16 Best Korean Restaurants in San Francisco, CA for 2024

Published on June 4, 2024 | 0 Comments
Korean Restaurants in San Francisco

Some of the most thrilling dining experiences you'll find in Northern California are waiting in the incredible array of Korean restaurants around San Francisco. These eateries are filled with authentic dishes that give San Francisco food its unique international character.

But how can you track down the best? Whether you want to dine in or take away, you can slice into our selection of spots below to find the best Korean food in San Francisco. We’ve arranged a digital excursion through San Francisco's Korean restaurants, all of which are sure to show you a delicious time. If you’re looking for things to do in San Francisco with a gourmet global spin, these Korean restaurants in San Francisco represent a palate-pleasing adventure.


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Find the Best Korean Food in San Francisco

Get a head start on our travels toward the best Korean restaurants in the city with guided food tours in San Francisco. You'll embark on a journey that explores the history of the City by the Bay as you root out the most exciting Korean restaurants in San Francisco and stop in for dishes that are sure to make the trip worthwhile. Your guides for these treks are local experts who know which Korean restaurants in San Francisco are sure to satisfy curious gourmets in search of moments worth savoring.

Discover the best Korean restaurants in San Francisco
via Canva

16 Best Korean Restaurants in San Francisco

1. Um.Ma

Celebrating Korean culture and cuisine is what Um.Ma is all about. This Michelin-starred spot is a true gem among the many Korean restaurants San Francisco has to offer, showing off an outdoor oasis with old-growth trees for al fresco dining while guests enjoy creative takes on traditional favorites.

The Vibe

Upscale yet laid back, with picnic table seating indoors to encourage a sense of community.

What to Order

Korean spare ribs are a sure winner here, topped with a citrus gochujang sauce made in-house. For the vegetarians in your crew, classic bibimbap combines veggies with rice and eggs for a satisfying bowl.

Um.Ma | 1220 9th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122 | $$

Try these spare ribs at this Korean restaurant in San Francisco
via Um.Ma

2. Manna

The owners of Manna take pride in providing a diverse and expansive menu that makes other Korean restaurants in San Francisco look conservative by comparison. It's all part of the master plan to bring the best regional cuisine possible to those seeking the best San Francisco food, whether they're long-time residents or travelers passing through.

The Vibe

Small, simple and modern surroundings allow the phenomenal food to do the talking.

What to Order

Fried dumplings filled with beef and vegetables will start you off on a savory note. Follow it up with a bowl of kimchi fried rice for a traditional pairing that only the best Korean restaurants in San Francisco can provide.

Manna | 845 Irving St., San Francisco, CA 94122 | $$

Kim Chi at Manna
via Manna

3. Han Il Kwan

At Han Il Kwan, take a Korean culinary journey via authentic regional recipes. This thoughtful Korean restaurant in San Francisco aims to expose diners to the rich heritage of Korea by sharing bountiful flavors unique to the country and its people.

The Vibe

Deceptively spacious and family friendly inside, with an unassuming storefront that hides deliciously affordable treasures.

What to Order

Korean barbeque, anyone? Grab your fill of spare ribs, beef rib eye, spicy pork and even prawns with vegetables for a taste of a traditional favorite you're sure to love. 

Han Il Kwan | 1802 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA 94121 | $$

Try a Korean BBQ at this spot in San Francisco
via Han Il Kwan

4. Surisan

Merging modern elegance with traditional culinary character, Surisan is a top pick among Korean restaurants on the San Francisco dining scene. Wharf District diners can enjoy time-honored dishes conjured from organic local ingredients in this exemplary eatery, courtesy of Executive Chef Nick Yoon.

The Vibe

Airy and inviting, with a spacious seating area wrapped in contemporary design.

What to Order

Turn up for brunch or lunch and sink your teeth into a Belly Bap — a bibimbap variation featuring a tender pork belly with fried eggs and fluffy rice.

Surisan | 505 Beach St., San Francisco, CA 94133 | $$$

Korean restaurants in San Francisco severe great meals
via Surisan

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5. Daeho Kalbijim & Beef Soup

Welcome to Daeho Kalbijim & Beef Soup, a Korean restaurant in San Francisco that can trace its origins back to NorCal, the first of the chain's locations on 1620 Post Street and the first of several in the area. The expansion of this growing chain is an even more impressive feat considering the initial opening took place in 2019 and includes five locales as of 2024!

