Chef Karen

Chef Karen

Verified chef

Chef Karen, a 40-year cooking instructor and author of five cookbooks, hosts imaginative classes tailor made for those looking to expand their cooking repertoire. Her specialty isn’t one dish or cuisine, rather a philosophy: “Cook for taste, eat for health.” Chef Karen personally shops for and carefully hand selects each fruit, meat and vegetable to ensure classes use high-quality ingredients. Come cook with Chef Karen to create “food that makes you feel good.”

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Karen

Kathy W.


08 May 2018

Cozymeal did not disappoint! It was a great experience. I am always looking for unique things to do in the cities I visit. I love culinary experiences that I can interact with other people. My cooking experience in Chef Karen’s home was perfect!

Jess N.


30 Mar 2017

Karen’s cooking class was exactly what I was looking for- a fun and unique experience where I picked up lots of new cooking skills and ate delicious, healthy food. Karen was so welcoming and full of life, I can’t wait for the next class.