Best Pizza in Boston: 27 Famous Pizza Places

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best pizza in boston

If you haven’t tried the best pizza in Boston, you have something special to add to your culinary to-do list. Boston is New England’s most exciting locale for a peak East Coast pizza experience. Visitors and residents alike have a chance to sample an array of the best pizza in Boston from old-school neighborhood diners and modern pizzerias throughout the city.

With so much ground to cover, which section of Beantown has the best pizza in Boston? And how do you make sure you find the best pizza in Boston without missing a slice? Our guide to the best pizza in Boston will lead you to the most popular places to savor the flavors that elevate the Boston foods scene to a class of its own.  


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27 Best Pizza Places in Boston  

1. Regina Pizzeria

A Boston favorite since 1926, Regina’s Pizzeria offers some of the best pizza in North End Boston. The menu for all 11 locations balances old-school pies for meat lovers with gourmet options for vegetarian diners.

The Vibe

Bright, bustling and family-friendly, the perfect setting for enjoying brick oven pizza or grabbing a pie to go.

What to Order

For an exotic twist on the best pizza in Boston, try the Melanzane, with a combination of sliced eggplant, ricotta and red onions.

Regina Pizzeria | Multiple Locations | $

Two pizzas from Regina's Pizza in Boston
via Regina Pizzeria

2. Santarpio's

Diners rave about this unadorned eatery serving the best pizza in East Boston, complemented by a side of savory meat skewers. Topping combinations at Santarpio's are classic meats and vegetables, with an Italian cheese blend on every pie.

The Vibe

Old-style pizzeria without the bells and whistles of a high-end restaurant. The food is the focus here!

What to Order

An Italian pizza with hot peppers and a steak tips skewer will treat you to the best pizza in Boston in the heart of modern-day Beantown.

Santarpio's | Multiple Locations | $

3. Coppa Enoteca

A duo of James Beard chefs creates examples of the best pizza in South Boston with moderate pricing and high style. Simple plating of well-made dishes at Coppa Enoteca nicely accents the pizza selections.

The Vibe

Quiet and upscale, with definitive gourmet touches and patio seating for a European street-dining sensibility.

What to Order

For the daring diner trying the best pizza in Boston, the Salsiccia combines tomato and sausage with fennel and squash blossoms.

Coppa Enoteca | 253 Shawmut Ave., South End, MA 02118 | $$$

Coppa Enoteca has some of the best Boston pizza.
via Coppa Enoteca

4. Posto

This modern bistro serves a full dinner menu, but the top-notch pie selections are among the best pizza in Boston. With two separate lists, one each for red and white, you’re in for a gourmet treat at Posto.

The Vibe

Clean and hip, with open seating and a full cocktail menu that inspires fantastic date ideas in Boston.

What to Order

The prosciutto pie includes arugula, lemon and anchovy, while the White menu offers an intriguing short rib pizza with fingerling potatoes and gorgonzola crema. 

Posto | 187 Elm St., Somerville, MA 02144 | $$

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5. Picco

The menu may include salads, pastas and snacks, but the real draw is the best pizza in Boston with an ice cream chaser. It makes more sense when you learn Picco is short for Pizza and Ice Cream Company!

The Vibe

Cozy, open table-and-booth seating and red umbrellas on the patio give a homey feel.

What to Order

The Atlassian, a French tarte flambée with onions, shallots and crème fraiche topping a crust made with locally ground flour.

Picco | 513 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116| $$

pepperoni pizza from Picco in Boston
via Picco

6. The Salty Pig

Local seasonal ingredients create a revolving list featuring thoughtful selections from the best pizza in Boston at The Salty Pig. Charcuterie and pasta round out a tempting Italian menu. 

The Vibe

Airy and open, with streaming natural light and plenty of fun atmosphere.

What to Order

The Salty Pig’s namesake is a gourmet pizza adventure, with mustard crema and beer caramel sharing crust space with arugula and salted pork.

The Salty Pig | 130 Dartmouth St., Boston, MA 02116 | $$

7. Area Four

Area Four is a trendy eatery that turns out some of the best pizza in Boston using dough fermented for more than 30 hours and topped with hand-pulled mozzarella.

