Where To Find the Best Hibachi in Austin, TX in 2024

Published on July 10, 2024 | 0 Comments
Top places for hibachi in Austin include food trucks and upscale restaurants

Are you on the hunt for the best hibachi in Austin? Featuring delicious stir-fried meat, seafood, vegetables and fried rice, among other dishes, the hibachi experience offers something for everyone. Best of all, there are many excellent places for hibachi in Austin, Texas. 

However, with so many delicious hibachi options in ATX, finding the right spot can feel as intimidating as trying to catch a shrimp in your mouth in front of your friends! To help you out, this guide has rounded up 11 of the best places for hibachi in Austin, from restaurants perfect for group dinners to fantastic food trucks and everything in between. 


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The 11 Best Hibachi Restaurants in Austin, TX

1. TenTen 

A classic Japanese eatery in every sense of the word, TenTen is a restaurant for hibachi in Austin that promises to satisfy your culinary desires. Offering hibachi-style grilled meats as well as fresh sushi and sashimi, TenTen’s menu covers a lot of ground, and it does it all with skill and grace. Plus, they have a great selection of sake and Japanese cocktails, providing ample refreshments to sip on as you eat.  

The Vibe

With a modern, industrial ambiance, cozy booths and dim lighting, this place for hibachi in Austin is ideal for a date night dinner or fancy night out with friends.

What to Order

Try something new while dining at this restaurant for hibachi in Austin, such as quail egg sashimi, pairing the more unique dishes with classics like short ribs or smoked tofu. There’s a full plant-based menu as well for vegans and vegetarians, plus an excellent happy hour most days of the week.

TenTen | 501 W. Sixth St., Ste. 100, Austin, TX 78701 | $$

TenTen is a great spot for hibachi in Austin
via TenTen

2. Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar

The bustling Shogun is one of the best places for hibachi around Austin, offering an extensive menu of popular Japanese dishes. While located about 30 minutes from central Austin in Pflugerville, it’s well worth the journey to enjoy the array of teppanyaki dishes on offer. 

The Vibe 

This popular restaurant for hibachi near Austin has a modern design, Japanese décor accents and a fun atmosphere, with both grill-side dining and more intimate booth seating available. Enjoying a meal at this unique restaurant is a must, whether you’re planning a family dinner or a catch-up with friends or are looking for dinner date ideas in Austin

What to Order

No matter what type of hibachi protein you want, they’ll have it here. Popular options include the filet mignon and the scallops. The teppanyaki yakisoba dishes are also a must-try. 

Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar | 18860 Limestone Commercial Drive, Pflugerville, TX 78660 | $$

A plate with hibachi steak, shrimp, rice and vegetables
via Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar

3. J’s Hibachi

Offering some of the best hibachi in Austin, J’s Hibachi is a food truck that has garnered some serious steam as one of the most popular Japanese eateries in the city. J’s Hibachi offers an incredible option if you’re craving hibachi food but want the convenience of takeout. Plus, with its affordable prices, this cool food truck in Austin is one of the best places to head to if you’re seeking some delicious hibachi food on a budget.  

The Vibe

J’s Hibachi is a chill and easygoing food truck that’s great for those looking for good food on the go. Depending on where the truck is parked, there may be some tables and chairs nearby to sit down and eat. 

What to Order

You won’t want to miss the steak and shrimp plates at this spot for hibachi in Austin. The fried rice is also loved by regulars.

J’s Hibachi | Location Varies | $

Shrimp, vegetables and rice
via Canva

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4. Ichiban

Ichiban is one of the places for hibachi in Austin that highlights the traditional comforts of Japanese cuisine. Diners can feast on a range of items, from classic hibachi dishes to an extensive selection of sushi and even a variety of Korean dishes. 

The Vibe

This hibachi grill in Austin doesn’t offer the typical showmanship that you’ll find at other hibachi spots, but the service and ambiance make for an excellent, memorable dining experience. Resembling a Japanese bar, it’s a fun spot for a night out and dining at the sushi counter is a great idea if you’re in a small group.  

