The Best New Restaurants in Dallas to Try in 2024

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the best new restaurants in Dallas

Whether you’ve lived in the Big D for several years or you’re just passing through on your way around Texas, visiting a totally new restaurant in Dallas is sure to be an exhilarating experience. When most people think of the Dallas food scene, they picture a flavorful mix of barbecue, Mexican and American cuisine, but new restaurants in Dallas are constantly increasing in variety. 

Are you on the hunt for new restaurants in Dallas? Eager to check out the hottest Dallas restaurant openings before everyone else does? This legendary Texas city is big on both flavor and aesthetics, so residents and visitors alike have come to expect no less from its most popular up-and-coming eateries. Check out our list of the best new restaurants in Dallas to bring some mouthwatering novelty onto your plate. 


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Find the Best Restaurants in Dallas

Looking to experience new restaurants in Dallas first-hand? The best way to learn about new restaurants, local favorites and iconic city dishes is to sign up for food tours in Dallas. On a food tour, you’ll get to traverse the town, taste delectable bites and learn all about the culinary culture of this famous Texas city. 

The 16 Best New Restaurants in Dallas 

1. Komodo

A swanky upscale Asian fusion cocktail lounge, Komodo quickly gained recognition as one of the best new restaurants in Dallas. The Dallas location is actually Komodo’s second luxurious venture, with the original restaurant based in Miami, Florida. 

The Vibe 

The overall vibe at Komodo is sexy and elegant, with a dining area that is dimly lit and decorated with ambient red lighting, red leather booths, subtle sakura blossoms and tropical greenery. The dress code at this new restaurant in Dallas is upscale casual, so this is a great place to dress to impress and enjoy a hot date, girls’ night out or special occasion with friends. 

What to Order 

Komodo offers a wide range of decadent dishes including sushi rolls, dim sum, steaks and more. Start with an order of shishito pepper or black edamame for the table, then dive into the popular Chilean sea bass or, if you’re feeling really fancy, the tender Peking duck. Save room for a tropical dragon dessert or pair your meal with one of Komodo’s famous cocktails. 

Komodo | 2550 Pacific Ave., Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75226 | $$$$

Komodo is a fun hot spot of a new restaurants in Dallas.
via Komodo

2.  Quarter Acre

Located in the Lower Greenville neighborhood, Quarter Acre is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas serving tasty New American classics. This trendy new restaurant boasts a fresh menu and classy, upscale atmosphere that has surprised and delighted their eager first visitors. 

The Vibe

One of the most attractive aspects of this new restaurant in Dallas is its minimal, warm and upscale dining area, outfitted with natural light wood tables, woven rattan features and natural seashell chandeliers. An ideal spot for intimate special occasions, reservations and classy outfits are recommended here. 

What to Order  

Quarter Acre is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas to enjoy beautifully balanced and plated dishes with a seasonally rotating menu. The smoked beef tartare is a great place to start while you narrow down your mouthwatering entrée selections, such as braised venison osso bucco or sunchoke linguine. 

Quarter Acre | 2023 Greenville Ave., Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75206 | $$$

an artfully plated dish against a muted gray background
via Quarter Acre

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3. The Saint

The Saint is an Italian-inspired steakhouse located in the Lower Gaston District near Deep Ellum. Just opened in May of 2023, this new restaurant in Dallas comes from a Vegas-based group led by famous restaurateur Andy Hooper, and so far, The Saint’s reviews live up to his name. 

The Vibe

Hence the name, the décor theme concept of this new restaurant in Dallas is “saints and sinners.” Inside, you’ll find a broody and moody atmosphere with dark walls, floors and tables, plush velvet seating, and modern chandeliers. Unique artwork also adorns the walls here, with portraits reflective of the restaurant’s theme. This is an ideal spot for a dark and cozy date night in Dallas. Reservations are recommended. 

What to Order 

This new restaurant in Dallas is a culinary treasure combining Italian classics with Texan-style meats. Start with a rich appetizer like smoked tomato, foie gras or cowboy butter, then sink your teeth into one of The Saint’s delicious steak options from wagyu tomahawk chop to prime filet mignon. Treat yourself to a craft cocktail or glass of wine to complement the flavors of your meal. 

The Saint | 2633 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75226 | $$$

The Saint is one of the finest new restaurants in Dallas.
via The Saint

4. Pearl

Despite being a new restaurant in Dallas, Pearl has quickly climbed the ranks with their top-notch sushi and classy yet understated atmosphere. Located in the vibrant Knox Henderson neighborhood, Pearl is bound to win the hearts of sushi enthusiasts and newbies alike. 

