Chef Evan

Chef Evan E.

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Chef Evan has an impressive resume, lauding stretches of experience in numerous Michelin starred kitchens cooking up haute cuisine around the U.S. Now, as the chef of Makaseru SF, Chef Evan is showing off the abundance and unique quality of produce grown in the San Francisco Bay Area, and heavily impressing upon it creations of impeccable vegetarian and vegan sushi. Needless to say, Chef Evan’s cooking classes are full of extraordinary and unexpected surprises.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Evan

Yan L.


30 Apr 2018

We drove for three hours on a Sunday for Chef Evan's class. When we arrived, the entrance was locked and we found the rest of the class waiting outside. No one was able to reach Chef Evan, and even Cozymeal was unable to contact him the entire day and day after. After waiting for another half an hour, we finally gave up and left. The chef had been nonresponsive and uncommunicative the entire weeks since we booked - the red flags are obvious in hindsight.

Oren S.


14 Apr 2018

Just awesome. Totally coming back for more

Julia C.


13 Apr 2018

A great night out! I would highly recommend the experience - very hands on, lots of fun and you come a way with enough sushi to fill the fridge to boot!