Chef Penny

Chef Penny

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I have been a passionate chef my whole life, having learned to cook from three generations of Portuguese chefs. I opened my own private cooking school to teach the art and science of food preservation. I want to bring back the practicality and creativity of home food preservation, and debunk the myth that canning is only good for Grandma's jams and pickles! I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you so that you'll be well-equipped to make your own healthy, creative, and safe preserves!

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Sydney M.


31 Oct 2014

From the moment I walked into Penny's house, I was completely impressed. Her house has a breathtaking view of the mountains, her kitchen is beautiful and spacious, and she has so many colorful, creative, preserves! I learned so much from Penny and got to taste some of the most imaginative and delicious preserves I've ever had. Who would have thought corn cob jelly could be so wonderful? And one small spoonful of her strawberry jam seemed to have the flavor of an entire strawberry patch!

Sam C.


27 Oct 2014

This was so much fun! Chef Penny welcomed us to her home with samples of 31 of her homemade goodies, including jams, jellies, marmalades, pickles, salsas, curds, and more! From there it was a great lesson on the joys of fermentation, including methods, variations, and safety. I really appreciated Chef Penny's focus on cleanliness and safety, which is SO important for food preservation. I was inspired to go home and make my own butternut squash pickles based on her recommendations. Thanks Chef Penny!