Where To Get the Best Fast Food in Austin, TX in 2024

Published on July 2, 2024 | 0 Comments
fast food Austin

Austin is the state capital of Texas and is known as the live music capital of the world. Aside from the many various activities in the city, there is also a thriving food scene with many amazing restaurants and Austin fast food joints to try. However, finding the best spots to sample first can be daunting, so we’ve compiled a list of the 17 best fast foods in Austin for you to try.

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Find The Best Fast Food Restaurants in Austin

Indulge in Austin’s fast food offering while exploring the city and taking in the views with food tours in Austin. Explore the history of this cultural and musical hub, get the inside scoop from the local guides and experience the vibrant culinary locations in Austin. Discover the best pizza and burger joints and try the most unique fast food in Austin.

The 17 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Austin, TX

1. Torchy's Tacos

Starting as a small trailer on South First, Torchy’s Tacos has grown into its own taco empire with locations all over Austin and 14 other states across the United States, making it one of the top Austin fast food joints.

The Vibe 

Each Torchy is slightly different but generally, the chain sticks to the same aesthetic across all stores. Each spot has a cozy interior with multiple tables and counters. The atmosphere is lively and inviting.

What to Order 

Depending on the location you’re likely to find a slightly varied menu with different monthly tacos available. The most popular item at this Austin fast food spot is the Trailer Park Taco. If you want something unique, order from Torchy’s secret menu.

Torchy’s Tacos | Multiple Locations | $$

A variety of items from this fast food restaurant in Austin, including burritos, tacos, nacho's and drinks.
via Torchy’s Tacos

2. Chi’Lantro BBQ

If you are looking for delicious Korean fast food in Austin, look no further than Chi’Lantro, home of the famous kimchi fries. This Korean barbecue joint was opened in 2010 by owner Jae Kim.

The Vibe 

Like most other Austin fast food establishments, Chi’Lantro started as a food truck but is now a popular and recognizable fast-casual restaurant that even appeared on Shark Tank!

What to Order 

Order some of the best BBQ food in Austin from Chi’Lantro. From its famous kimchi fries to the Korean-style fried chicken wings, you are bound to find something you’ll love here.

Chi’Lantro | Multiple Locations | $$

Kimchi fries with cheese is a top seller at this fast food restaurant in Austin.
via Chi’Lantro

3. Chuy’s

Chuy’s is one of the most recognizable and prolific Austin food joints for fast food. Opening way back in 1982, Chuy’s has grown into a beloved Austin fast food spot.

The Vibe 

Each restaurant is decorated with various bright colors, along with dangling wooden fish, hubcaps and various car parts. The popular place for fast food in Austin also has a shrine dedicated to the king of rock, Elvis Presley.

What to Order 

This Tex-Mex fast food joint in Austin features various Tex-Mex staples, such as fajitas, tacos, margaritas, burritos and enchiladas.

Chuy’s | Multiple Locations | $$

Crispy Tacos - hand-formed corn tortillas filled with seasoned ground sirloin, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.
via Chuy’s

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4. Dos Batos

Opened in 2010 by owner Javier G, Dos Batos brings the amazing taste of fresh wood-fired carne asada and delicious homemade tacos to Austin residents and visitors.

The Vibe 

This Austin fast food joint is simply decorated with a beautiful, large hand-painted mural spanning across a section of walls. The aroma of the wood fire from the kitchen gives it a striking atmosphere.

What to Order 

The menu at this Taco-based Austin fast food spot offers guests delicious homemade tortilla-based dishes and high-quality wood-fired chicken, beef and veggie tacos. One of the most popular orders is the pirata taco.

Dos Batos | 2525 W. Anderson Lane, Building 1., Ste. 175 Austin, TX 78757 | $

A filling ostin taco brisket taco can be found at this fast food restaurant in Austin.
via Dos Batos

5. Tacodeli

Tacodeli is another beloved tortilla-based spot for fast food in Austin. Since its opening in 1999, Tacodeli has grown to include six locations across Austin and boasts a menu with a whopping 30 tacos.

The Vibe 

Tacodeli offers a laid-back, casual vibe and atmosphere. The walls are painted yellow and one wall is decorated with postcards from all over the world and a wooden board along with a map of all the Texan farms that supply the fast food chain.

What to Order 

This Austin fast food joint offers many different creative tacos, such as the Shrimposito (Texas Gulf shrimp, chipotle-sesame adobo, queso fresco and avocado) and the Frontera Fundido Sirloin (grilled sirloin, jack cheese glaze and sautéed poblano-onion rajas).