The Vibe

The ultra-modern dining room is tidy and filled with light. Hooded steel pizza ovens and firewood stored in the open add fun industrial details.

What to Order

The Wellfleet Cherrystone Clam & Bacon with clam sauce, pecorino and hot pepper adds inventive possibilities to the best pizza in Boston.

Area Four | 500 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139| $

a table full of pizzas, salad and bread from Area Four
via Area Four

8. Stoked Pizza Co.

Fresh ingredients delivered daily make the pizza at this comfortable bar and dining room extra special. In addition to two brick-and-mortar locations serving the same menus, Stoked Pizza Co. has a food truck that takes the best pizza in Boston mobile.

The Vibe

Relaxed and cheerful, with the feel of a friendly neighborhood diner.

What to Order

Short rib, brisket, pickles and sweet onions make the Cheeseburger a whopper of a choice for diners. Vegetarians can enjoy the best pizza in Boston topped with Impossible beef in place of meat.

Stoked Pizza Co. | Multiple Locations | $$

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9. Brewer’s Fork

Named Best of Boston for brunch in 2016, Brewer’s Fork credits its sterling reputation for kicky craft brews and a full-service menu featuring some of the best pizza in Boston. Brunch and midday dining give pizza lovers access to pies that are sure to please.

The Vibe

Warm brick and open-bulb lighting give the space a cozy, rustic feel. There’s a cute patio out back for enjoying your pizza al fresco.

What to Order

Holiday Ham brings sweet and salty flavors to the table. The combination of prosciutto, mustard and brown sugar glaze makes a one-of-a-kind fusion style that does the best pizza in Boston proud.

Brewer’s Fork | 7 Moulton St., Charlestown, MA 02129 | $

Brewer's Fork has some of the best pizza in Boston
via Brewer's Fork

10. Galleria Umberto

Galleria Umberto is considered to be one of the key pizza restaurants in the city. The Sicilian-style pizza served in this no-frills diner may be the best pizza in Boston served on a site that was home to not one, but two churches.

The Vibe

A sense of old neighborhood simplicity permeates the space, like a classic that’s lasted through the decades.

What to Order

The straightforward menu makes it easy to enjoy the best pizza in Boston. You can’t go wrong with classic pepperoni with authentic Sicilian arancini on the side.

Galleria Umberto | 289 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113 | $

11. T&B Pizza

Making the best of a selective menu, T&B Pizza, located just beyond Boston’s borders, offers a trim selection of pies in addition to small bites, mouthwatering desserts and inventive craft cocktails. When you serve the best pizza in Boston, you only need the essentials.   

The Vibe

Funky and friendly, with a toasty wood-fire oven and comfortable seating.

What to Order

The Mexican Street Corn pizza is a tribute to fusion dining, with roasted corn, feta and guajillo aioli bringing cultural flair to a traditional pie.

T&B Pizza | 215 Washington Ave., Somerville, MA 02143 | $

a rectangle shaped pizza from T and B in Boston
via T&B Pizza

12. Ciao! Pizza and Pasta

Some of the best pizza in Boston and its surrounding areas comes with waterfront views. Personal-sized pizza with Neapolitan heritage, Ciao! is the first wood-fired pizzeria in Chelsea, located just across Mystic River.

The Vibe

Warm wood walls give a fun cabin feel, while street seating provides a ground view of the brick-front neighborhood.

What to Order

The artichoke pie is a gourmet pizza lover’s dream, topped with roasted artichokes and truffle cream.

Ciao Pizza and Pasta | 59 Williams St., Chelsea, MA 02150 | $

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13. Locale

Fresh Neapolitan pizza in Boston’s North End is Locale’s specialty. This urban diner brings the best pizza in Boston to a contemporary fast-casual environment.

The Vibe

Modern yet classic, with minimalist interiors that keep the food in the spotlight.

What to Order

The Tartufo is a fan favorite among the best pizza in Boston, with mushrooms, caramelized onions and fontina cheese, seasoned with rosemary and drizzled with truffle oil.  

