The 18 Best Los Angeles Foods to Try in 2024

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Los Angeles food

Are you looking for the best Los Angeles food? Of course, a visit to Los Angeles is not complete without the iconic Hollywood Hills, golden sand of Venice Beach or the glitzy Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the food is the real star. The food scene in the bustling City of Angels is an exciting mix of different flavors from across the world, all waiting for you to try. 

So, which food should you try? There’s a lot of good food in Los Angeles, but these are the best Los Angeles foods that you have to try to experience for yourself.

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Get a Taste of Iconic Los Angeles Foods

One of the best ways to spend your time in LA is going on one of the many exciting food tours in Los Angeles. By joining a food tour, you’ll get to experience Los Angeles cuisine like a local while learning more about the interesting history behind these popular dishes and the city itself. Without a doubt, food tours are one of the best things to do in Los Angeles for anyone looking to eat their way through one of the world's most exciting cities.

20 Best Los Angeles Foods 

1. French Dip Sandwich at Philippe The Original

One of the most famous Los Angeles foods is the famous “French Dip Sandwich” from Philippe the Original. Dating back to 1918, this sandwich is made with roast beef, roast pork, leg of lamb and turkey that is dipped in their famous sauce. 

The Vibe

It may not be fancy, but you’ll find a busy takeaway with that classic fast food décor.  

Why It’s Good

Philippe’s has excelled at creating the perfect sandwich, and their French-dipped pastrami is the best of the best. The tenderness of these sandwiches is why it is a classic Los Angeles cuisine option. 

Philippe The Original | 1001 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012 | $$

Philippe The Original's French Dips are some of the best Los Angeles food.
via Philippe the Original

2. Pastrami Sandwich at Langer's Deli

The meat in this sandwich has been considered some of the best pastrami in the world since 1947. The Pastrami Sandwich from Langer’s Deli is a must for people who want to try amazing Los Angeles food.  

The Vibe

The classic 1940s theme of the restaurant is paired with vintage leather booths and bar stools. The massive serving counter helps to create the authentic post-war feeling of the time, making it a nostalgic experience. 

Why It’s Good

What makes Langer’s Deli’s sandwich such a popular Los Angeles food is that the recipe has never changed. With eight different variations of the pastrami sandwich, you can keep going back until you’ve tried them all.   

Langer’s Deli | 704 S. Alvarado St., Los Angeles, CA 90057 | $$

pastrami sandwich
via Langer's Deli

3. The Godmother at Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

The Godmother sandwich by Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery is the ultimate Los Angeles food. Their other sandwiches are incredible too, but the Godmother is a perennial crowd favorite.

The Vibe 

Inside, you’ll find a modern Italian deli paired with the smell of freshly baked loaves of bread and rolls. If you weren’t hungry before, you’d certainly be now with this delicious Los Angeles food.  

Why It’s Good

You just can’t beat freshly baked bread and authentic Italian cold meats paired with various cheeses and tomatoes — a combo that makes this a staple Los Angeles food. 

Bay Cities Italian Deli | 1517 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401 | $$

deli sandwich
via Bay Cities Italian Deli

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4. Avocado Toast at Zinc Café & Market 

Having a full vegetarian menu allows Zinc Café & Market to specialize in creating some of the best breakfast and lunch options in Los Angeles. One of the most popular options is their famous avocado toast. 

The Vibe

The founder of Zinc is a landscape architect who designed the open concept and modern layout. With contemporary and immaculate details, you will feel relaxed while enjoying your meal.

Why It’s Good

Even though it’s just called avocado toast, the meal is packed with herbs to give the crunchy toast an extra kick. 

Zinc Café & Market | 580 Mateo St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 | $$

Avocado toast is an essential Los Angeles food.
via Zinc Café & Market 

5. Hickory Burger at The Apple Pan 

If you’ve never had a bite of the Hickory Burger, you’re missing out! Considered to be one of the best Los Angeles food options, The Apple Pan, built in the 1940s, is one of the most popular diners in Los Angeles

The Vibe

While this lively little classic diner has a tiny counter, there are multiple outside benches for you to enjoy your burgers or pies at while basking under the hot Californian sun.  

Why It’s Good

The sweet, smokey and tangy sauce on the perfectly burger complements the crispy greens and perfectly cooked burger meat. This is a Los Angeles food you'll crave time and time again.