Tacodeli | Multiple Locations | $$

Breakfast tacos with egg, bacon and avacado are at this fast food joint in Austin
via Tacodeli

6. Cabo Bob's Burritos

Established in 2008, Cabo Bob’s Burritos is an Austin fast food establishment that offers build-your-own burritos, tacos, bowls and more. According to the owners, Cabo Bob is the general term for a person who has life and their general surroundings figured out.

The Vibe 

The atmosphere at this Austin fast food joint is very relaxed and honors the spirit of Cabo Bob. It is always bustling with young professionals and working-class people.

What to Order 

Try one of the most trusted choices for delicious Mexican fast food in Austin at Cabo Bob’s Burritos, from deluxe fish tacos to possibly the best steak burrito you’ve ever had.

Cabo Bob’s Burritos | Multiple Locations | $

Fish tacos with cabbage and mango salsa, smoked cheddar and cilantro tomatillo, side of chips and cheese sauce.
via Cabo Bob’s Burritos

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7. Fresa’s

Offering delicious and filling Mexican fast food in Austin is Fresa’s. One of its locations is a drive-through, making it extra convenient for a quick bite to eat before a road trip or on the way to work.

The Vibe 

This cute and cozy Austin fast food restaurant has an enjoyable atmosphere, both inside and out. The gentle pastel colors on the mostly white interior give this Mexican fast food restaurant in Austin a welcoming, childlike feel.

What to Order 

A no-brainer from this popular Mexican fast food joint in Austin is its famous chicken al carbon or exceptional sides, such as Mexican street corn, grilled beets or cauliflower.

Fresa’s | Multiple Locations | $$

Try Mexican fried chicken, rice and fried vegetables at this Mexican fast food joint in Austin.
via Fresa’s

8. P. Terry's Burger Stand

Just as In-N-Out is beloved in California, so is P. Terry’s Burger Stand is just as loved in Austin. This popular greasy burger fast food spot in Austin offers sit-ins or drive-throughs at all its locations dotted around the city.

The Vibe 

When driving around Austin, it is hard to miss the teal and red vintage-style buildings. This look gives the place an old-school diner feel with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere

What to Order 

Offering food made using all-natural beef and chicken, canola-oil fried fries from fresh potatoes and freshly squeezed orange juice, you can feel good while eating at this Austin-based fast food burger joint. 

P. Terry’s Burger Stand | Multiple Locations | $

A juicy cheese burger with fries and a coke.
via P. Terry’s Burger Stand

9. Sandy’s Hamburgers

An icon of the Austin fast food scene, Sandy’s Hamburgers was established in 1946 by then-owners Andy Harris and Glen Teter. To this day, it is best known for its old-fashioned burgers and frozen custard treats.

The Vibe 

Step back in time to the 1960s with Sandy’s old-school neon sign advertising frozen custard and root beer floats and enjoy a meal in this old-school building.

What to Order 

Enjoy classic fast food in Austin at Sandy’s Hamburgers. The restaurant serves delicious frozen custard sundaes, root beer floats, milkshakes and mouth-watering hamburgers, such as the double meat cheeseburger.

Sandy’s Hamburgers | 603 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704 | $

Three cheese burgers with fries.
via Sandy’s Hamburgers

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10. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

For possibly the best burger served at any fast food joint in Austin, head to Hopdoddy Burger Bar, the king of burgers in Texas. For people living outside of Austin, Hopdoddy Burger Bar is an attraction to visit.

The Vibe 

This popular fast food spot in Austin is usually busy and a line can often be seen going out the door as people queue for the burger of the month.

What to Order 

There is a variety of mouthwatering creations made with freshly baked bread, daily ground meat, hand-made sauces and fresh veggies, including the Thunderbird. You can also try the meat-free burger made with Hopdoddy’s own house-made veggie patties.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar | Multiple Locations | $$

A bacon jam double cheese burger is available at this fast food joint in Austin.
via Hopdoddy Burger Bar

11. Bird Bird Biscuit 

Owners Ryan and Brian opened Bird Bird Biscuit back in 2018 with the goal of creating a space where people feel welcomed and loved while providing breakfasts and comforting fast foods in Austin.

The Vibe 

Winner of Austin’s fast-casual Restaurant of the Year award, this simple and quaint spot offers a laid-back and comfortable environment for its guests to enjoy a fast food sandwich with no fuss.

What to Order 

The breakfast sandwich at this Austin fast food place offers delicious, sturdy biscuits with various fillings, such as eggs, bacon, cheese, sausage and breaded chicken. Other popular dishes include the Bird Bird Bacon, which comes with a mouth-watering chipotle-infused mayo.

Bird Bird Biscuit | Multiple Locations | $$

A fried chicken stuffed biscuit and a beef and cheese stuffed biscuit.
via Bird Bird Biscuit

12. Flyrite Chicken

Flyrite Chicken is popular and well-known as a classic Austin fast food spot. It offers possibly some of the best chicken sandwiches available in Austin, which are consistently tasty and served quickly.

