Chef Sharon

Chef Sharon

Verified chef

I was born in Jamaica but have been in the DC area since 1968, cooking and creating events in the food industry since 1989. I became a vegan in November, 2015. I have lost 20 pounds since then and turned my health around just eating delicious, healthy, food. My food inspiration is anything fresh from the garden. My philosophy is 'Eat in color'!

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Sharon

Sam N.


24 Jul 2016

Chef Sharon is a wonderful chef. If you are looking for a healthy diet and/or vegan cooking class in Washington DC area, then you should definitely try her out. She has extensive cooking and cooking class experience, knows how to make healthy and delicious salads and is in general a fantastic chef and instructor. We had a lot of left-overs after the class which I got to enjoy in the following days.

Brooke A.


30 Jun 2016

Chef Sharon is simply lovely. Her soft Jamaican lilt appears subtly when she starts talking. An expert on healthy living, she shows you how to create super-healthy, delicious salads. It’s easy to tell when someone is at ease in the kitchen and Chef Sharon certainly is. You can tell she could just make anything without breaking a sweat and she is happy to share her secrets. Chef Sharon told me that she was employed by Wholefoods at one point to invent and teach ‘taco of the week’ classes. She said that by the second week she had fans who would complain if she wasn’t there for the weekly demonstration. I can well believe it.