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The 18 Best Edinburgh Foods To Try in 2024

Published on February 15, 2024 | 0 Comments
chicken tikka masala paired with fluffy naan and fragrant rice

From a hearty plate of haggis, neeps and tatties, to delicately spiced modern dishes, Edinburgh food is a true melting pot of different tastes. Utilising some of the very finest ingredients in the world, including the freshest seafood and historic whiskies, Edinburgh is a food lover’s dream.

Looking for the perfect date night inspiration? Searching for the hottest new eatery to hit with your friends in search of novel treats in the Edinburgh food scene? Our list has something for everyone in Scotland’s capital. Let’s dive right into our guide to the best Edinburgh foods you have to try in this iconic city.


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Find the Best Edinburgh Foods

Whether you’re looking for laid-back dining or a chance to explore new tastes, the Edinburgh food culture is vibrant and inclusive. The best way to get to the heart (or the belly) of the city is to have a look at food tours in Edinburgh led by knowledgeable local guides. Showcasing the unique flavours of Auld Reekie, these tours are sure to inspire you. You'll not only learn more about this iconic city's history but also sample favorites from the top spots where the locals eat.

18 Best Edinburgh Foods

1. Eggs Benedict at Urban Angel

Fuel up for seeing the Edinburgh sights with the most famous of Edinburgh foods, a steaming bowl of porridge at Urban Angel. Alternatively, relax with an all-day brunch of eggs Benedict, washed down with a freshly brewed coffee.

The Vibe

This homey café is a great weekend spot for a relaxed meetup with pals. It’s right in the city centre and has a terrace outside for sunny days.

Why It’s Good

Opt for the classic eggs Benedict with streaky bacon or an Edinburgh food staple, haggis, for a hearty breakfast. If you’re feeling indulgent, go for the brioche French toast with butterscotch sauce.

Urban Angel | 121 Hanover St., Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ | $$ 

Experience Edinburgh's food scene with eggs Benedict served with poached eggs.
via Urban Angel

2. The Signature Duck and Waffle at Duck & Waffle 

Duck & Waffle offers a full menu of classic Edinburgh food flavours infused with a modern approach, not least the signature dish of rich, savoury duck paired with a smooth, crispy waffle.

The Vibe

This restaurant has a unique aesthetic with sweeping, chrome-plated bars, comfortable velvet seats and quirky decorations. Funky and fun, it’s the perfect spot for a date night.

Why It’s Good

Duck & Waffle’s eponymous dish is legendary among Edinburgh food lovers — crispy duck confit waffle with mustard maple syrup. You’ll also find plenty of other delights, like steamed Scottish mussels and hay-baked Scottish lamb.

Duck & Waffle | 400-402 St James Crescent, Edinburgh, EH1 3AE | $$$

A delectable array of waffles and desserts that promise to delight your senses.
via Duck & Waffle

3. Handmade Dumplings at Dumplings of China

If you’re craving Chinese food, then Dumplings of China is one of the best Edinburgh food spots, with dumplings, soups, barbecue and lots more on the menu.

The Vibe

Dumplings of China is a tucked away gem on a busy high street, with a clean and functional vibe.

Why It’s Good

What else could you choose but a steaming plate of dumplings, handmade every day? Go for hearty pork and Chinese leaves or keep it light with the carrot, vermicelli, black fungus and egg.

Dumplings of China | 60 Home St., Edinburgh, EH3 9NA | $$

Savour the flavours of Edinburgh food with a colourful assortment of dumplings.
via Dumplings of China

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4. Naanwich at Solti

The Edinburgh food scene is famous for curry (tikka masala was invented in Scotland) and no visit to Auld Reekie would be complete without trying a few Indian-inspired dishes. Solti offers an upgrade to your usual lunchtime sandwich by introducing a unique twist: the naanwich.

The Vibe

Solti’s interior is sleek and unfussy, with a mix of tables and booths and a striking dark green and red colour palette. While you’re waiting for your table, you could perch at the bar and enjoy the views over Edinburgh’s city centre.

