The 21 Best Fun Restaurants in Boston in 2023

Published on September 12, 2023 | 0 Comments
fun restaurants Boston

The best fun restaurants in Boston come with their own unique character. You won't find two alike, even if they serve similar dishes or have a heritage that taps into the city's deep history. Whether you're looking for date ideas in Boston or just embarking on a quest to taste Boston foods in all their phenomenal forms, there are fun restaurants in Boston prepared to fulfill the dining dreams of any visitors or locals who drop by.

What qualifies as a candidate for a list of fun Boston restaurants? A welcoming atmosphere is a must, everything from lively pub feels to cozy café vibes. Food is, of course, a necessity, which means seeking out the best seafood in Boston, the best pizza in Boston, or any of the other incredible global and local foods you'll find on the Beantown dining scene. 

We've gathered our top picks for fun restaurants around Boston to show foodies a great time. With savory spirit and sumptuous selections to spare, these eateries are your best bets for having a great time with good food in the city.


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When you order up guided food tours in Boston, you get five-star culinary excursions hot out of the oven. Each adventure through the fun restaurants of Boston is curated and led by a local expert who knows the city's dining scene. You'll have a direct line to some of the best eating in the city as well as highlights of the history and character of this fascinating American town.

Best 21 Fun Restaurants in Boston

1. Yvonne's 

Get fancy at Yvonne's, a posh and fun restaurant in Boston that's great for feeling suave and sophisticated. The elegant supper club atmosphere makes a fine locale for the real supper club Yvonne's hosts. When you see what the interior looks like, you'll feel like dressing up in your finest for a visit!

The Vibe

Comfortable elegance comes in the form of plush table settings and opulent fixtures.

What to Order

Share a social plate like chicken and quinoa meatballs with friends, or indulge in your own spicy whipped feta toast and savor the good times. Stick around for dessert and try the crème brûlée or mint macaron ice cream sandwich soaked in Irish whisky chocolate sauce.

Yvonne's | 2 Winter Pl., Boston, MA 02108 | $$$

Yvonne's is one of the best fun restaurants in Boston for elegance.
via Yvonne's

2. Moonshine 152

Reserve your table at Moonshine 152 for dinners Tuesday through Sunday, or stop in for weekend brunch. This fun restaurant in Boston will show you a good time in an artful setting that serves equally creative dishes from Asian and American culinary cultures.

The Vibe

Exciting canvases from contemporary artists throw color like confetti throughout this airy space.

What to Order

Order up the party tots and dine on tater nuggets flavored with kimchi butter and truffled teriyaki sauce, with a spicy kick of sweet chili. Curb your taste for sweet things with Moonshine's butterscotch pudding, a creamy kick topped with homemade vanilla whipped cream and an oat and amaranth streusel you'll be glad you ordered.

Moonshine 152 | 152 Dorchester Ave., Boston, MA 02127 | $$

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3. The Beehive

A fun Boston restaurant with plenty of funky touches, The Beehive makes the most of its Bohemian spirit. Enjoy live music while you dine, in a range of genres from classic jazz to kitschy cabaret.

The Vibe

Chandeliers and café tables give the room a vintage club image, perfect for the blend of song and dining that Beehive serves.

What to Order

You'll love the grilled brisket, made flavorful with romesco sauce and served with a side of crispy potatoes. For hand-held fare, their dry-aged burger with malt onion jam, Vermont cheddar and aioli has been featured in the media. Weekend brunch includes grain bowls that are sure to get you off to a great start. 

The Beehive | 541 Tremont St., South End, Boston, MA | $$

dry-aged burger
via The Beehive

4. Citrus & Salt

With coastal Mexican fare on the menu and colorful Latin décor on the walls, Citrus & Salt may be the fun Boston restaurant with the most vibrant palette in town! Come for lively interpretations of fabulous favorite dishes and be dazzled by the sugar skulls and butterflies celebrating the spirit of life.

The Vibe

This bright and lively diner shows off a spectrum of colorful splashes against clean white backgrounds.

What to Order

Sample the baby back ribs with a Cholula glaze. You'll get creamy refried beans and roasted tomato salsa on the side, plus tangy blue cheese dressing to make things even more flavorful.

Citrus & Salt | 142 Berkeley St., Boston, MA 02116 | $$$

5. Saus

The menu at Saus reads like an infographic leading you to delicious things! This fun Boston restaurant features burgers, fries and beer and a dozen different sauces that invite sampling.

The Vibe

Consider Saus an illustrated restaurant, filled with handwritten menus and framed works that are sure to draw your eye.

What to Order

Go veggie and order the cauli falafel, or indulge your carnivorous side with a barbecue mac and cheese burger. Don't forget to test the sauce selection to find your favorite.

Saus | Multiple Locations | $

Saus is a delicious fun restaurant in Boston.
via Saus

6. Darryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen

At Darryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen, you'll get a hearty helping of entertainment with your creative Creole creations. A fun Boston restaurant with live R&B and soul music, this spot is bound to make your soul as happy as your stomach.

