Chef Andrew

Chef Andrew

Verified chef

Armed with a degree in culinary arts, Chef Andrew has built an impressive resume lauding experience as a sous chef and executive chef in various restaurants. Though his family is from Taiwan, Chef Andrew grew up with Japanese culture and cuisine. He utilizes this familiarity with the soul of Japanese cuisine and creates his own style of fusion cuisine using American ingredients in his cooking classes.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Andrew

Julie C.


25 Sep 2018

We had a great time. Chef Andrew was fun and shared with us creative and delicious dishes.

Timothy J.


27 Aug 2018

Simple chicken skewers are the staple of many backyard barbecues. Chef Andrew throws this staple appetizer/main dish on its head. Starting with locally sourced chickens and then dissecting that chicken to render every usable portion, ends with cooking the skewers over a 1200 degree pen flame. Some closely held to the vest sauces some traditional Japanese pairings only add to the experience. Chef Andrew and his partner work well together, moving effortlessly around a tiny kitchen space, each knowing their part, knowing the other's next move before they do it. They are personable, approachable and willing to talk about flavor profiles, sauces and cooking techinques.