The Vibe

Modern, sleek and refreshing, Pearl’s dining area is complete with a sushi bar, round mirrors, ceiling art and even an outdoor patio. The décor is sleek, bright and clean, making guests feel as if they’ve been transported to an urban hideaway on the coastline. Pearl’s website doesn’t explicitly mention a dress code, but many people prefer to dress up for the occasion. 

What to Order 

This new restaurant in Dallas offers an abundance of sushi, sashimi and cold dishes, as well as hot and fully cooked options for those who can’t jive with raw fish. The wagyu miso cream cheese roll is one of Pearl’s most decadent options, featuring crab meat, miso cream cheese and asparagus topped with torched wagyu, garlic chips and gold flakes. For a more adventurous take, opt for the chef’s selection of seasonal nigiri or sashimi. 

Pearl | 4640 McKinney Ave., Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75205 | $$-$$$

a beautifully arranged plate of thin-slice sashimi
via Pearl

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5. Ramble Room

Craving a burger that goes beyond your local greasy spoon? The Ramble Room, located in the Park Cities neighborhood, is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas for those who appreciate updated classics. From soups and salads to sandwiches and fried fish, this new restaurant in Dallas is sure to please everyone’s palate. 

The Vibe

Ramble Room has a classy and warm atmosphere with natural wood details, black and brown leather chairs and an impressive full bar. The vibe is at once masculine and modern yet relaxed, making this an awesome new restaurant in Dallas to enjoy a classy but casual first date or birthday dinner with friends.  

What to Order 

Ramble room offers brunch, lunch and dinner, each with their own spin on the menu, but their burgers are available (and delicious) any time day or night. Try the popular plaza burger, featuring Gruyère cheese, au poivre, aioli, crispy onions and tomato on a brioche bun. Don’t forget to cap it off with an espresso martini or chocolate brownie sundae. 

Ramble Room | 6565 HIllcrest Ave., Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75205 | $$

Ramble Room is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas.
via Ramble Room

6. La Neta Cocina y Lounge

Located in Deep Ellum, La Neta Cocina y Lounge is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas for all your favorite savory and spicy Mexican dishes. With a vibrant atmosphere and colorful menu, La Neta has quickly become a popular new restaurant in Dallas for hosting birthday parties and special events. 

The Vibe

The inside of La Neta is very eclectic, with roses and spiral artwork painted on the walls, greenery and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Fun patterns and textures abound around every turn. With a full bar, comfortable couches and chic seating arrangements, this is an excellent place to enjoy dinner with friends and stay for a few cocktails. 

What to Order 

La Neta Cocina y Lounge serves up traditional Mexican dishes with a New Age twist. Some of their most delicious offerings include chicken flautas, shrimp ceviche and tortilla soup. For a heartier meal, dig into short rib enchiladas served with rice and beans and a picante mango margarita. 

La Neta Cocina y Lounge | 2525 Elm St., Suite 175, Dallas, TX 75226 | $$$

a rich spread of Mexican dishes
via La Neta Cocina y Lounge

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7. Temakeria

If you’re looking for new restaurants in Dallas with totally unique interior design concepts, Temakeria is your place to be. This casual sushi restaurant describes itself as a 2D atmosphere with 3D flavors, something you truly have to experience in person to fully understand. 

The Vibe

The dining area of Temakeria is one of its major draws. Stepping inside feels like stepping into the pages of a coloring book, where everything is outlined in black and white. The lack of color in the environment really puts the focus on their glamorous foods — and makes for some amazing Instagram-worthy photos. 

What to Order 

Temakeria is a great place to enjoy small plates, ramen and decadent sushi bites. You have to try at least one temaki, such as the unagi temaki, a taco-style sushi with cucumber, sesame and eel sauce. For dessert, grab the tofu crème brûlée or green tea ice cream. 

Temakeria | 3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75212 | $$$

Temakeria is a creative new restaurant in Dallas.
via Temakeria

8. Mister Charles

Mister Charles is one of the classiest new restaurants in Dallas to pop up this year, and it's a welcome break from your typical white tablecloth establishment. A new venture of the fabulously creative Duro restaurant group, Mister Charles’ décor and menu plays on an “angels and devils” theme that is at once romantic, decadent and wholly unexpected. 

The Vibe

Despite the masculine name, Mister Charles has an upscale, flirty and hyper-feminine vibe that makes it a gorgeous new restaurant in Dallas for an anniversary dinner, date night or bridal party dinner. Inside, you’ll find soaring skylight ceilings, brocade booths, pastel floral prints, delicate chandeliers and white marble countertops.