The Vibe

Spacious yet cozy, with plenty of space for joyful tunes to ring out on the regular.

What to Order

If you pass up the chicken and buttermilk waffles in this fun Boston restaurant, you might regret it later. If you're looking to linger a while, cue up the Sunday jazz brunch that's sure to make you feel some things!

Darryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen | 604 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02118 | $$

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7. Bostonia Public House

Whether it's piano tunes or a DJ spinning tracks, Bostonia Public House gives a warm, nostalgic sheen to your options for fun Boston restaurants. It's a modern spin on classic pubs that takes its heritage to heart without taking itself seriously.

The Vibe

Spiffy and spit-shined, with inviting spirit for days.

What to Order

With chilled lobster tail and chilled shrimp cocktail served side by side, you'll have your fill of some of the best seafood in Boston.

Bostonia Public House | 131 State St., Boston, MA 02109 | $$

seafood fra diavolo
via Bostonia Public House

8. Bricco

Boutique Italian dining in a soothing yet sophisticated space is anything but stuffy at Bricco. Imagine yourself at a trattoria in Rome transplanted to Massachusetts, and you have an idea of what this fun Boston restaurant has to offer.

The Vibe

Red bricks, rich wood and quaint awnings give old-fashioned feelings with clean, modern lines.

What to Order

The inventive tortellini pumpkin combines handmade pasta with healthful pumpkin, flavored with an amaretti and honey sauce that puts autumn at the end of your fork.

Bricco | 241 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113 | $$$

9. Buttermilk & Bourbon

You may not think of Southern specialty dining when you're looking for fun Boston restaurants, but Buttermilk & Bourbon is here to change your mind. Settle in and find yourself in a Louisiana state of spirit, from décor to dining.

The Vibe

The spirit of New Orleans is alive and well in this slice of the Bayou on the East Coast.

What to Order

Wagyu sliders are the way to go here, with all the fantastic, fresh toppings you'd find on a full-sized burger. Grab an order of glazed beignets on your way out to get your just desserts.

Buttermilk & Bourbon | 160 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02116 | $$$

Buttermilk & Bourbon is a fun restaurant in Boston with New Orleans vibes.
via Buttermilk & Bourbon

10. Gene's Chinese Flatbread Café

Fusion cuisine gets the Asian-Mediterranean treatment at Gene's Chinese Flatbread Café. A fun Boston restaurant that dishes up lamb flatbread sandwiches next to hot sour dumplings is the happy culinary magic the downtown dining scene needs.

The Vibe

Humble and warm, with the feel of a familiar neighborhood diner.

What to Order

The hand-pulled noodles are a house specialty. Try them as part of a homemade hot and sour soup loaded with vegetables adrift in savory broth.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Café | 86 Bedford St., Boston, MA 02116 | $

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11. The Green Dragon Tavern

It's not just the name of The Green Dragon Tavern that gives this fun Boston restaurant the quaint air of an English tavern. This glowing space enlivens locals and visitors with friendly moments, stand-up comedy and live music ringing through the rafters. This is the spot where Paul Revere launched his famous ride after overhearing the British planning to invade!

The Vibe

It's like stepping back in time for a bite and a brew.

What to Order

A hot corned beef sandwich will serve you up house-prepared brisket on a fresh roll with mustard and horseradish to warm things up. Order up something on tap to go with it, and don't be surprised if someone bursts into song.

The Green Dragon Tavern | 11 Marshall St., Boston, MA 02108 | $$

The Green Dragon Tavern is a quaint fun restaurant in Boston.
via The Green Dragon Tavern

12. Cheers

Drop into Cheers, the place where everybody knows your name, and see how nostalgic fun Boston restaurants can be. You may not meet the cast of characters from the classic sitcom, but you can hunker down for bar bites like they did back in the day.

The Vibe

It's just like the TV show set, slightly updated for a contemporary crowd.

What to Order

Sam's Turkey Sandwich is like Thanksgiving on a plate, while the Giant Norm Burger's double patty pile-up will satisfy the heartiest of hungers. Fun Boston restaurants don't get any more famous!

Cheers | 84 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02108 | $$

13. Toscanini's

Ice cream at Toscanini's is the chilly treat that makes the fun Boston restaurant circuit a joy all year long. The New York Times even named this cute café "The World's Best Ice Cream," making it tough to pass up.

The Vibe

A modern ice cream counter with hospitality and happiness by the coneful.

What to Order

Gourmet options live next door to familiar favorites in the freezer case. Do a double scoop and pile the traditional on top of the novel, like Peanut Butter Cup with Fig Almond or Maple Walnut with Burnt Caramel.

Toscanini's | Multiple Locations | $$

three ice cream cups in a row
via Toscanini's

14. Jonquils Café

You'll never look at food the same way again after a visit to Jonquils Café. This fun Boston restaurant treats food like art, sculpting delicious offerings into eye-popping designs and quirky, edible shapes.

