger at Uneeda piles portobello mushrooms atop a handcrafted plant patty and a schmear of lemon garlic herb aioli for a fresh take on the usual toppings. There are many must-order sides and drinks as well.

Uneeda Burger | 4302 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103 | $$

Two burgers and fries next to a red drink
via Uneeda Burger

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16. Tacos Chukis

When you're scouting the fast food scene in Seattle for somewhere to get a quick taco fix, put Tacos Chukis on your list. With tacos, tortas, quesadillas and more on the menu, this happening house has the fantastic Mexican feastables you’re looking for, and then some.

The Vibe

The contemporary dining space here has a distinctly stylish, college-town feel.

What to Order

Tacos Chukis are the specialty of the house, featuring pork adobada sweetened with grilled pineapple and onions, plus melted cheese and fresh salsa.

Tacos Chukis | Multiple Locations | $

Three tacos on a plate on a blue table
via Unsplash

17. The Golden Olive

Mediterranean fast food in Seattle like The Golden Olive serves up probably isn't your first thought when musing about quick eating. With a full suite of delicious Greek salads, sandwiches and plates abounding on the menu, it's time you update your options!

The Vibe

No-nonsense interiors are clean and comfortable, yet simple, keeping the food in the spotlight.

What to Order

You won’t be short of great choices at this Mediterranean fast food in Seattle spot. If you can’t decide, go for a mixed vegan sandwich and enjoy falafel with fried cauliflower snuggled into a pita with hummus and fresh veggies added for extra flavor and texture. If you want a more complete meal, get the falafel plate that includes all the same ingredients as the sandwich, plus rice and a Greek salad.

The Golden Olive | 521 Queen Anne Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109 | $$

The Golden Olive is a top fast food place in Seattle for Mediterranean food
via The Golden Olive

Learn To Cook Seattle Foods 

While you may be looking to grab the best fast food in Seattle on the go during a busy day or to satisfy a craving, learning how to cook some of your favorite dishes is a fun activity as well. With cooking classes in Seattle, an expert chef will help you craft a range of dishes, from fast food favorites like pizza or burgers to more elevated fare. 

No matter what you're hungry for and when the craving hits, you can always find fast food in Seattle that will quell your hunger. Part of the thrill of exploring fast food in Seattle is checking out corners of the city you might not be used to visiting. As any foodie with a taste for incredible eating in the city should know, taking the time to check out the many places for fast food in Seattle is bound to yield rewards worth relishing.

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