Why It’s Good

Standout dishes from the Solti menu include Raja’s nihari gosht, lamb shank cooked in a rich tomato gravy infused with Himalayan spices, and the naanwich with garlic chile paneer or chicken tikka, served with spiced slaw.

Solti | 10 Drummond St., Edinburgh, EH8 9TU | $$

an Edinburgh-inspired naanwich, a delicious sandwich of naan bread and Indian flavours
via Solti

5. Whisky at Whiski Bar & Restaurant

Whiski Bar & Restaurant is a multi-award-winning eatery in the heart of the Royal Mile, the epicentre of Edinburgh food. The menu features lashings of Scottish traditional foods, along with over 270 whiskies.

The Vibe

Whiski Bar has a snug pub vibe. Antlers and pictures adorn the walls, and comfy leather seats are the perfect base for chilling out with friends and enjoying live music with your iconic Edinburgh foods.

Why It’s Good

If you’re feeling hungry, try the Haggis Tower with neeps and tatties (also available in a vegetarian version), famous on the Edinburgh food stage. Or for a feelgood classic, you can’t beat the freshly battered fish and chips.

Whiski Bar & Restaurant | 119 High St., Edinburgh, EH1 1SG | $$

Savour the quintessential taste of Edinburgh food with a classic pairing of haggis, neeps and tatties..
via Whiski Bar & Restaurant

6. Fish Pie at The Scran and Scallie 

Owned by Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kitchin, The Scran and Scallie serves up traditional Edinburgh food dishes with a modern twist.

The Vibe

The Scran and Scallie (‘food and scallywag’ if you don’t speak Scots), is all about laid-back and casual dining. Open fireplaces and a homely atmosphere keep things cosy and make the perfect antidote to biting Edinburgh breezes.

Why It’s Good

It’s all about elevated comfort food at The Scran and Scallie. Think rich fish pie layered with creamy mashed potatoes and thick steak pies oozing in gravy. 

The Scran and Scallie | 1 Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh, EH4 1DR | $$-$$$

A delicious white fish dish with fresh vegetables
via The Scran and Scallie

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7. Haggis Pakoras at The Pakora Bar

The Pakora Bar was set up by three brothers who wanted to share their mother’s passion for delicious Indian street food. Cut to several years later and they have established a permanent presence as one of the finest hidden gems on the Edinburgh food stage.

The Vibe

The Pakora Bar has a neat and simple layout which makes it ideal for a speedy lunch or a quick bite with friends. Be aware that it doesn’t open all year round, though.

Why It’s Good

Pakora Bar has a selection of all of your favourite Punjabi street foods that Edinburgh food lovers will relish, from tasty curries to paneer kathi rolls. You’ve got to sample the butter chicken and the city-famous haggis pakoras made with a secret blend of spices.

The Pakora Bar | 111 Holyrood St., Edinburgh, EH8 8AU | $

Crispy pakoras are a must-try Edinburgh food.
via The Pakora Bar

8. Oysters at Dulse

Named after a type of seaweed, Dulse puts fresh, local seafood front and centre in an elegant, intimate setting. 

The Vibe

This restaurant is set on a busy high street, but once inside, you’ll find an ocean of calm. The upscale interiors are inspired by the natural world and feature plain wood, soft lighting and comfortable seats.

Why It’s Good

The menu at Dulse offers the freshest fish in the whole of the Edinburgh food landscape and changes daily depending on what’s available. Start off with a platter of oysters and then move onto the delightfully decadent lobster crumpet or pan-roasted cod.

Dulse | 17 Queensferry St., Edinburgh, EH2 4QW | $$

an array of seafood and sides on a light wood table
via Dulse

9. Katsu Curry at Harajuku Kitchen

Harajuku Kitchen started life as a pop-up kitchen but has now grown into a full-blown part of Edinburgh cuisine, serving up a full menu of sushi, tempura, donburi, gyoza and more. 

The Vibe

Harajuku Kitchen has an open plan layout and an uncluttered, relaxed vibe with a mixture of tables with seats and benches. This makes Harajuku a good choice for families or for dinner with friends.