Locale | 352 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113 | $$

Locale has some of the best Boston pizza
via Locale

14. Gran Gusto

With the majority of their ingredients imported directly from Italy, Gran Gusto makes a small but memorable menu of the best pizza in Boston. Simple meats, vegetables and authentic buffalo mozzarella top every hand-tossed pie. 

The Vibe

Quaint homestyle interior with a charming patio for trattoria-style outdoor dining.

What to Order

The Capricciosa turns salami, mushrooms and sheep ricotta into the best pizza in North End Boston.

Gran Gusto | 90 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02140 | $$

15. Pastoral

Historic Fort Point is home to Pastoral, a craft pizza kitchen and beverage bar serving an inventive selection of artisanal pies. Antipasti, charcuterie and pasta share the spotlight with the best pizza in South Boston.  

The Vibe

Spacious, with rustic brick walls and quirky dividers of real windows creating an airy, light-filled space.

What to Order

The Lemon is unique among the best pizza in Boston and a must-try pie for seafood lovers, featuring slices of shaved lemon, jalapeños and bonito fish.

Pastoral | 345 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210 | $$

a table full of pizzas and pasta from Pastoral
via Pastoral

16. Florina

The award-winning pizza at Florina heads up a menu of Italian favorites like panini, pasta and salads. Served by the pie or the slice, the best pizza in Boston works as either a standalone feature or as a main with a side.

The Vibe

Quirky and comfortable, with funky art adorning the walls and friendly staff with a sense of humor.

What to Order

The St. Barth is a deluxe white pizza with a blend of mozzarella and gorgonzola topped with prosciutto and fresh arugula. Aged balsamic adds unexpected zing to this creative selection among the best pizza in Boston.  

Florina | 16 Derne St., Boston, MA 02114 | $$

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17. Ducali

A classic corner diner in the North End, this contender for the best pizza in Boston takes the Neapolitan pizza tradition seriously. Ducali serves up classics and a selection of their own specialty pizza creations.

The Vibe

A modern, family-friendly atmosphere perfect for stopping by for a slice or two with the kids.

What to Order

For a fun East Coast mix-up, try the buffalo chicken pizza, loaded with roasted chicken and a spicy-cool mix of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.

Ducali | 289 Causeway St., Boston, MA | $$

a slice of cheese pizza being removed from a pie
via Ducali

18. Woody’s Grill and Tap

Sports fans will love Woody’s. With screens showing games from Spring Training through World Series season, this neighborhood tap house offers some of the best pizza in Boston in a familiar Cheers-like setting.

The Vibe

Warm and earthy, with a charming European brick front entry and a welcoming bar waiting inside.

What to Order

Woody’s may be the only Boston pizzeria serving Jamaican jerk pizza. This pie is topped with grilled chicken, Gouda and a house-made jerk sauce with Guinness in the recipe.

Woody’s Grill and Tap | 58 Hemenway St., Boston, MA 02115 | $$

19. Dirty Water Dough Company

Whether you’re in Back Bay or East Boston, at Dirty Water Dough Company you’ll find an artisanal pizza house where thin is in when it comes to their IPA-infused crust. Two locations offer the best pizza in Boston beside artful salads and savory sandwiches.

The Vibe

Fast, casual and friendly, with sweet street views of the neighborhood.

What to Order

In Back Bay, the Dirty Taco brings the full suite of taco fillings to a classic pie. For East Boston diners, the Burgah Bomb performs similar magic with cheeseburger fixings.

Dirty Water Dough Company | Multiple Locations | $

Dirty Water Dough make some of the best pizza in Boston
via Dirty Water Dough Company

20. The Upper Crust Pizzeria

With a motto like “Sort of Famous,” the Upper Crust has to make the list of the best pizza in Boston. Five Boston locations give diners plenty of options for classic and creative pies, plus gluten free and vegan build-your-own pizzas for an inclusive pizza experience.

The Vibe

Laid back and loveable, with humor and real Boston heart on display in every location.

What to Order

A North End is the go-to Boston pie, with ricotta, Parmigiano Reggiano and Italian meatballs decorating a classic crust-and-sauce base.