What to Order

Order your favorite sushi rolls, with sushi and sashimi combos available, plus some hibachi fried rice and grilled meats. If you have room, make sure to also try the bibimbap while dining at this Japanese-Korean fusion spot for hibachi in Austin. 

Ichiban | 7310 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757 | $$

Ichiban is a popular place for sushi and hibachi in Austin
via Ichiban

5. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse 

A popular place for birthday parties, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is a hibachi restaurant in Austin that’s known for its interactive hibachi cooking performances. Featuring entertaining and talented chefs, a meal at Kobe is as exciting as it is delicious. Whether you’re planning a birthday dinner or a unique date night, this spot has you covered. As one of the most family-friendly restaurants in Austin, it’s also an exciting place for a family dinner.

The Vibe 

If you’re looking for places for hibachi in Austin that are lively and energetic, this is definitely the restaurant for you! With grills in the middle of tables, you can watch as your dishes are expertly prepared right in front of you. If you want a quieter, more intimate experience, that’s still possible by sitting at the bar.

What to Order   

The chicken teriyaki is a popular order and you can’t go wrong with any of the steak options at this fun place for hibachi in Austin. There are also tofu options for plant-based eaters and an array of seafood dishes, including hibachi dishes and appetizers like tuna tartar and yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño. 

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse | 13492 US-183, Ste. 380, Austin, TX 78750 | $$

A hibachi chef cooking at a grill
via Canva

6. Sushi Japon & Hibachi Grill 

Sushi Japon & Hibachi Grill is a hibachi restaurant in Austin that provides an exciting experience, complete with skilled chefs who put on a grand show cooking up your meal. Dining at this fun restaurant in Austin is sure to leave your party as entertained as they are full!

The Vibe

This spot for hibachi in Austin has a family-friendly and welcoming aura, with plenty of energetic chefs setting an excitable tone throughout the space thanks to their fun and interactive hibachi cooking routine.   

What to Order

The hibachi steak and shrimp are both popular orders. The Veggie Lover’s hibachi plate, with tofu and lots of fresh vegetables, is a delicious choice if you don’t eat meat or seafood. As the name suggests, this place for hibachi in Austin also serves a wide array of freshly made sushi rolls that pair great with your hibachi dinner.  

Sushi Japon & Hibachi Grill | 6801 N. Interstate Highway 35, Austin, TX 78752 | $$

A plate with hibachi meat, shrimp and vegetables next to fried rice
via Sushi Japon & Hibachi Grill

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7. Uchiko

Dining at Uchiko is one of the best hibachi experiences in Austin, hands down. This offspring of Uchi by James Beard award-winning Chef Tyson Cole is any foodie’s paradise, featuring dishes that pair innovative flavors with immaculate presentation. 

Uchiko’s elevated take on Japanese cuisine sees mouth-watering steak and seafood hibachi dishes complemented by an unforgettable sushi bar, leading to a culinary experience that you and your fellow diners won’t forget any time soon.

The Vibe

Uchiko has an upscale, modern atmosphere complete with minimalist Japanese décor accents. Sitting at the sushi bar is the best way to get the full experience but there is also table seating and an outdoor patio. It’s suggested that you make a reservation at this popular place for hibachi in Austin as reservations book up quickly and getting a walk-in table is unlikely.    

What to Order

The vast menu at Uchiko has something for everyone. Just a few of the most popular dishes include the dry-aged steak and the hearth-roasted lobster. Just remember to save room for dessert because this restaurant is famous for its variety of sweet treats, such as the Milk and Cereal dessert, which features fried milk served with chocolate mousse and toasted milk ice cream.  

Uchiko | 4200 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78756 | $$$

Uchiko is a high-end place for Japanese fare and hibachi in Austin
via Uchiko


8. Nagoya Steak and Sushi

Offering a classic tableside hibachi experience as well as an extensive sushi bar, Nagoya Steak and Sushi is the ideal place for hibachi in Austin if you want an authentic experience. It’s also a top choice for all occasions, from intimate date nights to fun celebrations for a birthday in Austin.