The Vibe

Bright and lively, with a refreshing modern palette and chic design touches.

What to Order

If you're looking for Instagram-worthy things to do in San Francisco, your followers will love the kalbijim, a feast for groups to savor and share. This hot-pot mix of braised beef ribs topped with gooey cheese and served with rice and vegetables makes a visual impact you can feel in your taste buds.

Daeho Kalbijim & Beef Soup | Multiple Locations | $$$

Delicious Korean braised beef with cheese
via Daeho Kalbijim & Beef Soup

6. Moo Bong Ri

Review after review on the Yelp page for Moo Bong Ri shows diners singing the praises of one of the most highly regarded Korean restaurants San Francisco. No wonder this humble diner was rated as one of Yelp's "Top 10 Best Korean Restaurants Near San Francisco."

The Vibe

A clean and quaint dining room, modestly adorned and thoroughly welcoming.

What to Order

The noodled spicy rice cakes look like a sure winner of a dish. You'll get oversized noodles in a creamy sauce seasoned to the hilt, peppered with slices of sausage.

Moo Bong Ri | 4390 Telegraph Ave., Ste. K, Oakland, CA 94609 | $$

Noodle rice cakes
via Moo Bong Ri

7. Han Sang

The "San Francisco Chronicle" has called Han Sang one of the best Korean restaurants in San Francisco, praising this top-notch kitchen for recreating the finest specialties of the region. Guests note the generous portions and superior service during their visits — sure signs of an enjoyable experience.

The Vibe

Cozy and contemporary, with clever touches like door-shaped menu covers that open to a delicious oasis.

What to Order

Seol-Leong-Tang is Han Sang's signature Seoul-inspired dish, an ox-bone soup featuring savory broth with tender brisket and the aromatic warmth of spring onions.

Han Sang | 420 Broadway Millbrae, CA 94030 | $$$

This is one of the best Korean restaurants San Francisco has to offer!
via Han Sang

8. Muguboka

As one of the most popular Korean restaurants in San Francisco, Muguboka is often subject to rushes of hungry customers eager to grab a bite to eat. Humble versions of Korean classics fill the menu for a hearty collection of dishes guests love to rave about online.

The Vibe

This simple, serene space gives visitors plenty of natural light to bask in as they dine.

What to Order

Haemul pa jun, or seafood and vegetable pancakes, are delicate crêpe-like creations chock-a-block with delicious bits and bobs that add taste and texture to every bite.

Muguboka | 401 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA 94118 | $$

Korean seafood pancakes
via Muguboka

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9. Jina Bakes

A stand-out among the other Korean restaurants around San Francisco, Jina Bakes turns the focus to the baked traditions of the region. This delightfully creative patisserie blends European flair with Korean authenticity and comes up with a collection of affordable baked wonders reflecting the best of both cultures.

The Vibe

Soothing neutral tones and stark white walls create a clean and stylish presence.

What to Order

A kalbijjim croissant is like an all-in-one meal, a flaky, open-faced bake stacked with vegetables, braised short rib pieces and mozzarella melted on top.

Jina Bakes | 1581 Webster St., Ste. 150, San Francisco, CA 94115 | $

This is a popular spot for Korean food in San Francisco
via Jina Bakes

10. 707 Sutter

Natty Nob Hill is home to 707 Sutter, a seriously tempting Korean restaurant in San Francisco. The self-described modern industrial vibe here supplies hip Korean dining with an edgy spirit that holds distinctive allure for younger foodies around the city. Add to your must-see list of fun restaurants in San Francisco!

The Vibe

Brick décor, black walls and subdued lighting infuse this spot with an exciting underground energy.

What to Order

Be adventurous and try the sea snails with vegetables or stay on the safe side of the menu and order 707 ramen with your choice of seafood or beef added to the bowl.

707 Sutter | 707 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109 | $$

Bi Bim Bop at this Korean restaurant
via 707 Sutter

11. San Ho Won

Located in the heart of the Mission District, San Ho Won presents Korean restaurants in San Francisco with a charcoal kitchen that brings a fine dining feel to heritage recipes. The result is a thoughtful eatery where beloved creations get the gourmet treatment, much to the delight of dedicated patrons.

