Chef Amber

Chef Amber

Verified chef

Food safety certified

Chef Amber’s career has spanned states and seas as she’s grown into the experienced chef she is today. She's been a confectioner for a cruise line, a head pastry chef, and the head chocolatier at the largest catering company in Washington D.C. In between these culinary adventures she earned the title of Champion in the Food Network "Chopped Sweets" competition. Chef Amber now pours her culinary expertise into her own dessert company.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Amber

Ashley E.


10 Mar 2022

Such a great experience! Very informative and the macarons were great!

Alex K.


15 Feb 2022

Chef Amber was a delight, just like the food she taught us to make! Despite not having much experience baking, our macarons came out perfect and the experience was fun and easy to follow! We had an amazing time in her class and can’t wait to come back for more. Highly recommend!

Jr C.


22 Jan 2022

This experience with Chef Amber went above and beyond! The entire facility, including the professional kitchen area, was aesthetically pleasing. The lobby was decorated with flower ceilings from above and a flower wall. Chef Amber created a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in her kitchen with good lighting, complimentary snack/drink table, and played music of our choice! Her kitchen had the appropriate appliances, utensils, and kitchen tools to bake the macaroons. It was nothing but fun while we baked with Chef Amber. The baking instructions were written down as we followed her step by step instructions, no stress! She baked alongside throughout the activity. This was a great activity to do for our anniversary celebration. We highly recommend taking her class!