Chef Cindy and David

Chef Cindy and David

Verified chef

Chef Cindy and David are a dynamic culinary duo well versed in the business of hosting unforgettable epicurean adventures. Chef Cindy and David have many years of experience in the kitchen and an incredible knack and talent for event planning. Chef Cindy and David can usually be found conducting premier food and wine tours and crafting exclusive insider experiences you won’t find in a guidebook or a cookbook.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Cindy and David

John M.


29 Oct 2020

First off ..WOW what an amazing experience!!! We were not sure exactly what to expect, but to say Cindy and David exceeded our expectations frankly would be selling them short. They are amazing, patient teachers, and we learned a lot. My girlfriend being much more experienced in cooking than I even commented at how much she learned . After sipping wine and learning the ins and outs of what we were going to be undertaking , we dove right in and the meal turned out incredible. Frankly, the only disappointment I could say is that I have to go back home to cook myself and I know it won’t taste nearly as good! This was money well spent and we cannot wait to do this again!

Brandon W.


02 Oct 2020

Cooking with and learning from Cindy and David was an AMAZING experience! On top of being first-class cooks, they are super hosts who are a lot of fun to be with! The pizza class had us make four fantastic pies, all while chatting like we were with two old friends. Couldn’t recommend this highly enough - we’ll definitely be back for another class!



28 Sep 2020

Chef's Cindy & David were great. We had a wonderful time. Good instruction, great food, great company (with our co-students Gabriel & Hanna), and wow, such a great experience.