The Vibe

Gleaming cases shine with whimsical creativity, like the world's finest chocolate factory.

What to Order

A vegetable quiche adds peas and shallots to the familiar mix. Choose a one-of-a-kind geometric dessert to add a dash of enchantment to your meal.

Jonquils Café | 125 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116 | $$

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15. Shojo

Serious Asian food served with gorgeous mural art gives Shojo a fun Boston restaurant aesthetic unlike any other. This energetic dining room blends street vibes with sophisticated culinary craft that features a sleek modern edge.

The Vibe

Wraparound urban painting fills this modest diner with vibrant color.

What to Order

Kimchi fried rice brings soothing Asian spirit to the table. Pair it with an order of duck fat fries and fresh bao and turn it into a flavor festival.

Shojo | 9A Tyler St., Boston, MA 02111 | $$

a spread of food on the table at Shojo
via Shojo

16. Tatte Bakery and Café 

Whether you drop in for a fabulous brunch or grab a few treats to go, Tatte Bakery and Café is the fun Boston restaurant that makes bakery dining feel like a special occasion. The sweet throwback French environment only adds to the impressive charm of this quaint pâtisserie!

The Vibe

Clean, white surfaces give European grace to a bakery brimming with baked wonders.

What to Order

The summer vegetable lasagna at this fun Boston restaurant layers together corn, onions, peppers and zucchini with fresh pasta and cheeses.

Tatte Bakery and Café | Multiple Locations | $$

17. Boston Chowda Co.

Chowder, lobster rolls and pot pies fill the menu at Boston Chowda Co., a fun Boston restaurant that puts its best city accent forward! Deli-style cases filled with character dazzle customers with food and humor on the daily, especially when holidays like Halloween roll around.

The Vibe

Laughter and lobster live side by side in this cheerful soup shop.

What to Order

The chowder — or chowda — at this fun Boston restaurant is a must, naturally, served in a sourdough bowl as tradition dictates. Add a fried shrimp roll to mix things up a bit.

Boston Chowda | Multiple Locations | $

Boston Chowda is an iconic fun restaurant in Boston.
via Boston Chowda

18. Saltie Girl

Saltie Girl shakes together an eclectic mix of primo seafood and whimsical décor to make a fun Boston restaurant that chimes with bistro-style excitement. With its own house label wines and locations in London and Los Angeles, this eatery puts its international heart into everything it serves up.

The Vibe

The pixie patterns and bubblegum-colored walls invite brunch moments with good friends.

What to Order

Lobster frites is the Boston seafood version of poutine, with butter in place of gravy and fresh lobster in place of cheese curds.

Saltie Girl | 279 Dartmouth St., Boston, MA 02116 | $$$

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19. J.P. Licks

J.P. Licks brings homemade ice cream to 17 fun Boston restaurants around the city. Coffee and drinks round out a roster of rotating flavors that make return visits a must.

The Vibe

A sugary treat among the fun places to eat in Boston for ice cream fans of all ages to enjoy.

What to Order

Sea salted pineapple is a juicy, can't-miss concoction, and hot honey makes a saucy sugar and spice cream to fill your waffle cone. Check back often to see what new flavor sensations have popped up.

J.P. Licks | Multiple Locations | $

hot honey ice cream
via J.P. Licks

20. Stephanie's on Newbury

The special of the day every day at Stephanie's on Newbury is easy-going spirit and upscale dining in a fun Boston restaurant with pedigree. This pillar of culinary excellence has been a superstar of the culinary community since opening in 1994.

The Vibe

Whether indoor dining or lounging on the patio, this space is built for comfort.

What to Order

A three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich is comfort food deluxe, topped with heirloom tomatoes and zesty walnut pesto. Who says fun Boston restaurants can't be elegant, too?

Stephanie's on Newbury | 190 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116 | $$$

21. Boston Burger Company

There's no limit to what Boston Burger Company can serve between a burger bun. From traditional toppings to sweet and savory inventions, this fun Boston restaurant reimagines what this American favorite can be.

The Vibe

Red walls, black and white art and vintage lighting casts comfort from corner to corner.

What to Order

This fun Boston restaurant honors the King of Rock and Roll with a burger named for him. You'll get a patty topped with peanut butter, bacon and fried bananas dusted in cinnamon and sugar. Save room for a Freak Frappe, a treat that's like five decadent desserts in one.

Boston Burger Company | Multiple Locations | $$$

massive sundae and burger at Boston Burger Company
via Boston Burger Company

When hungry hearts are on the hunt for things to do in Boston, finding fun restaurants in Boston is the best way to taste the incredible range of cuisines while enjoying the brightest spots in the city. This might mean an adventure is in the cards, one where trying various fun restaurants around Boston is necessary to get a sense of just how amazing dining in this vibrant capital can be. It sounds like quite a bit of work, but there are worse journeys to take than one filled with fabulous food from the most fun restaurants  Boston has to offer.

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