What to Order 

This new restaurant in Dallas is the perfect place to treat yourself to high-end American classics. Whet your appetite with corn and truffle beignets served with chive crème fraîche, then indulge in tandoori spiced swordfish or lamb loin Wellington for two.

Mister Charles | 3219 Knox St., Dallas, TX 75205 | $$$$

an ornate restaurant dining room with classical tapestries on walls
via Mister Charles

9. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Some new restaurants in Dallas come with a higher price tag than others, but Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a great new restaurant in Dallas for filling your belly without emptying your wallet. Located in the Deep Ellum neighborhood, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop originated in New York and is a unique zero-contact restaurant serving classic diner foods with a dumpling-style twist.

The Vibe

You’ll be greeted by tables and barstool seats and a self-serve screen where you can type in your order. When your food is ready, it will be placed through the wall into a locker-style pickup zone, making this an ideal new restaurant in Dallas for grabbing a bite on the go with minimal human interaction required.  

What to Order 

At this new restaurant in Dallas, you can enjoy standard favorites like vegetable pot stickers and crispy kung pao chicken. However, this is a great place for adventurous foodies who’d love to try unique takes, including mac n’ cheese dumplings, Reuben dumplings and teriyaki burgers.  

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop | 2548 Elm St., Dallas, TX 75226 | $$

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a unique new restaurant in Dallas.
via Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

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10. Barsotti’s

One of the most highly anticipated Dallas restaurant openings, Barsotti’s came into being when the famous New York restaurant Carbone planted a new location in Dallas. The existing (but totally unaffiliated) Carbone’s closed temporarily, changed their name to Barsotti’s and adopted an updated vibe and menu. 

The Vibe

The inside of Barsotti’s brings a more eclectic and modern Italian flair than the former Carbone’s, with tin ceilings, penny tile floors, plush red leather booths and dramatic patterned wallpaper. Barsotti’s is an excellent new restaurant in Dallas for dining with family and friends or enjoying a casual date night. 

What to Order 

Lovers of the original Carbone’s will be relieved to find that Barsotti’s kept many of their bestselling menu items while mixing in a few new choices. Some popular options include the chicken parm vodka, shrimp scampi and fried ravioli. Finish your meal with a bite of delicious carrot cake!

Barsotti’s | 4208 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX 75219 | $$$

spaghetti and meatballs
via Barsotti's

11. Alfonso’s Breakfast Burritos

The boom of new restaurants in Dallas has mainly been focused on high-end establishments, but that doesn’t mean some new laid-back local gems haven’t made their way into the scene. Alfonso’s Breakfast Burritos is located near Duncanville, and while their burritos are a breakfast specialty, you can pop in as late as 6:00 p.m. 

The Vibe

Inside the restaurant, you’ll find a modest setup with an ordering counter, tables and chairs for on-site dining and plenty of friendly faces. Perfect for grabbing a savory bite on the go, Alfonso’s Breakfast Burritos is a great place to fuel up before a busy day of things to do in dallas

What to Order 

It’s hard to go wrong with a breakfast burrito from anywhere, but fans of this new restaurant in Dallas particularly rave about their hot, buttery and tender homemade tortillas. Aside from breakfast burritos, Alfonso’s also serves amazing fajita lunch bowls, carne guisada, barbacoa and more. 

Alfonso’s Breakfast Burritos | 306 N. Cedar Ridge Drive, Duncanville, TX 75116 | $

breakfast burritos
via Canva

12. Crown Block

At the top of Reunion Tower sits Crown Block, one of the best new restaurants in Dallas for a stylish and classy meal with a stellar view of the city. Co-owner and world-renowned chef Kim Canteenwalla heads up the kitchen at this trendy steakhouse, alongside his wife, founder and culinary genius Elizabeth Blau. 

The Vibe

Crown Block’s dining space stands out above all the other new restaurants in Dallas — quite literally. Located on the 18th floor of Reunion Tower, Crown Block’s dining room features impressive wine racks, 360-degree views of Dallas and multiple tables for cozy lamplit dining. Business casual dress code is requested here, with flip-flops, sportswear and ripped jeans not permitted. 

What to Order 

As a classy steakhouse, Crown Block’s menu focuses primarily on seared, grilled and roasted foods, but they can do so much more than just steak and seafood. Some delicious and beautifully plated entrée options include vegan roasted cauliflower, wagyu burgers and sushi rolls.  