Why It’s Good

The menu at Harajuku includes lots of popular Japanese dishes that are a mainstay of Asian-fused Edinburgh food. Try salty edamame to start, before moving onto crispy crab tempura, slow cooked pork belly donburi and scallop sashimi.

Harajuku Kitchen | 10 Gillespie Pl., Edinburgh, EH10 4 JS | $$

A flavourful Japanese lunch including katsu chicken, rice and miso soup.
via Harajuku Kitchen

10. Vegan Doughnuts at Considerit

Indulge your sweet tooth with a selection of sweet and gooey vegan desserts and chocolates at Considerit, a relatively new addition to the Edinburgh food arena. From doughnuts to cinnamon rolls, with fresh coffee of course, Considerit is the perfect pitstop. 

The Vibe

Considerit is a small venue with only seven tables, so you’ll want to make sure you get there early to get a seat, or you could grab something to take away.

Why It’s Good

If you’re a vegan (or not) looking for a sweet treat among your typical Edinburgh foods, then you just can’t go wrong. The doughnut flavours change daily, but you’ll often see chocolate Oreo and Biscoff in circulation. Check out their range of vegan hot chocolates.

Considerit | 3-5A Sciennes, Newington, Edinburgh, EH9 1NH | $

Satisfy your sweet cravings with delectable donuts, a must-try treat in Edinburgh's food scene.
via Canva

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11. The Mac Daddy Burger at The Boozy Cow 

From fried pickles to cheeseburgers, The Boozy Cow is the place to head to for down and dirty comfort food.

The Vibe

Walking into The Boozy Cow immediately transports you to a different world in the underbelly of Edinburgh cuisine. The walls are covered with artwork and graffiti and there are paper towels by every seat, so you know it’s going to get messy.

Why It’s Good

The Boozy Cow has a great selection of meat and plant burgers. From the Mac Daddy, smothered with mac and cheese, to the chilli dog, this is food to be savoured. If you have a sweet tooth, then you can round things off with a deep fried Mars bar, one of the most indulgent of all Edinburgh foods.

The Boozy Cow | 17 Frederick St., Edinburgh, EH2 2EY | $-$$

A mouthwatering array of burgers, nachos, chips and ribs
via The Boozy Cow

12. Big Apple Bagel at Bros Bagels

Bross Bagels was started by a Montreal native who wanted to bring a bit of her homeland to the Edinburgh food environment. There are now two locations in the city, so you can take your pick.

The Vibe

Both Bross Bagel locations offer a casual atmosphere, which is perfect for a quick bite of lunch or dinner. With limited seating available, you might want to get your bagel to go.

Why It’s Good

All of Bross Bagel’s creations have their dedicated fans, but two of the classics are the Big Apple, featuring pastrami, Jack cheese and pickles and the Buffanova: a vegan bagel with cauliflower, cheese and Montreal slaw.

Bross Bagels | 165a Bruntsfield Pl., Edinburgh, EH10 4DG | $

three bagel sandwiches lined up in a row
via Bross Bagels

13. Locally Roasted Coffee at Lowdown Coffee

You might not think that you’d find locally roasted coffee as part of the Edinburgh food landscape, but Lowdown Coffee has other ideas. Stop off there for a coffee made from beans roasted in the Cairngorms and a slice of homemade cake.

The Vibe

Take a few steps down from a busy street and you’ll end up in Lowdown. Clean, bright and trendy, Lowdown is a great place to recharge after a busy day.

Why It’s Good

It’s all about the coffee at Lowdown, but you’ll also find a menu of light lunches and freshly made pastries and cakes (their chocolate and coffee cake is a particular hit with Edinburgh foodies).

Lowdown Coffee | 40 George St., Edinburgh, EH2 2LE | $

Lowdown Coffee's coffee and pastries are some of the best Edinburgh foods.
via Lowdown Coffee

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14. Chicken Suya at Uwagboe’s Kitchen & Grill 

Uwagboe’s Kitchen & Grill is the place to sample Edinburgh food with a Nigerian twist. Sip palm wine, listen to the music and split a sharing platter with some friends.

