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Jolee Sullivan

Jolee Sullivan describes herself as a major bookworm and foodie with big travel dreams. Besides being a freelance writer, she is also a proud dog mom and aspiring author.

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31 NYC Foods You Have to Eat in 2022

Local Food | New York City Guide

The best NYC foods are a near-endless list. Start simple with our picks for the best foods in NYC that promise unforgettable bites around the Big Apple.

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20 Signature Boston Foods You Have to Try

Local Food | Boston City Guide

The best Boston foods will leave no craving unturned. Fresh seafood, indulgent desserts and more will make your list of must-try Beantown treats.

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33 Best Things to Do in Portland

City Guides

Explore the magic of the Pacific Northwest with our favorite things to do in Portland! This city has phenomenal food, art, history and more in every corner.

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15 Must-Try Mexican Street Foods

Food & Drink | Food Culture

Mexican street foods have a deserved place on every foodie's bucket list. We're rounding up our favorites, from elotes and equites to tamales, tostadas and tortas.

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50 Best Things to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta City Guide

Looking for the best things to do in Atlanta? This guide will help you explore the best food, museums and more in one of the South's biggest cultural hotspots.

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A Guide to Sushi for Beginners

Food & Drink | Food Culture

Need a boost of culinary confidence to tackle sushi for beginners? Whether you're rolling or enjoying for the very first time, here's how to get started.

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23 Best Places to Host a Birthday Dinner in NYC

City Guides | New York City Guide

Planning a birthday dinner in NYC to celebrate another year 'round the sun? From private chefs to hotpot, explore this list of the city's best birthday bites.

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How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Cleaning | Cookware

Need to know how to clean a cast iron skillet? From soaking to scrubbing to seasoning, our cast iron cleaning guide explains all of the dos and don'ts.