The 10 Best Peruvian Restaurants in Portland for 2024

Published on February 21, 2024 | 0 Comments
A bowl of ceviche served with lime, chilli and plantain

Even if you live in Oregon’s most populated city, you may not realize how many great Peruvian restaurants Portland is home to. This special South American cuisine is a unique treat for adventurous gourmets who love sampling delicious global fare. It combines elements from other Latin cuisines to create dishes that feel fresh yet familiar. Finding the best Peruvian restaurants Portland has to offer gives you a reason to explore the city in a new way.

Which Peruvian restaurants in Portland can you explore to relish the most exceptional examples of this intriguing cuisine? We’ve tracked down 10 of the best Peruvian restaurants in Portland and the surrounding area to get you seated and served as soon as possible. Don’t sleep on your chance to experience the flavors of Peru for yourself!


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Find the Best Peruvian Food in Portland

Get a little help in finding Peruvian restaurants in Portland and the surrounding region with expert-guided food tours in Portland. Your journey has been planned out, with stops at prime spots chosen for ultimate enjoyment. Along the way, you discover local lore and revisit the history of the city, all while following a sure trail to the best Peruvian food Portland provides.

10 Best Peruvian Restaurants in Portland

1. Casa Zoraya

At Casa Zoraya, Peruvian restaurants in Portland take on a contemporary sheen. Here, heritage recipes are recreated with a generous helping of modern flair.

The Vibe

This cozy, linear space has a well-stocked bar and streaming sunshine inside.

What to Order

Ceviche de pescado combines the fresh catch of the day with fried calamari and sweet potato for a distinctive interpretation of a classic.

Casa Zoraya | 841 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR 97217 | $$

Casa Zoraya is one of the finest Peruvian restaurants in Portland
via Casa Zoraya

2. El Inka Peruvian Kitchen

Experiencing true South American cuisine at El Inka Peruvian Kitchen means loading up on hearty helpings of Latin classics. With a menu that includes soups, meat dishes and even vegetarian options, this may be the most straightforward Peruvian restaurant in Portland.

The Vibe

A simple, no-frills atmosphere keeps the focus squarely on the food.

What to Order

Try bistec a la pobre to enjoy a steak dressed up with a fried egg and savory plantains.

El Inka Peruvian Kitchen | 8560 SE Division St., Portland, OR 97266 | $$

Peruvian steak with eggs
via Canva

3. Tita’s Kitchen 

A visit to Tita's Kitchen reveals a rich food truck presence for Peruvian restaurants in Portland, an open-air atmosphere where phenomenal flavor abounds. Tita is actually Fabiola Chipoca, a young entrepreneur recreating specialties from her homeland for Portland foodies to discover.

The Vibe

The compact dining stand feels like part of a street food festival.

What to Order

An Inca Chicken Sandwich will introduce you to baked chicken in a traditional Peruvian marinade, flavored with salsa-like criolla.

Tita’s Kitchen | 7238 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206 | $

A ciabatta filled with chicharrón, salad and sauce
via Tita's Kitchen

4. Andina

As one of your best options for Peruvian restaurants in Portland, Andina brings the culture of the Andes to the local dining landscape. This dining room has been inviting Oregon eaters to taste the joy of Peru since 2003.

The Vibe

Fine dining sensibilities embrace rustic Andean aesthetics for a uniquely soothing space.

What to Order

With arroz con mariscos, you'll get Peru-style rice topped with five types of shellfish and seafood, finished with pecorino cheese.

Andina | 1314 NW Glisan St., Portland, OR 97209 | $$$

Andina is a Peruvian restaurant in Portland with authentic food
via Andina

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5. Salt & Pepper

With Salt & Pepper on the list of prime Peruvian restaurants in Portland, food truck lovers have a place to call home. Diners can celebrate the street food scene with an Andean feast enjoyed al fresco.

The Vibe

Vibrant red umbrellas liven up this tidy food cart.