The Vibe

Uwagboe’s Kitchen & Grill has a relaxed, casual atmosphere that makes this a great option for dinner with family or friends.

Why It’s Good

Try spicy chicken or beef suya rubbed in spices and peanuts, fried plantain and if you’re feeling brave, the mouth-tingling Scotch bonnet sauce.

Uwagboe’s Kitchen & Grill | 250-252 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 5EL | $$

a tantalizing Nigerian dish of meat and rice
via Uwagboe’s Kitchen & Grill

15. Cupcakes at Cuckoo’s Bakery

If you’re looking to press pause on the hustle of the city, then head to Cuckoo's Bakery for a cupcake and a break.

The Vibe

Cuckoo’s interior is modern and calm, with a blue and white palette and a scattering of tables and chairs. If you don’t manage to get a seat, then no worries — it’s only a short walk to the castle in one direction or the Botanical Gardens in the other.

Why It’s Good

Cuckoo’s Bakery serves up deliciously quirky cakes that stand out even among a crowded Edinburgh food scene. Check out the banana split and ‘Orange You Glad To See Me?’ cupcakes along with brownies and light lunches.

Cuckoo’s Bakery | Multiple Locations | $

The cupcakes at Cuckoo's Bakery are a must-try Edinburgh food.
via Cuckoo’s Bakery

16. Ox Cheek Bao Buns at Noto

New York meets Asia by way of Edinburgh at this chic, small plate restaurant. Come for the bespoke cocktails and stay for the imaginative dishes blending Asian ingredients with the best of British.

The Vibe

Noto is a smart but unpretentious restaurant set up by a veteran of the Edinburgh food industry. The sharing plate menu makes Noto a perfect experience for a group of friends or a fun idea for date night.

Why It’s Good

Noto has an ever-changing menu of sharing dishes. Check out Arbroath smokie croquettes with katsuobushi or their seasonal slow-cooked meat bao buns.

Noto | 47a Thistle St., Edinburgh, EH2 1DY | $$$

a basket of steamed bao buns
via Noto

17. Antipasti at Valvona & Crolla Caffè 

Immortalised in Alexander McCall Smith’s ‘Scotland Street’ books, Valvona & Crolla is the city’s favourite supplier of Italian Edinburgh foods. Once you’ve gathered up a basket of Italy’s finest produce in the attached deli, the caffè is the place to relax with a plate of antipasti or fresh pasta.

The Vibe

The Valvona & Crolla Caffè is a bustling hive of activity, especially at the weekend, when locals flock in for their breakfast.

Why It’s Good

Valvona & Crolla serves up platefuls of Edinburgh food mixed with Mediterranean sunshine in the shape of olives, arancini and toasted Italian ciabattas topped with mozzarella and Italian tomatoes. Plenty of people stop by for an espresso and a slice of cake too.

Valvona & Crolla | 19 Elm Row, Edinburgh, EH7 4AA | $$

a waiter holding a platter of assorted antipasti
via Valvona & Crolla

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18. Vegan Haggis at Hendersons

No visit to Scotland’s capital would be complete without a slice of the most famous Edinburgh food, the iconic haggis. Where better to sample a vegan version than the longest-running vegetarian eatery in the U.K.?

The Vibe

Hendersons has a comfortable and relaxed vibe that welcomes all comers through its doors. Inside, you’ll find warm, wooden furnishings, soft lighting and lots of natural decorations to create a homely but modern feel.

Why It’s Good

Hendersons may be a vegetarian restaurant, but even hardened carnivores will find lots to like. While the vegan haggis remains a standout dish in Edinburgh cuisine, be sure to indulge in the chocolate mousse for dessert.

Hendersons | 352 Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 2NF | $$

Hendersons serves Edinburgh food perfect for vegans.
via Hendersons

The Edinburgh food scene is a bustling mixture of old and new, tradition and innovation, coming together to create a smorgasbord of tantalising dishes. This huge variety means that everyone should be able to find an Edinburgh restaurant to suit them, whether you’re a long-time local looking for something new or you’re a visitor passing through.

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