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Chef Lenny

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Chef Lenny has acquired more than 20 years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience over the course of his career. In addition to working in catering and high-end restaurants in New York City, Chef Lenny’s love of food and community has led him to volunteer with nonprofit organizations by teaching cooking classes to people from all walks of life, including domestic violence victims and those in low-income communities.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Lenny

Teri P.


29 Jan 2023

We had a lovely evening (the three of us), and experience with Chef Lenny. We listened to jazz, prepped and dined together. Meal was delicious and we gained some valuable tips for our future forays in the kitchen. Thank you Lenny!

Lillian O.


27 Jan 2023

Great chef! Bought this as a present to my parents and they loved it.

Mira G.


09 Jan 2023

We were so excited to find Cozymeal when searching for a cooking class in the Tucson area to gift to 4 of our young adult family members for the holidays. From experience, we know that cooking classes are a treat for those with little time to experiment in the kitchen, but who love food. We had booked the cooking class in the weeks before the holidays and the class was to be held January 7th. We chose Chef Lenny’s class based on him having the most positive and glowing reviews on your website. There were several things that were misleading and disappointing about the whole experience. -Although the online booking feature was straightforward, there was no direct communication from Chef Lenny until the day of the event and in this case, I needed to reach out to him. -Right before he arrived, we received a call from our family that Chef Lenny was adding an additional $40 trip fee the day of the event. - All participants started to apron up for the “class” and Chef Lenny acted very surprised and said he didn’t realize they wanted to participate. He told everyone that most people just want him to cook for them and proceeded to provide a private chef experience instead of a cooking class. This was not a cooking class, which is clearly what we paid for and how it was represented. -In summary, with cost of the class, the additional $40 fee our recipients were hit with upon put-out arrival, and the tip that our “students” felt appropriate to provide, we are about $500 all-in for this event that did not include a hands-on teaching component. This is by far the most disappointing cooking class we have ever purchased. What Cozymeal is representing versus what is actually delivered is world’s apart. At this point our family is $500 lighter and still no cooking class. We look forward to hearing from the Cozy meal feedback team on how all of this could have gone so wrong and how this can be remedied.