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The 6 Best Ground Mustard Substitutes

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ground mustard substitute

Are you searching for a ground mustard substitute for a new recipe? While it adds a unique flavor, there aren’t a lot of recipes that call for ground mustard, so you might not even have it in your spice collection. If you’re missing a pinch or a dash of ground mustard, there’s no need to panic or run out and buy a whole jar. We’ve come up with a list of ground mustard substitutes to get you on your way.

If you’ve never used ground mustard, you might want to check out cooking classes near you to discover a variety of ways to implement it and other flavors into your everyday recipes. Until then, peruse our suggestions for a ground mustard substitute that you just might already have in your kitchen.


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What Is Ground Mustard

As its name implies, ground mustard is simply mustard seeds that have been ground down into a fine powder. Mustard seeds are a spice that comes from the mustard plant. There are more than 40 different varieties of mustard plants. White, brown and black are the most common varieties used in cooking.

Ground mustard has a tangy and sharp flavor that adds complexity to dishes like barbecue, Bavarian mustard, marinades, salad dressing and dry rubs. Use it to elevate flavors in pasta, mac and cheese, meatloaf and even sloppy Joes. 

ground mustard on wooden spoon
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Purpose of Ground Mustard in Cooking

Ground mustard is used as a spice and condiment within the culinary world. It adds a bright yellow color and a sharp and tangy flavor. Ground mustard substitutes and other types of mustard add an unmatchable flavor to marinades, meat rubs and other seasonings. 

Ground Mustard Substitutes

1. Prepared Mustard

Traditional prepared mustard makes a terrific substitute for ground mustard. It’s best used in wet recipes like marinades, stews and sauces. The traditional yellow mustard is typically milder than ground mustard, so you may need to adjust and add a bit more to get just the right amount of flavor. Dijon or spicy brown mustard can be used, but the classic yellow mustard is your best bet.

To use, replace one teaspoon of ground mustard with one tablespoon of prepared mustard. Since prepared mustard adds more liquid to the dish, you’ll need to omit a teaspoon of liquid from the recipe.

Prepared mustard is a good ground mustard substitute.
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2. Turmeric

A common household spice and a distant relative of ginger, turmeric provides the same yellow color, and much of the flavor, as ground mustard. When using turmeric as a sub for ground mustard, replace it measure for measure. Turmeric is milder than mustard, so you won’t need to worry about extra spiciness. If you prefer more spice, you may want to add an extra dash of turmeric.

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3. Wasabi Powder

Fans of spicy dishes may enjoy wasabi as a ground mustard substitute. Hailing from the same family as mustard, wasabi is that green paste that’s served with sushi and other Japanese cuisine. Use ½ teaspoon of wasabi to one tablespoon of ground mustard, as it’s much spicier. If you’ve ever accidentally ingested a spoonful of wasabi powder, you won’t need a reminder. Wasabi will give your recipe a green tone, so keep that in mind.  

wasabi powder
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4. Horseradish Powder

Horseradish comes from the same family as mustard, so it makes a wonderful ground mustard substitute. Since it’s spicier than ground mustard, you’ll want to use half as much horseradish powder when using it as a substitute. You can also use prepared horseradish, but it has a more pungent flavor than powder, so begin with small amounts and work up.  

horseradish root powder
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5. Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are an obvious choice as a sub for ground mustard. Simply grind the mustard seeds with a coffee or spice grinder, a mortar and pestle or a food processor. This method works well for dry recipes such as spice rubs. For a mild flavor, use yellow mustard seeds. For a spicier flavor, use brown. Black mustard seeds are the spiciest and will give an incredible kick to any recipe when used as a replacement for ground mustard. Be sure to use a smaller amount of brown or black mustard seeds, or integrate slowly, to compensate for the extra spice.

mustard seeds are a great ground mustard substitute
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6. Chopped Arugula

It may sound surprising, but arugula can be a great choice for ground mustard substitutes. The bitter and slightly spicy flavor of arugula is perfect for salad dressing and other cold dishes. Arugula is best used raw. If heated, the leaves start to wilt and may alter the flavor. Chop up a handful until it starts to form a paste. Use the paste in place of ground mustard. One tablespoon of chopped arugula is equal to one teaspoon of mustard powder. 

chopped arugula
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Using a ground mustard substitute in place of the original is a fun way to explore new flavors and ingredient combinations. The next time you find yourself lacking a smidge of that unmistakable bright yellow spice, consider one of our suggestions as a replacement for ground mustard. You might even find that you like them better than the original.

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