Chef Senthil

Chef Senthil

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I was born and raised in the Southern Indian town of Pondicherry, a former French colony. My love of cooking began as I sat in the kitchen with my mother and grandmothers to learn traditional Indian cuisine. I studied Culinary Arts in college and proceeded to travel the world as a chef on a cruise liner. Combining my world travels and love of cultures, I offer cooking classes for guests who want to experience an authentic experience rich with the spice and culture of India.

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Sam C.


02 Dec 2014

This was such an informative and interesting class. Chef Senthil told us all about the spices used commonly in Indian cooking throughout the country, and about his family's own special spice blend. That exact blend went into our Chettinad Curry, a southern Indian take on a familiar dish, giving it a deep complexity without any cream or butter. We also learned about different eating styles between North and South, such as who eats more bread and who more rice. You'll just have to take the class to find out!

Sydney M.


02 Dec 2014

Chef Senthil's chicken curry is outstanding. Unlike tikka masala and several other curries I commonly order at restaurants, his Chettinad curry tasted incredibly wholesome without sacrificing any flavor. It was so much fun to learn from Chef Senthil about Indian spices and the differences between Northern and Southern Indian cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed every dish on the menu!