What to Order

The Peruvian food Portland loves best includes tallarín saltado de carne, a pasta dish peppered with strips of succulent steak. Tamal de pollo is an authentic main that Salt & Pepper serves at weekends.

Salt & Pepper | 3700 NE 82 Ave., Portland, OR 97220 | $$

A cooked tamale cut in half to show the chicken filling
via Salt & Pepper

6. Fogon Criollo

Try Fogon Criollo for a Peruvian restaurant in Portland that presents some of the best Peruvian food Portland has to share. Slide in for lunch or dinner and savor a menu that represents Peru's rich culinary variety.

The Vibe

The wide-open dining room embraces guests with mango-yellow walls.

What to Order

Tender rice, succulent steak and zesty green onions merge in beef chaufa, a satisfying selection similar to fried rice. Tallarin saltados is a Chinese fusion option with noodles and a unique array of spices.

Fogon Criollo | 3700 NE 82 Ave., Portland, OR 97220 | $$

Tallarin saltados is a favorite at Peruvian restaurants in Portland
via Fogon Criollo

7. Mi Pisco

Mi Pisco brings Peruvian restaurants in the Portland area a spirit of culinary excellence. Blending modern gastronomy with traditional tastes and textures, this gourmet kitchen transforms the cuisine of Peru into gastronomic works of art.

The Vibe

Spacious interiors and generous seating make for a welcoming modern eatery.

What to Order

Ceviche vegetariano, loaded with sweet potatoes and mushrooms, gives plant-forward eaters an opportunity to enjoy a traditional favorite. There is also a classic ceviche, prepared with the freshest catch of the day.

Mi Pisco | 11642 SW Pacific Highway, #220, Tigard, OR 97223 | $$

A bowl of ceviche with prawns, avocado and tomato
via Canva

8. Lima

Lima is more than just the capital of Peru; it's also one of the most spirited Peruvian restaurants Portland residents and visitors can enjoy. Diners can experience a mix of African, Asian and Spanish influences, seasoned with a dash of Eastern Indian spice.

The Vibe

Clean simplicity rules here, with décor commemorating Peruvian fútbol traditions.

What to Order

An order of tallarín de camarones brings to your table a dish of flavorful sautéed noodles tossed with fresh shrimp. A range of steak dishes are also available, cooked to your desired level of doneness.

Lima | 12090 SW Allen Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005 | $$

Lima is an authentic Peruvian restaurant in Portland
via Lima

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9. Mama's Peruvian Bowls

Mama's Peruvian Bowls gives Peruvian restaurants in Portland a representative in the outdoor dining landscape. You'll find some of the best Peruvian food Portland can provide in this diminutive diner with big ambitions!

The Vibe

The rich blue food cart is a stand-out for fans of easygoing eating.

What to Order

Discover the satisfying spirit of Tacu Tacu, a rice and bean patty that comes with steak, tomatoes and onions. Picarones are an ideal sweet choice to end your meal.

Mama's Peruvian Bowls | 4250 SW Rose Biggi Ave., Beaverton, OR 97005 | $$

picarones, fried Peruvian doughnuts, drizzled with syrup
via Canva

10. Lechon

Lechon adds a visually striking outpost to the varied Peruvian restaurants in Portland. The upscale energy is balanced by a homey warmth that's sure to enhance the fabulous traditional dishes.

The Vibe

Artfully executed elements at this premier spot include a wall-sized aquarium and rustic ranchero décor.

What to Order

Brisket empanadas are a creative take on hand pies, filled with tender beef flavored with golden raisins and warming ancho aioli.

Lechon | 113 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97204 | $$$

The inside of a fried beef empanada is shown on a plate with salad and lemon
via Canva

Peruvian restaurants in Portland may not overwhelm the local restaurant landscape with their numbers, but what they lack in prevalence they more than make up for in spectacular dining. If you’re fascinated by international culinary cultures and you have a chance to see some of the more singular eateries the city has to hold, expand your dining horizons by checking out a few Peruvian restaurants in Portland. 

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