The Vibe

The unfussy design with lots of natural surfaces makes visitors feel at ease while they eat.

What to Order

Go for the Gwangyang-style bulgogi, a luxe take featuring prime rib-eye beef marinated to succulent perfection.

San Ho Won | 2170 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94110 | $$$

This fine dining San Francisco Korean restaurant is a must-try
via San Ho Won

12. Yakiniq

If all-you-can-eat barbeque sounds like your choice for Korean restaurants in San Francisco, then Yakiniq is the spot for you. You'll find your fill just blocks from the Tenderloin District, an aptly-named location for a dining room where superior meats abound, surrounded by vibrant vegetables for a bit of balance.

The Vibe

Paneled walls and dark finishes wrap guests in easy-going luxury.

What to Order

For $36.99, you can have your fill of all the Korean barbeque classics, trying out dishes like beef brisket, kimchi soup and garlic butter chicken.

Yakiniq | 1640 Post St., San Francisco, CA 94115 | $$$

Korean BBQ
via Yakiniq

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13. Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Typical of the type of buffet-style Korean restaurant San Francisco eaters adore, Happy Lamb Hot Pot boasts a joyful atmosphere and food in abundance. It isn't difficult to fill the table with a variety of meat and vegetable dishes, enough to feed family and friends lucky enough to be invited along.

The Vibe

All the brightness and charm the name suggests, plus fabulous food for days on full display.

What to Order

While the carnivores can get their fill of braised meats and beef stews, vegans will love the array of tofu dishes that hold their own on the menu.

Happy Lamb Hot Pot | 405 Mason St., San Francisco, CA 94102 | $$$

This San Francisco Korean restaurant is great for vegetarians
via Happy Lamb Hot Pot

14. Ssal

Premium dining among Korean restaurants in San Francisco is the specialty at Ssal. This thoroughly modern, Michelin-starred bistro serves a gourmet tasting menu of inventive dishes that changes on a whim, thanks to the creativity of Chef Junsoo's who blends Korean tradition and French culinary sensibilities.

The Vibe

Tastefully minimalistic, like a marriage between Scandinavian and Asian aesthetics.

What to Order

Deluxe versions of beef short ribs, fried squash blossoms and beef tartare are just a few of the premium selections you may find gracing your table, depending on when you stop by.

Ssal | 2226 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109 | $$$$

Korean beef short rib
via Ssal

15. Brothers Restaurant

At Brothers Restaurant, the chefs don't mess around when it comes to honoring the grand tradition of Korean restaurants around San Francisco. In operation for more than 30 years, this legacy eatery makes its own in-house soybean paste and uses mesquite-fire grills instead of gas to imbue every dish with as much flavor as possible.

The Vibe

Long tables make for energetic family-style dining here.

What to Order

Lightly battered fried chicken tempura offers crisp and juicy fare, while the more exotic yukhwe is a Korean version of beef tartare topped with raw egg yolk.

Brothers Restaurant | 4128 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94118 | $$

This San Francisco Korean restaurant is very popular in the city
via Brothers Restaurant 

16. KoJa Kitchen

At KoJa Kitchen, the chefs have reinvented what it means to be a Korean restaurant in San Francisco, making theirs a culinary lab where catch-all cuisine takes on a distinctively Asian personality. Tacos, bowls, burgers and sandwiches all join the roundabout, filled with recognizable Korean elements in a fusion format that offers something for every appetite.

The Vibe

The ultra-modern, fast-casual layout makes the experience laser-focused.

What to Order

Though it all looks amazing, your best bet is the Original KoJa, a pulled pork-like sandwich stuffed to bursting with barbeque short rib and sesame vinaigrette lettuce that makes a fine Korean slaw.

KoJa Kitchen | Multiple Locations | $$

Pulled pork Koja
via KoJa Kitchen

Korean restaurants in San Francisco add an undeniably charming global element to the spirit of Bay Area dining. With such an inviting selection of the most authentic Korean food San Francisco can provide, you’re only steps away from finding your new favorite Korean restaurant in San Francisco, no matter where in the city you are.

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