Crown Block | 300 Reunion Blvd. E., Dallas, TX 75207 | $$$$

Crown Block is a new restaurant in Dallas with an elevated view and dishes.
via Crown Block

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13. Harvest at the Masonic

While it may not technically be a brand new restaurant in Dallas, Harvest at the Masonic is the revamped Harvest restaurant that moved to a brand new location, an old Masonic lodge. At Harvest’s previous location it was nearly impossible to catch a reservation, but this new restaurant in Dallas offers plenty of seating and delicious menu items. 

The Vibe

Harvest at the Masonic has a cozy, rustic atmosphere with wood tables, exposed brick walls, spacious canvas booths and large wine barrels. The front of the restaurant also has wicker swings and large French doors where you can catch a warm breeze while sipping on cocktails. This is a great new restaurant in Dallas for a relaxing family dinner or casual meal with friends.

What to Order 

Harvest at the Masonic offers a seasonally rotating menu, so it’s best to visit often to get a taste of their latest bites. Some sublime and healthy options could include serrano Caesar salad, bison New York strip steak and chicken tinga tostadas.

Harvest at the Masonic | 215 N. Kentucky St., McKinney, TX 75069 | $$

Blackened Striped Bass, made with black rice and vegetables
via Harvest at the Masonic

14. JOA Korean BBQ

Barbecue is one of the most iconic Dallas foods, but JOA Korean BBQ brings a flavorful twist to the Texan specialty. Located near the Asian trade district, JOA Korean BBQ is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas for Korean hot pot, stew, noodle bowls, ribs and steaks. 

The Vibe

This new restaurant in Dallas has a casual yet moody feel, with sleek and intimate tables, exposed brick walls and intense red mood lighting throughout. JOA Korean BBQ also has a spacious full bar and cozy velvet booths, making it the perfect place to relax and reconnect with friends over hot pot. 

What to Order 

The Taste of Joa is a great deal for two, including a prime short rib, Black Angus hanger steak, marinated short rib and ribeye and shrimp. Cook it up right at your table and enjoy it with sides of rice, salad and soy soup. Sip on chilled soju, sake or a delicious yuzu cocktail while you savor the sizzling meats. 

JOA Korean BBQ | 2254 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75229 | $$

a spread of Korean BBQ meats waiting to be cooked
via JOA Korean BBQ

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15. Maison Chinoise

Maison Chinoise is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas for tasty Chinese food and colorful cocktails. Founded by prolific Dallas restaurateur Alberto Lombardi and located in bustling Uptown, this new restaurant in Dallas is more than just your neighborhood takeout joint. 

The Vibe

Maison Chinoise has a relatively modest front facade, but step inside and you’ll be greeted with warm ambient lights and a swanky atmosphere. The dining area features a full bar with glowing marble, moody dark walls and wood tables with rattan chairs. This is a great new restaurant in Dallas for a sophisticated business meeting or a classy outing with friends.

What to Order 

This new restaurant in Dallas specializes in aesthetically pleasing Asian-inspired dishes that will win over your eyes just as soon as your stomach. Some tasty options include sizzling black pepper beef tenderloin, Chinese duo mushroom salad and premium dim sum and dumplings. Treat yourself to one of their eye-catching cocktails too, like the vibrant Mandarin Sunset.  

Maison Chinoise | 4152 Cole Ave., Suite 106, Dallas, TX 75204 | $$$

Maison Chinoise is a luxurious new restaurants in Dallas.
via Maison Chinoise

16. Saaya

Saaya is a new restaurant in Dallas offering delicious Mediterranean food and a place to relax and recharge away from busy city life. Located in East Dallas, this charming and elegant restaurant isn’t afraid to be a little playful with its menu, décor and on-site entertainment. 

The Vibe

Walking into Saaya feels like walking into the home of the coolest person you know. Eclectic chandeliers, expertly mix-matched prints and groovy plush furniture await you inside, with table arrangements that feel more like a cozy lounge than a restaurant. The sunny outdoor area even has two “karaoke suites,” large glass domes where you can hang out and let loose with your group.   

What to Order 

Saaya is the hottest new restaurant in Dallas for kebabs, rice bowls, Lebanese pizza and mezze plates. For the best experience, arrive with friends, fill up on chicken shawarma and snack on mezze dishes, including hummus, spicy feta dip, crispy cauliflower and falafel. Celebrate good times with a scrumptious Arabian nights cocktail or a hookah for the table. 

Saaya | 2511 Swiss Ave., Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75204 | $$$

Saaya is a fantastic new Mediterranean restaurant in Dallas.
via Saaya

Trying a new restaurant for the first time is a great way to expand your culinary appreciation and practically guaranteed to be an eye-opening experience. From the romantic and decadent to the groovy and energized, these new restaurants in Dallas are sure to thrill your senses and leave you craving more. 

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