The Apple Pan | 10801 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 | $$

hickory burger
via The Apple Pan

6. Martini at Musso & Frank Grill

Known for many specialty drinks and cuisine options, Musso & Frank Grill always has unique options just waiting for you to try. The restaurant is over 100 years old, making it the oldest restaurant in Hollywood. 

The Vibe

Inside, you will be greeted with an elegant and classic feel made special by the warm woods and soft lights. 

Why It’s Good

Shaken or stirred, the classic martini from Musso & Frank Grill has that perfect crisp taste that pairs well with Los Angeles food.  

Musso & Frank Grill | 6667 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 | $$$

The martini at Musso and Frank Grill is an iconic Los Angeles food.
via Canva

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7. Chili Cheese Hot Dog at Cupid's Hot Dogs

Considered to be the best hot dog location in Los Angeles since 1946, Cupid’s Hot Dogs keeps it simple by serving hot dogs, chips and drinks. They are experts at making chili cheese dogs that are some of the best Los Angeles food you’ll ever try.  

The Vibe

While small, the takeaway building of the original Cupid’s Hot Dogs has a classic California charm atmosphere with a laid-back feeling.  

Why It’s Good

This all-beef meat hotdog with a snap of mustard, onions and the famous chili hits the spot every time. Don’t forget to add the cheese.

Cupid’s Hot Dogs | 20030 Vanowen St., Winnetka, CA 91306 | $

chili cheese dog
via Cupid's Hot Dogs

8. Chili Dog at Pink’s Hot Dogs

Yes, we’ve got two chili dogs on our list. Hear us out: If you’re a fan of hot dogs and the color pink, you’ve got to pay a visit to Pink’s. With their simple chili cheese hot dog recipe and iconic venue, Pink’s Hot Dogs is now a historic Los Angeles food location.

The Vibe

The bright pink building is home to a classic hot dog takeaway dive. You’ll recognize the bright red trays from those famous photos of celebrities who have eaten there. 

Why It’s Good

The simplicity of the chili hot dog has not changed since its opening, and that’s why it's so good. Pair it with cheese or other options to create a hot dog masterpiece. 

Pink’s Hot Dogs | 709 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038 | $$

Pink's Hot Dogs are a famous Los Angeles food.
via Pink's Hot Dogs

9. Ice Cream Sandwich at Diddy Riese Cookies 

An ice cream sandwich is the ultimate Los Angeles food. This cookie, brownies and ice cream location is known far and wide for its famous ice cream sandwiches. Diddy Riese Cookies is a must-visit in Los Angeles. 

The Vibe

The interior of the building is small yet has the classic ice cream parlor charm. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store, looking at all the ice cream flavors inside the counter. 

Why It’s Good

Create your dream dessert by combining one of the freshly baked cookies and many different ice cream flavors. 

Diddy Riese Cookies | 926 Broxton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024 | $

ice cream cookie sandwiches
via Daddy Riese Cookies

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10. Hollenbeck Burrito at Manuel's Original El Tepeyac Café

A staple of Los Angeles foods, the Hollenbeck burrito by the El Tepeyac Café is a must for Los Angeles visitors and locals alike. It opened in 1955, and sitting inside the original El Tepeyac Café, you can feel the history flowing through the building.

The Vibe  

From the stone walls outside to the modern décor indoors, El Tepeyac Café is a charming lunch spot.  

Why It’s Good

This five-pound burrito is packed with pork, red chile, rice, beans and more to give you that classic burrito taste with the El Tepeyac Café’s famous recipe. 

El Tepeyac Café | 812 N. Evergreen Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90033 | $$

large burrito
via Canva

11. Strawberry Donuts at The Donut Man

Say goodbye to plain old donuts and try these delicious strawberry donuts. The Donut Man will be able to fulfill your craving for some of the best donuts in Los Angeles.  

The Vibe

As you walk into the tiny building, you are greeted with the smell and sight of hundreds of donuts just ready for you to enjoy. This sensory experience alone makes it a favorite Los Angeles food. 

Why It’s Good

The strawberry donuts are seasonal, so the ingredients are fresh. The donut is packed with sweet strawberries and syrup, making it one of the best donuts in the world.  

The Donut Man | 915 E. Rt. 66, Glendora, CA 91740 | $

Strawberry doughnuts are an iconic Los Angeles food.
via The Donut Man

12. Birria Tacos at Birrieria San Marcos 

The spicy and savory birria tacos from Birrieria San Marcos are some of the best authentic Mexican tacos in the Los Angeles food scene. 