The Vibe 

Outdoor and indoor seating is available at Flyrite Chicken, as well as a drive-through. Flyrite Chicken is a simplistic and modern fast food spot in Austin with a relaxed and chill vibe for patrons to sit and enjoy their mouthwatering chicken sandwiches.

What to Order 

Whether you order one of the popular chicken sandwiches or just something small from Flyrite’s side menu, you are sure to find your food delectable and thoughtfully sourced with no MSG, antibiotics or hormones in the ingredients.

Flyrite Chicken | Multiple Locations | $

A fried chicken burger, fries and a drink are available at this fast food place in Austin.
via Flyrite

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13. Sour Duck Market

Established in 2018 by the owner of Odd Duck and Barley Swine, Sour Duck Market takes the casual concept of everyday foods to new heights. It offers a little bit of everything, with a menu inspired by local farmers.

The Vibe 

A casual, welcoming vibe and an enchanting backyard with seating available for those who choose to dine in at this Austin fast food joint.

What to Order 

From coffee and pastry to smoked meats and beer, the menu at this Austin fast food spot has something for everyone. Enjoy the Texas farm salad or a soft pretzel and queso.

Sour Duck Market | 1814 E. Martin Luther King Blvd., Austin, TX 78702 | $$

A thick fried chicken sandwich with fries and tomato sauce.
via Sour Duck Market

14. Fareground

Fareground is not just one fast food spot in Austin, but is the culmination of multiple smaller food joints, from Henbit to Taco Pegaso, each stall offering different and unique food and drink options.

The Vibe 

Fareground has a stunning wooded interior that sets a casual, but elegant tone. Seating is spread across the large hall, while various food and drink stalls are dotted around the room.

What to Order 

Indulge in a variety of different fast foods in Austin at Fareground. Try delicious sushi from Ni-Kome or fresh corn tortilla tacos at Dai Due Taqueria. There is something for everyone here.

Fareground | 111 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701 | $$

Some of the various meals served at the food stalls here, including cheese burgers, pizza's sandwiches and more.
via Fareground

15. Ramen Tatsu-ya

Ramen Tatsu-ya specializes in Japanese curry and ramen-based fast food in Austin, opened by local chefs Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya Matsumoto.

The Vibe 

The ambiance at Ramen Tatsu-ya is laid back and relaxing, offering a lovely escape from the usual hustle and bustle of Austin.

What to Order 

Ramen Tatsuya offers a variety of ramen-based fast foods in Austin with different flavor profiles, from spicy edamame to miso ramen. Each dish is delicious and unique.

Ramen Tatsu-ya | Multiple Locations | $$

Tonkotsu is a great option at this fast food place in Austin.
via Ramen Tatsu-ya

16. Blenders and Bowls

Blenders and Bowls originally opened as a health food truck in 2011. Since then, it has expanded into its own café and opened multiple locations for healthy fast food in Austin.

The Vibe 

It has a cute and relaxing environment where patrons can enjoy a nutritious take on fast food in Austin. The staff at Blenders and Bowls are friendly and happy to help explain any of the foods available if needed.

What to Order 

Blenders and Bowls offers healthy foods made with authentic açaí, the superfruit from Brazil that is packed with antioxidants. With various healthy smoothies and açaí bowls, from the beach bowl to the pitaya bowl, you’re sure to find a healthy dish that you’ll love at this unique Austin fast food spot. 

Blenders and Bowls | Multiple Locations | $$

The sesher fruit bowl with strawberries is a healthy fast food option in Austin.
via Blenders & Bowls

17. MezzeMe

MezzeMe was opened in 2017 by Mahmud Ugar when he returned from Turkey. Offering locals and visitors alike unique and exciting Mediterranean fast food in Austin using farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients, MezzeMe has become a popular spot in the city. 

The Vibe 

Bask in the comfortable and enjoyable ambiance while indulging in authentically prepared Mediterranean cuisine. This makes for an extraordinary dining experience, even for an Austin fast food joint.

What to Order 

Enjoy various authentic Mediterranean meals, from red pepper hummus to delicious beef lamb doner, all made with locally sourced ingredients and authentic Turkish spices.

MezzeMe | 4700 W. Guadalupe St., Ste. 9, Austin, TX 78751 | $$

Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) is unique option for fast food in Austin.
via MezzMe

The Austin fast food scene is brimming with unique and flavorful restaurants, each with its own unique style and menu. It also has a vast number of historical and cultural museums and locations to explore and learn from, as well as endless outdoor and indoor activities to try out. No matter what you plan to do in the city, be sure to check out some of these fast food spots in Austin to get a real taste of the local cuisine. 

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