The Upper Crust Pizzeria | Multiple Locations | $$

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21. Papa’s Pizza Company

Being voted the best pizza in Boston’s Mission Hill gives Papa’s a formidable reputation. With jumbo 22” pies on the menu, it’s easy to satisfy a large crew of hungry pizza fans.  

The Vibe

Small and cozy, with a casual downtown diner feel.

What to Order

A Black & Bleu will get you a classic Papa’s cheese pizza adorned with shaved steak and mushrooms, plus creamy crumbles of real gorgonzola bleu cheese.

Papa’s Pizza Company | 682 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115 | $

a Margherita pizza from Papa's Pizza Company
via Papa's Pizza Company

22. Penguin Pizza

The inviting atmosphere of Penguin is as enticing as their pizza. Thin-crust specialties take the best pizza in Boston in a thoughtful, craft-style direction.

The Vibe

Eclectic college hang-out feel with fun, artful interiors and happy energy.

What to Order

You can’t miss with the Ultimate Penguin, a meat lover’s blend of ham, meatballs, bacon and sausage, accented with cherry peppers for heat and creamy roasted potato.

The Penguin | 735 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115 | $$

23. Antico Forno

This Boston-adjacent bistro offers affordable, well-made pizza with a down-home feel. While the folks at Antico Forno serve some of the best pizza in Boston, their community spirit is a winning element in this homey eatery.

The Vibe

Loud and vibrant, filled with happy staff and even happier diners. Brick arches provide Tuscan warmth and a touch of drama.

What to Order

Shrimp enthusiasts will love Il Gamberi, with sauteed shrimp, smoked mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and arugula sharing the top of a traditional pie.

Antico Forno | 90 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02140 | $$

a closeup of a Margherita pizza
via Antico Forno

24. Ernesto’s Pizza to Go

A North End staple for three decades, Ernesto’s is a classic pizzeria in Little Italy, Boston with a selection of classic pies. Visitors and locals alike rank these creations as some of the best New York-style pizza in Boston.  

The Vibe

A small yet inviting space, with a showy pizza case inviting an easy second look from diners.

What to Order

Try a few slices of the Saint Anthony, a white pizza with fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts and mushrooms.

Ernesto’s Pizza to Go | 69 Salem St., Boston, MA 02113 | $

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25. Figs by Todd English

Figs is a must-try for one of the most upscale pizza experiences in the city. The non-traditional free-form shape is a visual cue that this is unlike any other eatery representing the best pizza in Boston.

The Vibe

Carriage house-contemporary gives the brick-and-wooden-window interior a sun-soaked vibrance during the day and a comforting warmth at night.

What to Order

The crispy calamari pizza piles crunchy fried calamari rings over fresh arugula dressed with hot lemon aioli.

Figs by Todd English | 42 Charles St., Boston, MA 02114 | $$

Figs by Todd English is some of the best Boston pizza
via Figs by Todd English

26. Beneventos

This traditional Italian diner serves pasta, soups, salads and some of the best pizza in Boston. Inventive flavor combinations share the table with traditional topping blends at Beneventos.

The Vibe

Beneventos’ seating is a tight squeeze! The interior is intimate and warm, with an open kitchen and long bar for friendly hang-outs.

What to Order

Lil Joey is a delicious mash-up of chicken parmigiana on a pizza crust with a spread of fresh basil for a savory kick.

Beneventos | 111 Salem St., Boston, MA 02113 | $$$

27. Quattro

Quattro Italian Grill serves brick oven pizza in a contemporary setting to bring the best pizza in Boston a more urbane feel. This deep-set diner invites romantic evenings of fine pizza and great wine.  

The Vibe

Moody and upscale, with glowing fixtures and a bar that spans the premises.

What to Order

The mortadella with pistachio, a white pizza deluxe with pistachio pesto and soft pork sausage, is Quattro’s go-to pie.

Quattro | 264 Hanover St., Boston MA | $$$

Quattro has some of the best pizza in Boston
via Quattro

Beantown’s rich Italian heritage and taste for well-made traditional food are sure signs that no matter where you go for a slice or a pie, you’ll find the best pizza in Boston waiting around every corner. 

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