The Vibe

Customers have their choice of ambiance when dining at Nagoya. They can enjoy lively entertainment at the hibachi grill, dine on fresh sushi at the sushi bar or sip craft cocktails at the martini bar. There’s truly something for everyone! 

What to Order

It’s hard to go wrong with the beef or scallop hibachi meals. If you’re in the mood for sushi, they offer a wide selection of creative special rolls. 

Nagoya Steak and Sushi | 11630 N. FM 620 N., Austin, TX 78750 | $$

A hibachi grill with meat, shrimp and vegetables
via Nagoya Steak and Sushi

9. Highway Hibachi

It’s all in the name at Highway Hibachi, a food truck that’s picking up speed as one of the best places for hibachi in Austin. Featuring a wonderfully simple menu of hibachi-style fare as well as some dumplings and other small bites, Highway Hibachi will cure your cravings to the fullest extent.  

The Vibe

This hibachi truck in Austin typically offers outdoor seating, making it a great option for both dining in and taking out. You’ll easily spot it as well with its pretty cherry blossom decals. 

What to Order

Play the hits at this popular food truck serving hibachi in Austin and get a hibachi plate with your favorite protein. Alternatively, take things to the next level and get a hibachi-style burrito, which is just as delicious as you would imagine.  

Highway Hibachi | 1311 S. First St., Austin, TX 78704 | $$

A takeout container with hibachi chicken and broccoli
via Highway Hibachi

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10. FatBoyz Hibachi 

One of the best things to do in Austin is exploring the local food truck scene, with FatBoyz Hibachi being a can’t-miss stop for fans of delicious Japanese food. FatBoyz is part of the recent boom of food trucks serving hibachi in Austin, and they’re a worthy member of the scene, to say the least. Featuring friendly service, a chill ambiance and some of the best hibachi in Austin, FatBoyz Hibachi is the place to check out when searching for quick and delicious eats.

The Vibe

Typically located in a bustling food truck park, this spot serving hibachi in Austin is the perfect place to grab a quick and easy meal with friendly service.

What to Order

The surf and turf, which features perfectly cooked steak and tasty shrimp, is one of the most popular orders at this hibachi in Austin food truck. The fried rice is also outstanding. 

FatBoyz Hibachi | 10701 Menchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748 | $$

FatBoyz Hibachi is a food truck serving hibachi in Austin
via FatBoyz Hibachi

11. Uchi

A stylish and sophisticated cousin of Uchiko (see above), Uchi offers a hibachi-esque experience in Austin that’s perfect for foodies who want to taste the restaurant’s self-described “non-traditional Japanese cuisine.” Uchi is operated by James Beard Award-winning Chef Tyson Cole, whose tasting menu offers one of the top sushi experiences in the city.  

The Vibe

Elegant and upscale, Uchi offers impeccable service to go along with the imaginative menu. 

What to Order

The seasonal omakase is definitely worth splurging on. Plus, this upscale place for Japanese fare and hibachi in Austin is flexible when it comes to dietary restrictions, such as not eating meat or seafood.  

Uchi | 801 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704 | $$$

Japanese skewers on a black plate next to a sauce
via Uchi

Try Hibachi Catering in Austin 

There’s nothing like going out for hibachi in Austin, but if you want to enjoy hibachi at home, hibachi catering in Austin offers a more intimate and personalized experience. These events are perfect for a date night, birthday party or any time you’re in the mood for an entertaining meal that packs plenty of flavor and flair.

If you want to expand your culinary craft to the fullest extent, you could also take a few cooking classes in Austin. These hands-on sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced chef instructor while discovering how to prepare Japanese and hibachi dishes like a pro. 

Austin might be famous for its barbecue food, but the city’s hibachi options hold their own on the ATX culinary landscape. Whether you want an upscale date night or are planning a group birthday dinner, there’s guaranteed to be a restaurant serving hibachi in Austin that will fit the bill. You can even find grab-and-go options at one of many hibachi food trucks. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the ultimate blend of flavor and entertainment by experiencing the world of hibachi in Austin!  

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