Can You Freeze Guacamole?

Published on June 4, 2024 | 0 Comments
"Can you freeze guacamole" is a common question asked by home cooks

Whether you’ve made a big batch of dip yourself or picked up too much at the store, you may question: “Can you freeze guacamole?” One of the easiest ways to save food that you do not want to waste is to pop it into freezer-safe bags or containers and save it for later. However, some ingredients might make home chefs pause before tossing them into the deep freeze.

For example, guacamole has a creamy texture and citrusy avocado taste when fresh, so you may be concerned about changes in taste or texture during the freezing and defrosting process. It is also prone to browning, another concern when considering freezing the dip.

Conveniently, you can freeze guacamole with minimal changes to the taste and texture. However, there are some tips to keep in mind to best preserve this delicious avocado dip. Our guide to freezing guacamole covers these tips and tricks, allowing you to freeze guacamole for later use with minimal changes to taste, color and texture. 


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Can Guacamole Be Frozen?

So, can you freeze guacamole to extend its shelf life? Yes, you can freeze guacamole if you’ve purchased or made too much or just didn’t get around to eating some that you had in the refrigerator.

One thing to note is that freezing does alter the texture of fruits and vegetables with high water content. If you’ve ever asked: “Can you freeze avocados?” you’ll know that their high fat but relatively low water content makes freezing avocados quite easy, with little texture change. However, guacamole can have additional sources of liquid added, such as citrus juices, which can affect the consistency of the guacamole when defrosted. 

Therefore, if you are making guacamole with the intention to freeze it, you may want to reduce the liquid content. You can always add more lime juice to the defrosted product if needed. If you have additional ingredients in the dip, such as onions or tomatoes, they can also increase the water content of the frozen product, making it more likely it will be watery instead of creamy and smooth when defrosted. It can be best to leave these ingredients out of the guacamole you will freeze and add them in later.

Another tip for retaining texture during freezing is freezing guacamole which is smooth rather than chunky. Pieces of avocado are more likely to let water out during freezing than avocado that has been puréed or mashed. 

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Can You Freeze Fresh Guacamole?

Yes, you can freeze fresh guacamole whether it has just been made at home or just purchased at the store. In fact, it is probably best to freeze any extra guacamole you might have as quickly as possible or make a batch specifically for freezing. You want to be sure that you can freeze the guacamole as soon as possible because guacamole notoriously turns brown after being exposed to air for a while. To maintain the optimal color and texture of your guacamole, freeze it as soon as you are able and when it is as fresh as possible. 

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Can You Freeze Homemade Guacamole?

Another thing you may wonder is if you can freeze guacamole that’s been made at home. If you have a special guacamole recipe that you love, such as a spicy guacamole with jalepeño or a keto guacamole, you can certainly try your hand at freezing it to make it last longer. 

As we have shared in this guide, freezing any vegetable with a high water content will affect its texture after freezing, so be sure that your homemade guacamole has a relatively even texture without large chunks of tomatoes, jalepeños or onions. For best results, making a smooth and creamy guacamole that has been puréed rather than one that has large chunks of avocado is recommended if you are planning to freeze it.

It can also be helpful to add some lemon or lime juice over the guacamole to keep it from browning in the freezer. Remember, don’t add too much citrus juice as this can introduce more liquid to the dip and affect texture during freezing. More citrus can be added to taste once defrosted. 

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Can You Freeze Wholly Guacamole?

While it is quite common to wonder “Can you freeze fresh guacamole?” it is also very common to purchase pre-made guacamole and have plenty left over after a dinner party. Store-bought brands of guacamole like Wholly Guacamole can also be frozen to maintain freshness. To do so, simply follow the freezing and thawing instructions on the food’s packaging.

For most store-bought guacamole recipes, it works best to freeze solid and then thaw the guacamole by moving it to the fridge for a day or two before it is needed. You can most likely freeze the guacamole in the packaging it came in if unopened. But check the labels as it may say that the packaging is not freezer-safe. If uncertain, transfer the guacamole into a freezer-safe container, marked with the date of freezing.

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How To Freeze Guacamole Dip

It is very simple to freeze guacamole. Simply place the avocado dip in a freezer-safe container and freeze solid. You can use freezer-safe plastic containers, but beware of the extra air that will be trapped in them. Extra air trapped in the container will cause the guacamole to turn brown, so to make the process as seamless as possible, try to remove all of the extra air from the containers or use alternative methods to prevent browning.

If you plan to store your frozen guacamole in a plastic container with a lid, some experts recommend coating the top of the guacamole in olive oil to prevent ice crystals from forming along the top or sides of the container. This technique will additionally ensure that there’s no extra water added to the frozen guacamole.

Another easy way to save your extra guacamole for later is by placing it in freezer-safe bags and laying them flat in your freezer. By pressing the bags flat before freezing, you will be able to save space in your freezer. This will also make it easier to squeeze out any extra air from the bag before freezing, minimizing the chance of the guacamole browning.

Whether you are using a plastic container or a freezer-safe bag, another tip to prevent browning is to squeeze in some fresh lemon or lime juice. This extra step might seem unnecessary, but it truly does help keep the guacamole from browning and losing even more of its texture during the freezing process. 

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How Long Can You Freeze Guacamole?

Most experts recommend freezing guacamole for up to three months. Be sure to take preventative measures when placing the dip in the freezer to avoid ice crystals or browning that will affect the quality of your frozen guacamole when you are ready to use it. It is also best to write the freezing date of your guacamole on the container so that you can keep track of when it was frozen. 

While some browning in the freezer might occur, you'll want to check the frozen guacamole hasn't otherwise gone bad. Always throw out any frozen guacamole that is visibly spoiled or has a bad smell. If you have purchased store-bought guacamole, carefully follow the freezing instructions on the packaging for best results.

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How To Defrost Frozen Guacamole

To defrost frozen guacamole, transfer the containers or bags it is stored in out of the freezer and into the refrigerator. Thawing your guacamole might take some advance planning for best results. Be sure to transfer it to the refrigerator at least 12 to 24 hours before you need to use the guacamole to give the dip plenty of time to thaw all the way through.

Once the guacamole is defrosted, give it a stir and enjoy it with tortilla chips, on top of tacos or sheet pan nachos or with any other dish you desire. You can also add extra ingredients at this point to restore any flavor that might have been lost in the freezing process, including extra citrus juice, onions, chiles and tomatoes.

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We hope this guide has helped you to answer the question “Can you freeze guacamole?” while also giving you some tips on how best to freeze the dip to maintain its taste and texture. While the freezing process needs some extra considerations, as discussed in this article, it is certainly possible to extend the life of your guacamole by storing it in the freezer. 

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