The Vibe

Modern meets authentic Mexican street food inside the popular food truck. While the lines may be long, it’s a great place to make new friends. 

Why It’s Good

The crunchy tacos with the classic Mexican flavors of meat doused in a delicious broth are why these are some of the best tacos you can get in Los Angeles. 

Birrieria San Marcos | 5621 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 | $$

Crunchy tacos are an essential Los Angeles food.
via Birrieria San Marcos

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13. Waffle Sandwich at Bruxie 

Yes, you read that right. It’s a waffle sandwich! By mixing the perfect waffles and crispy chicken from Bruxie, you get one of the best cuisine options in the Los Angeles food scene. 

The Vibe

Inside, you’ll find the makings of a casual takeaway restaurant filled with excited diners ready to bite into their sweet treats. 

Why It’s Good

The sweet and savory combination of waffles and fried chicken is unbeatable, especially if you pair it with a generous helping of sticky maple syrup. 

Bruxie | Multiple Locations | $$

chicken and waffle sandwich
via Bruxie

14. Chicken and Waffles at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles

Name a better combo than chicken and waffles. One of the best places in the Los Angeles food scene to get chicken and waffles since 1975, Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles keeps it simple. 

The Vibe

You’ll be right at home inside Roscoe’s, thanks to the wooden fixtures and wall décor that create a classic soul food feel but with a modern twist. 

Why It’s Good

The perfectly crisp yet moist fried chicken is complemented by the sweet and savory waffles that demonstrate why this is one of the best food pairings. 

Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles | 1514 N. Gower St., Los Angeles, CA 90028 | $$

Chicken and waffles at Roscoe's are an iconic Los Angeles food.
via Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles

15. California-Style Pizza at The Original California Pizza Kitchen

The thing about Los Angeles food is that it has its own style: California style. By mixing the New York and Italian styles of thin crust, you get the California-style pizza. Feast on the original California pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.  

The Vibe

The vibrant yellow paint in the pizzeria creates a lively and upbeat place for you to enjoy your dinner and drinks with friends. 

Why It’s Good

The house-made dough is hand-tossed and made with authentic Los Angeles flavors. You won’t find pizza like this anywhere else in California. 

California Pizza Kitchen | Multiple Locations | $$

people eating pizza
via California Pizza Kitchen

16. Egg Rolls at Golden Deli

Take a journey to Vietnam with the crispy egg rolls from the Golden Deli. This restaurant is one of the best Los Angeles food and dining options for exceptional Vietnamese cuisine. 

The Vibe

Sleek meets modern, here, offering diners a calming place to explore the rich flavors of authentic Vietnamese food. 

Why It’s Good

The Golden Deli is known for its fried egg rolls with a crispy shell. Choose your fillings, from shrimp to grilled pork. Both are full of traditional Vietnamese flavor. 

Golden Deli | 815 W. Las Tuna Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776 | $$

fried egg rolls
via Golden Deli

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17. Cheesy Pork Ribs at Mister Bossam 

You can’t visit Los Angeles without stopping in at Mister Bossam for some of the best Korean meals in LA. Their comfort foods like soups and the classic Bossam are what make this some of the best Los Angeles food.  

The Vibe

The sleek black leather and exposed red brick make for a modern and fun place to spend the evening with friends.  

Why It’s Good

The spicy Korean flavors of the pork ribs are complemented by a bubbly cheese coating, making it an excellent lunch option in the Los Angeles food scene.  

Mister Bossam |  338 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020 | $$

Mister Bossam serves some of the best Los Angeles food.
via Mister Bossam

18. California Roll at Sushi Katsu-ya  

When it comes to choosing sushi, you can’t beat the classic California sushi roll, especially if it's from Sushi Katsu-ya in Studio City. This is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. 

The Vibe

With elements of classic wooden Japanese architecture combined with clean, modern décor and bold ceiling art, Sushi Katsu-ya is a hub for good Los Angeles food and company.  

Why It’s Good

The simple yet perfect blend of crab, avocado and cucumber wrapped in seaweed and sticky rice makes it one of the best Los Angeles foods that you can get. 

Sushi Katsu-ya | 11680 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604 | $$

California roll
via Canva

With such a variety of Los Angeles food, there is certainly something for everyone. All you need to do now is just pick one you want to try. Or why not try them all if you have the time? The small eateries and renowned restaurants in Los Angeles will never get dull with such an incredible range of flavors and vibes at your fingertips.

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