Chef Andy

Chef Andy

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Innovative and nutritionally focused Chef Andy has been in the restaurant business for 20+ years. From catering to corporate restaurant openings, he’s been involved in it all. Now, he’s focused on healing the world through nutrition. As Chef Andy always says, “It’s 80% diet.”

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Melissa C.


22 Mar 2016

Chef Andy's cooking class was so much fun. He is extremely knowledgeable and had the best stories to tell! The homemade banana pudding was JUST right- not too sweet, and the perfect amount of bananas and vanilla wafers. Chef Andy's personality is so like-able and fun, I am looking forward to his next class!

Guest reviews for Chef Andy



18 May 2017

Andy was exceptional!!! We asked him to develop an appetizer party for me and a few friends. He picked 4 appetizers and divided us in groups of 2. He demonstrated a demo on each appetizer and guided everyone through the whole process. I would highly recommend Andy for any cooking parties or cooking classes. We are definitely booking him from now on. Best experienced I have had. We learned a lot about other food as well. He was very knowledgeable about different types of food and techniques. I am going to take a pasta class with him for sure. He is well rounded In the food industry and a great chef instructor.



18 Feb 2017

I took a cooking class when I lived in the United States in November. I am currently in Germany and still in contact with chef Andy. I seriously LOVED his class. He was very professional. His nice personality made it easy for us to follow his instructions. Me and my few friends had a lot of fun learning new methods and dishes. Aside from his professional attitude. Andy made every single one feel special and like a real chef. I will definitely take another cooking class soon! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!